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  1. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    Not bitching I just wanna know what you guys think because I think this is a joke These are Rest of Season Rankings ECR. I would honestly have Thielen like 3rd at worst and hes still 8th on ECR. Like what more does he have to prove before he actually gets treated like an elite WR
  2. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    Hes been alittle banged up so watching the game it seemed like they basically just decided to give him some extra rest heading into his bye.
  3. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    I'll try lol, it's not a big deal this year at all just for the future. Kinda sucks when the best WR on the wire is the corpse of Ted Ginn
  4. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    I'm Cole World
  5. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    I'm interested in trading for a WR or upgrading one of mine. if anybody needs a RB I am willing to trade Dion send me offers. Also please just for next year can we make bench sizes alittle smaller. Waivers are a wasteland at WR and TE. My other cash league only starts 2 WR and 5 man bench and that feels alot better and you actually have to make more difficult auction choices. I like the additional starting WR here I just think our benches are too big for 12 teams.
  6. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    Josh Gordon to the Patriots for a conditional 5th round pick
  7. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    This was my DraftKings that ended at 181ish QB Roethlisberger $6900 RB McCaffrey $7000 RB Corey Grant $4300 WR Antonio Brown $8800 WR Juju Smith-Shuster $6400 WR Mike William's $3700 TE Jared Cook $3600 Flex James Connor $6700 D/ST Tampa Bay $2200 Also had one with Mahomes that would have done really well if Dion and Njoku didn't tank it
  8. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    "This afternoon we informed Josh Gordon and his representatives that we are going to release him on Monday," general manager John Dorsey said in a statement. "For the past six years the Browns have fully supported and invested in Josh, both personally and professionally and wanted the best for him, but unfortunately we've reached a point where we feel it's best to part ways and move forward. We wish Josh well." RIP
  9. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    I actually started the Bears D in one of my DFS but I still dont think its gonna cash because Bortles Cole screwed me. Currently at 145 with Bears D Gurley and Cooks left
  10. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    Well if you started the entire Bucs offense in DFS congrats you win
  11. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    Yeah I feel like they roast my drafts every year. But I don't really give a shit about ADP in the pre season I just take the guys I want who I think will do well this year regardless of what their ADP is. There is nothing worse than missing out on someone you wanted then watching them blow up because you waited until when you are supposed to take them.
  12. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    I just sent payment
  13. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    Fine with me
  14. Celestial Storm Singles Discussion Thread

    The amount of packs you have to trade for a Rayquaza-GX right now is absurd. I know the set just came out and it will go down but damn a RA goes for like 22 packs. Magcargo might be my new fav card though he's awesome.
  15. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    Same ill try to remember to check this place more just incase though since I barely come here now
  16. Celestial Storm Singles Discussion Thread

    Rayquaza seems like a really powerful snowball type of deck but looks kind of fragile, especially Post rotation. Could see Shiftry GX doing well with the right partner. Magcargo and Swampert are probably the best cards in the set. Banette-GX looks underwhelming but I feel like it might end up being better than it looks, especially since you can just run the line with Rainbow Energy alongside Zoroark to cover Buzzwole. Skakataka-GX is solid. It really is amazing how many bad cards they can manage to fit into these sets though
  17. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    10 or 20 is cool tyler91x@outlook.com
  18. Pokemon Online Trading Card Game

    My issue with playing Lillie is that it is better than Sycamore on t1, generally by 1 card. Then every other turn of the game it is much worse. I don't think its worth playing in a format where Sycamore is still legal personally. I just don't know what to cut besides maybe the Tina promo and just accept my L vs. the 6 people still playing Greninja. I don't even know if Tina Promo salvages that matchup for you tbh since Shadow Stitching is just brutal against this deck.
  19. Pokemon Online Trading Card Game

