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    Women...Women...and uh...Women
  1. Hey...New Trader here!

    Your mothers must be rolling over in their graves. Wow...
  2. Hey...New Trader here!

    19/f/chi-town but im leaving this site so hit me up on aim?? pm me ur sn.
  3. Hey...New Trader here!

    OK!! I am now officially leaving this site. What a bunch of fucking noobs.
  4. Hey...New Trader here!

    tits or gtfo. So who do I report to for you being unbelievably offensive and stupid. I don't know what you THINK a lesbian is, but we certainly do not like guys, not like that you idiotic moron.
  5. Hey...New Trader here!

    Actually, I'm a girl...therefore...dyke or lesbian. And you should be a lot more accepting. Geez...what a bunch of kids.
  6. Hey...New Trader here!

  7. Hey...New Trader here!

    Um...hi...name's nat. Or TGD-Squid`Wolf from [-HH-]...you can catch me on yvd most days. Or at work. I'm mostly here for trading....so yeah...Hit me up if you want to trade!! same list as the one i have on yugiohforums. i have 2 refs there.