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  1. YCS Germany

    i ve booked flight to berlin too.hope german trains will do their work.
  2. yeah i will be in the us next so i wont be able to play in nats and therefore in the euros.gj sixxy
  3. if this round ends justin gets the win.i have some problems with my pc.also i am dropping if this scenario happens
  4. well i dont have any connection problem as i have two computers working in the same network.However i havent ever played using that computer.If it doeasnt work i will try use some friends computer.But it seems i connect ok to him while i cannot see him at all.
  5. need more details than that. you expect someone to know whats wrong just from that small sentence? small but full of meaning.He can see me draw cards,play cards.but i totally cant see him playing anything or his messages.
  6. i have a technical problem.My opponent connects and sees me but i cannot.Any ideas?
  7. i talked to geolink once but we did not find time to play
  8. YCS Paris

    i will be in US in 26th april so its a little bit difficult to attend this but i will try it.
  9. The Karakuris have arrived

    i dont realy play for some months.But could someone explain me why no dupes are not included? actually i am thinking of a really different deck approach.
  10. The List Rumor Thread

    showtime for sorcerers once again
  11. The List Rumor Thread

    i dont care what the list is.give me triple sorc and i feel ok.

    how can you otk if you have only one gateway?(assuming he had a mst and not 2)
  13. GPC Honolulu

    THEODORE STAMELATOS,greece,athens,gmt+2,themastereteo2,lockheed team. i hope i dont get dq in this one.