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  1. Check Staff Discord for some giggles
  2. Staff tends to get asked this a lot so I just want everyone to know clearly: Staff does not delete accounts. End of discussion, there are no exceptions to this rule. Have a nice day.
  3. got Cyndaquil rly happy
  4. drugs give you super strength
  5. Surprised they were so conservative with the moves.
  6. stop trying so hard
  7. i have seen 0
  8. Eevee names are Sakura for Espeon and Tamao for Umbreon
  9. caught Chikorita FeelsGoodMan
  10. Figuratively
  11. fight me
  12. Daily Reminder that if you trust Harry Strick with anything you're retarded.

    1. Me.


      I haven't gotten a daily reminder since this one, it's been two days and I'm starting to doubt the reminders are daily.

  13. Super type is best discussion @wonderPreaux
  14. Nice job, used to seeing you judge not crush events