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  1. Custom Mats

      I went to SJC's off mat requests  I had teams buying mat designs and they would request how they would look down to the font but that was when we had a printer if you can find someone who will print the mats then maybe I will make a few designs. Really the only way to make enough money off it is to sell enough and get a bargain on mass printing which is what I did our old printer on Pojo would sell me a batch of printed mats that I design for cheaper then if I sold it one by one so I could make about 18 a mat on 5 mats for a team.  
  2. Custom Mats

    The mats suck now a days and I do photography now so i could still technically design one but finding someone to print is another story  Photos of people are more fun to edit especially since mats didn't give much cash lol
  3. Custom Mats

    I thought this thread was actually just old and not active guess I should have actually opened it So what are the pretty monsters that are actually used ? Or what mats do people want of other shit like anime and real people? I used to make mats you can see in my link but its been ages since I played yugioh
  4. I used to make them a long time ago and is there still a market for this? Do people still make them? I havent played this game in ages and I still have a link apparently to my old designs but I have learned a lot since that time
  5. Let's talk

    So serious in here but its vic ..I mean the prez and rei!
  6. Custom Mats

    Im going to take a guess and say this isnt gonna print well at all
  7. Custom Mats

    hey :D and nope sadly all my renders are gone upgraded computers and moving and a corrupted external do that too you lol
  8. Custom Mats

    Long time no see dude! I've been making a few designs here and there but mehh... it isn't like how it used to be..=/ I noticed its almost like the yugioh section is dead compared to what it used to be like
  9. Custom Mats

    something in this direction? not easy finding usable effy images and i just wiped so may be a bit till im happy cause i have none of my resources :l
  10. It was a light deck using cyber dragon and freeds and return oh and hoshingan,zaborg,soul of purity during chaos format
  11. Custom Mats

    oh shit do it dude. Your mat's were the best. Once my computer is back up to speed (just upgraded) i may put a few out
  12. Custom Mats

    So this is still going on I wonder if I should try making some again
  13. Custom Mats

    Wow im surprised this thread is still going strong
  14. Question about cpu fan

    This is him: Yea I bought a heatsink/fan and it said it could mount on am2 and am3 but after I received it and tried to put it on it wouldnt latch on im new at this but ive learned alot by doing it but its just this part thats stopping me how to figure out the right heatsink/fan for a motherboard
  15. Question about cpu fan

    My friend was wondering if he could get some help he said he bought a fan for this motherboard http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...&CatId=5533 but it doesnt fit even though its the right type? So he is wondering what the cpu fan should look like for this motherboard or if u could post a link to one but he isnt looking for something powerful just good enough