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  1. NBA Playoffs

    good games but it will eventually be cavs vs. lakers
  2. More Gold Series Info

    when does this come out again?
  3. Destiny Hero Engines

    defenders good in side i main 2 dude 2 mali
  4. NBA Playoffs

    LOL HOLY SHIT he must have heard me at half time
  5. More Gold Series Info

    from the ratios 25 gold rares so 1 in 8 packs for each bad rares will be $5 good rares (test tiger) will be $10-15 sarc/dad will be $30 ($40-50 the 1st week) Crush is good and was a little more than $30 dollars
  6. NBA Playoffs

    Ray Allen fucking sucks in the playoffs
  7. Having a split life?

    fuckkkkk me
  8. More Gold Series Info

    pwwb was confirmed as a common a long time ago
  9. Sjc Anaheim Attendance List

    idk its not as much the later you enter the park
  10. Sjc Anaheim Attendance List

    anyone want to go to disneyland sunday night hit me up. ill probably be vending let me know whats good
  11. Having a split life?

    good post
  12. Having a split life?

    im planning to scrub out, i have no confidence this format its all 50/50. so does that mean your going lol?
  13. Having a split life?

    ya i should be vending what about you?
  14. Business License

    Anyone know how to get one of these for the state of California?