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  1. taking cold showers

    Helps a lot pwo as well. Really helps bring down the swelling of your muscles, not as good as an ice bath but def better than a hot shower pwo.
  2. [quote name='rei' timestamp='1337180340' post='3182496']I can get that one - it's a useful guideline if you aren't focused on substantial muscle mass, but nothing else If you ARE focused on substantial muscle mass its fucking useless. Also Carl I can't do either, even with max weight on the resistance machine. Then again I've been doing more curls lately so maybe I can now I'll give it a go. Can you cite exactly what you need that sugar for?[/quote] do reverse rows
  3. Accessory lifts are def important man.
  4. I had a gallon I used for like 3 years back in high school
  5. Inverted rows or an assisted pull up machine if you workout with someone have them hold your feet while you do your rips you can also try kipping
  6. The Official 2011-2012 NBA Season Thread

    Memphis will win the west if rose can play like rose we can win the east
  7. Found a website I've been looking for for a while. It's pretty awesome especially for people that have no idea where to start as far as diet. http://www.swole.me/
  8. Reason I said that was because ou make it seem as if basketball is the only way to lose weight.
  9. ^^ your stupid as fuck he lost weight because he was more active
  10. yea man finally got my dl up to 380 again last week and struggled with 335 today =/
  11. Retiring from powerlifting I either had a terrible day or I really lost a shit ton of strength in a week I need a break. Going to try to do a bb competition in July.
  12. Fruit. I don't eat anything big per workout usually just a shake or oatmeal fruit save your big meal for pwo
  13. [quote name='Presence' timestamp='1332208593' post='3132745']A great way to continue this motivation will be to join the gym with your friend and make friendships there. Having someone ragging you when you make an unhealthy decision can be annoying but when you feel that weight loss, you'll know it's worth it. You should start by eating lightly tomorrow. Cut down on how much you eat, and don't snack on unhealthy food. If you are currently eating 5 meals and snacks a day, then cut down to 3 meals and snacks. If 3 meals with snacks, then cut down to 2 with snacks. Continue this until someone at the gym can help you with a more particular diet plan based on your particular situation (No shake-a-day bullshit). Get off your ass and move. Take that as insulting as you want, because there is no better way to keep fit than moving. Sure, some electrical wiring can help to tone your muscles, but it won't increase your cardio. Start by walking, literally anywhere. If you just don't like walking outside or cannot because of where you live, then focus on indoor exercises. Dancing is a great way to gain cardio and lose weight, so are Martial Arts. Practicing exercises for either of those increases flexibility, muscle-to-fat ratio, and you can even find beginner exercises online. Don't push too hard. If you feel faint, then you should probably get water and walk around to rest for a little. Remember to warm up and cool down when exercising. I'm not a gymnast and I don't post a lot in this section, so you can toss my advice for someone more qualified. However, I've studied martial arts since I was young and developed a decent self-discipline and these are things that I do almost every day. I'm 20 y/o [M] 5'10" and between 140-150 lbs.[/quote] so stupid. Diets easy if it's full of sugar don't eat it if it has a high glycemic content don't eat it. Keep your calories reasonable protein is a must in every meal snacks included.
  14. If your eating what you say you are just cut out the unecessary carbs and lower your calories or add more cardio whatever you'd rather do. And you can gain strength while cutting if your lifts stay the same to consider that getting stronger. I've managed to get my lifts up 5lbs+ since I started cutting.