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  1. Great report. Sending the light and the dark for Lightpulsar Dragon seems to be a summoning condition and not part of an effect, so I don't think you should be able to get Shaddoll effects if you special it from grave. Do not know this for definite though. 
  2. Chain Beat for Competitive Play

    I'm not a fan of TTTHN at the moment. I would see if you can find some Time-Space Trap Holes instead.    The only thing Trap Hole nightmare really hits right now are the Shaddoll fusions, which replace themselves with another fusion anyway, and Satellarknight, which are not as prevalent as the other 3 better decks at the moment.  Dark Hole instead of Raigeki is a strange choice. Raigeki should probably be in here.  Bottomless Trap Hole and Trap Hole seem counter productive with Black Garden in the deck though. I would try to make the decision of whether you want to go the Traptrix route or whether you want to run Black Garden, and if you ran Garden, i'd run a full set seeing as lots of people are running general S/T hate at the moment, with particular emphasis on destroying continuous ones. (Mystical Space Typhoon, Artifact Ignition, Moralltach, Fire Lake, Shaddoll Dragon etc)
  3. Shaddoll - Discussion

    Madrid: There was no pulse to it. Auschwitz.
  4. YCS Anaheim - Nov 22/14

    Go squidy I wan u too win an stuf Pls no chet
  5. YCS Anaheim - Nov 22/14

    Is coverage actually going to happen at all?
  6. SSB 4 (OP contains player list)

    I need to find the sources for some of those lol
  7. Guy who came to our local store yesterday started bragging about his Harpies and how he came 67th at the last YCS that happened.    When I asked him which YCS it was, he says "The last one."   EDIT: The guy who said this has since been banned for attempted theft. 
  8. Updated Suspended Players List

    What did he do? Or is this a joke? I have been out of the loop for a while. 
  9. Ycs London

    Why did they leave it so late to announce it? I have already booked time off for Milan and I probably won't have enough money to do both. Shit fucking sucks man
  10. 2014 World Championship

    What did he do?