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  1. New! Dragon Ball TCG

    I just got into this because a lot of my old friends play its actually really neat. I've mostly just been replaying the tutorial battle on the app with the Starter Goku deck for the moment
  2. I see a lot of threads that are just someone looking for an answer to a question so this thread can solve that. If you have a question for anything YGO related, ask it here instead of starting a new thread for it. [users may feel free to answer the questions asked itt]
  3. Warn Removal Thread

    Post in this thread to explain why your Warn should be removed ONLY if you have a good reason OR you Warn is 60 days or more older. If you break this rule, you can be warned again. HAVE I BEEN WARNED?? I CAN'T TELL!
  4. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    Had my main money league draft Saturday night 6pt pass td -3 int 0.5 ppr 1.5 pts for every 10 rushing yards 12 team 1.10 Odell Beckham Jr 2.15 Todd Gurley 3.34 Carlos Hyde 4.39 Aaron Rodgers 5.58 DeVante Parker 6.63 Doug Martin 7.82 Jeremy Maclin 8.87 Brandon Marshall 9.106 Jaquizz Rodgers 10.111 Jamaal Charles 11.130 Eric Ebron 12.135 Matt Breida 13.154 Chargers D/ST 14.159 Younghoe Koo QB Aaron Rodgers RB Todd Gurley RB Carlos Hyde WR Odell Beckham Jr WR DeVante Parker FLEX JaQuizz Rodgers TE Eric Ebron D/ST Chargers K Koo RB Doug Martin RB Jamaal Charles RB Matt Breida WR Jeremy Maclin WR Brandon Marshall
  5. Alolan Ninetales

    I know this section is basically dead but the format post Guardians Rising is actually outstanding imo since Garbodor and Guardians Rising completely changes the way decks are built and played. The game is far slower now since any kind of turbo deck just gets waxed by Garbodor. And I really like this deck and Pokebeach sucks so Im posting it here In case you don't know what Garbodor is http://shop.tcgplayer.com/pokemon/sm-guardians-rising/garbodor 4-3 Alolan Vulpix/Alolan Ninetales 3 Tapu Lele GX 2 Drampa GX 1 Oranguru 1 Tapu Koko (getting a 2nd copy today online from a friend, will probably cut Drampa or Oranguru for the 2nd) 4 N 2 Hex Maniac 2 Lysandre 2 Professor Sycamore 1 Brigette 1 Brock's Grit 1 Delinquent 1 Hala 1 Olympia 1 Professor Kukui 1 Teammates 4 Aqua Patch 3 Ultra Ball 2 Choice Band 2 Field Blower 2 Float Stone 4 Rough Seas 8 Water Energy 4 Double Colorless Energy Thanks to Beacon (Alolan Vulpix's first attack that requires no energy) this deck doesn't have to use Ultra Ball to find Pokemon which gives it an edge in the Garb matchup. Drampa is just a really solid attacker, I don't have any way to put damage on the bench myself for Berserk but Righteous Edge is really solid in the mirror and vs. Garb, and his GX attack can unbrick me for 1 colorless if things are going bad but ideally I never want to use it in here since Ninetales is so much more difficult to deal with while it still has its GX attack. I don't like VS Seeker as much anymore. Its still good but I think due to Garb I'd rather just play a higher Supporter count and keep my item count down. Aqua Patch is amazing for putting pressure on them with Ninetales. You just have to be careful about managing them vs. Garb so the prize trade doesnt become uneven. Ultra Ball is a card I'm undecided on, I don't want to cut it completely since it's still the best way to get to a Tapu Lele. But realistically after the first one I don't think I ever want to see a second copy since Beacon should be getting me to my Ninetales and more Leles. Shaymin is still a good 1 of I think, but I've kinda liked Oranguru so far since it works better with Brigette and stops me from losing to late game Ns followed up by a knockout while I'm ahead. Plus it's not really Lysandre bait unless they are trying to stall.
  6. The Official Wrestling Thread

  7. The Official Wrestling Thread

  8. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Orton Wyatt was such a letdown especially in the arena. It was just so deflating, I don't agree with Orton winning but there were so many better ways to do it. Raw tonight should be pretty good though looking forward to it
  9. The Official Wrestling Thread

    we got nosebleeds for most everything but yeah maybe. ill being wearing a Roode Glorious shirt at NXT and Seth Rollins crosshair for Mania We will probably be the group marking out for Big Papa Pump at Wrestlecon though
  10. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Leaving Friday for Mania weekend with 3 friends. Got tickets for HOF, Takeover, Wrestlecon and Access, Mania and Raw holla
  11. Sun and Moon Pokemon Nursery

    Alright just post your FC and lmk what you want for one
  12. Sun and Moon Pokemon Nursery

    If you can get a HA Mareanie lmk what BP item you'd take for it
  13. Pokemon Sun and Moon

    I'll be at work all today but yea I need one hmu I just been breeding Synchronizers so far
  14. Pokemon Sun and Moon

    Caught this ally chaining earlier
  15. My FC is 0318 - 8565 - 7371 I'm gonna start playing at midnight and prob breeding shit tomorrow add me
  16. Pokemon Sun and Moon

    Dewpider is the pre-evo my bad but yes, that thing
  17. Still a work in progress and I'm trying to find movesets for most of them since that video got taken down but thought it'd be good to have a thread for this
  18. Pokemon Sun and Moon

    Did anybody save a file with all the base stats for the Pokemon on it? Apparently Dewpider's ability also doubles the base power of all Water moves and I wanted to see its stats/movepool but those videos got taken down
  19. Pokemon Sun and Moon

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89SoZtmycS8&feature=youtu.be stream of moon
  20. Pokemon Sun and Moon

    Sorry little Rowlet but all hail the best starter Base 126 SpAtk, Water/Fairy with Moonblast, Scald, Energy Ball, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam mmm
  21. Pokemon Sun and Moon

    2ds is pretty cheap now just get one of those if you only plan to play Pokemon on it
  22. Evolutions - PTCG

    Dragonite-EX is good in certain decks, same as Brock's Grit Electrode, the Raticate line, the basic Mewtwo are okay Not much else to say besides shiny Energies not much else in the set and I doubt it has too much impact on the meta