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  1. Daily Reminder that if you trust Harry Strick with anything you're retarded.

    1. Me.


      I haven't gotten a daily reminder since this one, it's been two days and I'm starting to doubt the reminders are daily.

  2. Super type is best discussion @wonderPreaux
  3. Nice job, used to seeing you judge not crush events
  4. You're just a plant to get Shill Slaughter back in here!
  5. My store will be getting Wave 2 Shipments so I'll be focusing a lot more on it then after Starter Deck trial.
  6. Link I got orders on the starter decks just to try atm :x
  7. is this real still
  8. Came here to see if anyone was talking about this Of course my mans Richard is Excited af for this
  9. I meant more budget options
  10. Standard becomes more expensive to enter and it becomes more expensive to switch. Cards like Collected Company and Gideon, Ally of Zendikar rotate slower keeping incredibly powerful cards in Standard, where powerful sets like Kaladesh can counterbalance this. Standard becomes more stable, but at the same time can become more stagnant. Without options like Mono Red, people will probably not want to play as much. Just some thoughts.
  11. Shouldve played burn
  12. If he comes back let me know so I can ban him. Not as fun to ban now.
  13. Yeah the only thing I know of is him misrepresenting the gamestate to a judge against Brady.