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  1. Eldritch Moon Spoilers

    Yeah it really fits with the walker's flavor. But her channeling emrakul to innistrad because she's mad at sorin, that's a bit crazy, even in lore. I love the art on the Bruna and Gisela mutant form thing that was released on the mothership. Hopefully it's better than the actual emrakul card
  2. Eldritch Moon Spoilers

    This is the most exciting card of the set for me thus far
  3. Oath Of Gatewatch Spoilers!

    That demon looks real familiar. Any idea which one it is?   Btw this set is looking like casual gold with all the lands and that fat sphinx thing. 
  4. Oath Of Gatewatch Spoilers!

    all the battle lands would make mana bases (more then now) insanely good. The geist is also the shadows over innistrad set symbol I think?     True. I just hate it when they don't finish a cycle. I guess it makes sense to have it in SOI   That's the duel deck symbol. And it says 1/80 on the bottom
  5. Oath Of Gatewatch Spoilers!

    Wow RIP other tango cycle   It's also nice that they decided to reprint geist in a duel deck for those tiny leaders enthusiasts (sarcasm)
  6. Oath Of Gatewatch Spoilers!

    Man, the small bit of lore that wizards let out today made Kozilek sound like a badass. 
  7. Oath Of Gatewatch Spoilers!

    Isn't that technically an errata? Should be interesting to hear why they chose to do that     I think it's an errata. The (1) on land being represented as diamond symbol would help disillusion the 6th mana myth.   The purpose of the diamond symbol in mana costs mean you must pay colorless mana, irreplaceable with any other color. 
  8. Oath Of Gatewatch Spoilers!

      Mina and Denn, Wildborn   You may play an additional land on each of your turns.   [R,G] Return a target land you control to its owner's hand: Target creature gains trample until end of turn.    Exploration on a stick. I have no words.     Filter lands confirmed as Oath Expeditions with the diamond (<>) mana symbol as colorless. 
  9. Oath Of Gatewatch Spoilers!

      http://www.magicspoiler.com/mtg-spoiler/ayli-eternal-pilgrim/     Gideon's best friend. And what a general.
  10. Lol I F5'd pretty hard. My bad. I got lucky and got it within 2 minutes. Thanks for the lookout, DGz.  
  11. I hate to beat a dead horse on this, but what do you guys think about Dante's path?   Does he still have a chance to hit that 3 digit?
  12. From what I understand, isn't the super edition just KDE slamming the respective set's super rares in the super edition, causing an influx of super rares of the set to the market? It just kind of takes away the incentive of buying single boosters to chase only ultras and secrets knowing fully well that pulling supers is like pulling a regular rare.    It's not so much disgust to me as someone who no longer plays the game. But it certainly puts off someone who would want to buy single booster packs as a hobby just to find that the super rare that they pulled is basically a rare.
  13. So I guess super editions are the norm.   That's... gross.
  14. get fuckeddddd

    It's fits to have a shitty mat for an event in Detroit.
  15. M15 Spoiler Discussion

    I'm loving this set. The souls are just ridiculous. Especially the Phyrexian one.