    Ladder results from today Win: Buzzwole GX/Lycanroc GX Buzzwole GX/Lycanroc GX Buzzwole GX/Lycanroc GX Buzzwole GX/Lycanroc GX Ultra Necrozma GX/Malamar Ultra Necrozma GX/Malamar Ultra Necrozma GX/Malamar Ultra Necrozma GX/Malamar Dusk Mane Necrozma GX/Magnezone Necrozma GX/Malamar Zoroark GX/Gardevoir GX Zoroark GX/Garbodor Loss: Greninja BREAK Necrozma GX/Malamar Zoroark GX/Garbodor Buzzwole GX/Zygarde GX Max Elixir hasn't been very good so far, not sure I honestly need it. Only game I've dropped to Buzzwole so far they hit an Elixir onto Zygarde GX+ Float on active Remoraid + Sycamore discarding 2 Fighting t1 when I bricked. I'd either need to increase the Psychic count or just cut it I think. Beast Ring is so good in here getting the 1 Metal 1 Psychic for Ultra Nec. I've never really needed Brigette and I want to dig through my deck asap in here but if you open Mysterious Treasure and already have a draw supporter it does seem nice. Lunala Prism has been very, very good one of my favorite cards in here so far. If I manage to trade for a 3rd Ultra Nec later I'll probably just play it over the stupid Giratina. Fuck Greninja. I played vs a mirror that was using Ultra Space over Parallel City, which I thought was interesting especially since I'm not running Brigette. But Parallel has been absolutely busted every time I've drawn it so far and I feel I'd rather have a second copy of that before Ultra Space right now.
  20. Pokemon Online Trading Card Game

    I think Ultra Necrozma is better because Extra 10 HP is relevant, forces them to have the exact math to KO you Doesn't have to detach all his energy on swing Only needs 2 energy to swing Not weak to Psychic They are both good though, wouldn't be surprised to see either end up doing well. Dawn Wings definitely terrorizes the Meta rn though and should be one of the main attackers in the deck. I don't think Zoroark is dead btw. You can still lose to that deck if they draw well enough because Zoroark is just that good of a card. It's just a poor meta call at the moment, but if the meta shifted more towards Dawn Wings being the format's main attacker it would become very good again.
  21. Pokemon Online Trading Card Game

    Diancie Prism was a terrible idea agreed. Regirock was perfectly balanced (as all things should be), and Diancie is just a better Regirock without any of the drawbacks. I'm not even sure why I keep playing vs decks running Diancie and 2-3 Regirock though that seems like super overkill unless you are just hoping to style on a bunch of Zoroark decks. Also Diancie even has an attack that can heal off Jet Punches in the 1/1000 situations you'd actually need that. It's also a little too bulky to just bring up like a normal basic and try to knock out it out to slow them down. Not even worth it you will just lose the prize trade for trying most games. Beast Ring is just horrible card design. Energy acceleration should not be that powerful or efficient, and it also just happens to be the perfect support for what was already the best basic GX attacker in the game. My win % so far post Forbidden Light has actually been higher with Beast Box than it has with BuzzRoc, which makes no sense to me because I feel like BuzzRoc is strictly a better and more consistent deck. Nagandel is very good in a meta full of Buzz though, and Kartana keeps punishing these people who attach Beast Energy/Strong Energy on their t1 just because they can. I don't play any of the other UBs outside of the 2 Buzz, 1 Dawn Wings, Kartana and Naganadels though. I guess Nihilego could be decent but its such a straight forward deck idk if you need all that spice in it really. Oh well back to DBS TCG hopefully after Rotation when Elixir is gone these decks will slow down enough to make the format decent again.
  22. Pokemon Online Trading Card Game

    Lucario could hit for 170 for one energy pretty easily but I didn't mind him as much because his GX attack let you punish stupid people. All this new support is just so strong you just get savagely outdrawn if they start faster than you though
  23. Pokemon Online Trading Card Game

    I've come to the conclusion I fucking hate this format now Buzzwole and Psychic decks are way too good now They are also both weak to Psychic so its just a one shot format Fuck this I'll wait for rotation I did hit someone for 200 with baby Buzzwole off one energy earlier and that was cool but just another example of the problem
  24. Pokemon Online Trading Card Game

    whats yours mine is tylers91 edit: nvm saw yours on op ill add you later. probably gonna start testing for Madison regionals once the new set unlocks tomorrow