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  1. KC Cup

    im afraid your post doesnt stand a ghost of a chance
  2. KC Cup

    The GB card?
  3. KC Cup

    I must be missing something, what is Respite @biki
  4. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Esper Roba on the 21st
  5. Best Packs

    I don't mind writing that kind of thing before tournaments while I still play. I didn't know enough before recent to be honest to have an educated opinion.
  6. Off Meta Deck Discussion

    I'd play Cup of Ace if I had it, but this is the version I'm playing currently. I'd also play a 3rd Electro over Jar once I got it.
  7. Best Packs

    No, this might be a good time though
  8. Best Packs

    Didn't all of us just write a document regarding this though?
  9. KC Cup

    At legend I have played 0 legit decks, just backrow degeneracy
  10. Autoduel decks

    AI hates CA so much it just throws Dakini in the grave when it has game
  11. KC Cup

    I like Wall of Disruption vs REZ
  12. Paradox Brothers

    30s are better for skill drops, 40s are better for SR/UR cards
  13. Thor: Ragnarok

    I heard this was an enjoyable movie but not the best Marvel movie
  14. Paradox Brothers

    Question, are you farming level 30 or level 40 Paradox? Cause Level 30 is more consistent for Skill farming
  15. KC Cup

    Yeah agreed