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  1. inherent vice for like the millionth time
  2. forced blanck mass moratorium
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wu9bm-RJMWM
  4. this is all i care about in video games any more it's kool that there're so many megaten elements also the aesthetic; maybe it's just the japanese hyperurbanism & the graffiti titles, but i get a mild jet set radio feel from 'em
  5. act like you didn't see it comin'
  6. no ray i haven't. too busy navel-gazing with old faves and obvious new greats   fka twigs - lp1 shellac - excellent italian greyhound perc & truss - two hundred deathspell omega - si monumentum requires, circumspice afx - chosen lords fat white family - champagne holocaust karen gwyer - new roof mclusky - the difference between you and me is that i'm not on fire godflesh - slavestate stereolab - dots and loops
  7. boyhood: a little too sentimental, perhaps the hudsucker proxy: at this point i'm p much conditioned to like anything with frasier's dad in it band of outsiders: anna karina fills me with wanton lust pierrot le fou: see above. also yeah this film is incredible
  8. actually it might have been in neue (just to be even more fuckin abstruse)
  9.   i got us halfway there like 3 years ago some updating, a mediafire site - job done [spoiler][/spoiler] That's in arial, you fuck. flat finials bitch def helvetica lrn2typography
  11. also     i got us halfway there like 3 years ago some updating, a mediafire site - job done [spoiler][/spoiler]
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2bAkbdiwiE we need to talk about how much of a jam this is
  13. imo the point of whatever 'obscurantism' engendered on musicgroundz was precisely to avoid talking about the same 5/6 'acceptable' records it's meant to be inclusive, with the kind of avuncular ribbing dg does best i mean how many times can we talk about which radiohead album we like the most?
  14. ...my god
  15. i just watched this and it's everything i could have hoped for