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  1. Popplio is such a qt but can't pass up a Grass/Ghost Owl sorry
  2. Some1sPC is the best YT channel I've found, their uploads are a little sporadic though. There are a couple of others I'll try and find later that are decent as well.
  3. From memory so I may be off a card or two and I wouldn't recommend running this right now anyway but sure 4 Talonflame 3-4-4-3 Greninja 1 Minccino FCO 86 3 N 2 Professor Sycamore 2 Ace Trainer 1 Lysandre 1 Fisherman 1 Teammates 4 Bursting Balloon 4 VS Seeker 4 Dive Ball 2 Level Ball 1 Ultra Ball 2 Super Rod 1 Eco Arm 2 Rough Seas 1 Faded Town 9 Water Energy 1 Splash Energy The mirror I lost was the guy that finished 10th, he didn't play Minccino or Talonflame so idk if he just dodged Mewtwo enough or figured out something I missed
  4. Yea my teammate made t32 with Mewtwo lol he played like all great matchups all day tho
  5. Every other deck I was trying was getting bodied by M Mewtwo and/or Volcanion Alot of people think Greninja has a bad Mewtwo matchup because of Garb, but I did well vs them in testing with my build and 2-0d both the ones I played. Just lost round 1 to 3 consecutive N's to 1, drew with DarkTina in a game I win if we played 2 more turns. Then the Frogadier prize thing happened and I dropped It was pretty cool and well run event. I def made the wrong deck choice though, there is SOOO much Volcanion and Greninja matchup vs it isn't as amazing as I thought it was.
  6. Prized 3 Frogadier gm1 of the mirror to essentially eliminate me I think rip
  7. I'm 1-1, ironically I ended up playing Greninja tho rofl
  8. Round 1 starts in like 30 mins I think 650 TCG Masters
  9. Dragon/Fighting hypee
  10. Probably Fright Night
  11. Live stream Saturday/Sunday will be @ Currently 505 players pre-registered for Masters TCG I'll be there for TCG, I think @Naus is going as well
  12. 0.5 ppr 14 team Jamison Crowder @ BAL or Bilal Powell @ PIT Keep going back and forth on this in my other league but leaning Crowder. I also already have Forte starting in this league if that makes a difference
  13. ty based AB/Leveon
  14. Stream 459 players for Masters division This one is Expanded format
  15. I play the Yveltal with Mews, don't like Darkrai EX in here. Like Yveltal EX alot since with Y-Cyclone + Fury Belt it can one shot Garbodor, and Evil Ball/Mew copying Evil Ball keeps a lot of threats in check. Don't play Zoroark or the Break. If you still have trouble with Greninja this deck can easily run a Garbodor line to improve that matchup though. Being able to hit for 60 and Fright Night cutting off Balloons gives you a strong early game vs Froakie/Frogadier, although admittedly you would have trouble checking Greninja BREAK. You would just need to run Garbodors and maybe a Lugia EX to hit for 150 and take out Rough Seas if you were that worried about playing vs. Greninja. Greninja isn't a good matchup for that deck by any means since obviously the entire goal of the deck is to Lysandre up benched EXs with higher retreat costs then pick on them while spreading damage, but the deck can easily accommodate tech choices to deal with Greninja to at least make the matchup winnable for you.