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  1. Pokemon GO

    I get to cheat since my family and girlfriend play, so can just inter trade
  2. Pokemon GO

    It only checks if you have Pikachu and if its Shiny, hats don't apply
  3. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    oh lmao yeah I did not play well
  4. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    I didn't talk shit about him? I was complimenting him?
  5. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    I don't think Duk played bad, I thought he had well thought out posts but came to the wrong conclusions.
  6. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    I can see nothing has changed lol even new people like this Solstice person are salt mines too
  7. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    To be clear, I went after you because you tried to train me for not trusting the claim
  8. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

  9. Video Game club

    I'm interested depending on the scope of the titles.
  10. Which videogame do I play next?

    Sneak never got fixed Skyrim is how you want to play it anyway and there's way easier ways to break it than Sneak Like the Khajiit Caravan glitch
  11. Goat Gods ❤❤❤❤❤ Jayy#6001 / Noxjja ❤ Nicey#7750 / Nicey ❤❤ gift#1968 / gift prowaite#1355 / carl waite ❤❤ Workshop for Metalworker ❤❤❤❤ NB96/Nick ❤ TheGoldenTyranno ❤ Logannj111 Koala ❤❤ rei ❤❤ BuildtheWalia ❤❤ Audioslayne ❤❤ spankthemonkey ❤❤ War Story: gift 2 > 0 Paraliel Loganj111 2 > 0 Noxjja gift 2 > 0 Loganj111 gift 2 > 1 TheGoldenTyranno gift 2 > 0 Loganj111 BuildtheWalia 2 > 0 gift BuildtheWalia 2 > 1 gift Subbing Silver in for Paraliel Subbing NB96 in for Silver
  12. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    Anyway I gotta go to bed for work in morning glhf