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  1. April 2014 Format - The End of the Era

    Oh this is the Nationals I played Fishki, solid deck by the way. It has a rough time with Lightsworn nuts though.
  2. Allen meant to lock this so I'm locking it now. Carry on with your day, kids.
  3. Since some people apparentally need clarification on this one. Under no circumstances is anything political allowed outside of the Political subforums. This includes signatures.
  4. Until we meet again

    He'll just pull a @Nelrick and get amnesia
  5. Game of Thrones TV Show

    The twist is obv when Cersei stabs him in the back with Widow's Wail
  6. The Next Season of Warring

    mfw card games still create this kind of drama
  7. Pokemon GO

    And here I am 6 Articuno raids later with none
  8. Help Thread

  9. Arbitrary Mafia Power Rankings

    Wait TFJ isnt on this list either How could you forget him @iSlickz
  10. Addressing the end of Wonderland Mafia

    My floata post from now on will be "I declare this game to be a tie"
  11. Addressing the end of Wonderland Mafia

    I just meant at the kill urself irl comment This probably isnt something that should be decided by the general public and should be left to the moderators, unless we dont do it that way anymore I'll bug Allen about it
  12. Addressing the end of Wonderland Mafia

    dam dood relax id say dont roid up on us but i dont wanna be put in another headlock
  13. Meta Discussion

    I tried it in my ToS Mafia It is very hard to manage from a game host view lol
  14. Addressing the end of Wonderland Mafia

    shut it all down ban everyone get your asses out of my kitchen you donkeys