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  1. Orton Wyatt was such a letdown especially in the arena. It was just so deflating, I don't agree with Orton winning but there were so many better ways to do it. Raw tonight should be pretty good though looking forward to it
  2. we got nosebleeds for most everything but yeah maybe. ill being wearing a Roode Glorious shirt at NXT and Seth Rollins crosshair for Mania We will probably be the group marking out for Big Papa Pump at Wrestlecon though
  3. Leaving Friday for Mania weekend with 3 friends. Got tickets for HOF, Takeover, Wrestlecon and Access, Mania and Raw holla
  4. Alright just post your FC and lmk what you want for one
  5. If you can get a HA Mareanie lmk what BP item you'd take for it
  6. I'll be at work all today but yea I need one hmu I just been breeding Synchronizers so far
  7. Caught this ally chaining earlier
  8. My FC is 0318 - 8565 - 7371 I'm gonna start playing at midnight and prob breeding shit tomorrow add me
  9. Dewpider is the pre-evo my bad but yes, that thing
  10. Still a work in progress and I'm trying to find movesets for most of them since that video got taken down but thought it'd be good to have a thread for this
  11. Did anybody save a file with all the base stats for the Pokemon on it? Apparently Dewpider's ability also doubles the base power of all Water moves and I wanted to see its stats/movepool but those videos got taken down
  12. stream of moon
  13. Sorry little Rowlet but all hail the best starter Base 126 SpAtk, Water/Fairy with Moonblast, Scald, Energy Ball, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam mmm
  14. 2ds is pretty cheap now just get one of those if you only plan to play Pokemon on it