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  1. no foreign cards/10
  2. If this deck scrapes by the banlist, I might just pick it up again
  3. Despite showing no negative emotions to you, what you did to me still pisses me off. You literally threw away everything we had, everything we had worked for and all that we meant to each other for really no reason at all. When you first told me you wanted a break, we made the fuck sure that the intent was to get back together at the end of it. You even went as far as to say that the reason you wanted a break now was because we were so strong as a couple and that now would be better than if we were rocky. You kept this hope in my heart through the four months you dragged me through your shit. At the end of it, you just dumped me a month before our 4-year anniversary. Now I don't even know if your intentions were true back then. And now that the "other guy" isn't working out as well as you thought, you want me back in your life? No fuck you.
  4. Aww what a cute baby. Congratulations! All the best to you and your girl.
  5. I've always found Undine a bit underwhelming. The access to Leo through Controller was nice and won a couple games, but having to use your Normal Summon to dump Tidal (if you hadn't drawn it yet) proved to be slower and clunkier than wanted. I've also dropped it, and haven't missed it. Now instead of opening Controller every game, I open Leed -_-
  6. Just started testing BTS over Fiendish Chains and liking it so far. The fact that it hits Cardcar D is nice which is relevant with +1 FF all over the place.
  7. Thank you detective Holmes
  8. Looking forward to it Pat.
  9. Best ________ in the game.
  10.   Did you pick it up for $80 by any chance, because then you bought it off me  :D
  11. that obsession with Krepo cannot be healthy
  12. pos for song choice
  13. Oh was he the guy that made that girl cry at the last Surrey regionals?
  14. Ya Cat is aids on his own but he also allows you to make any relevant play the deck can make. Cat + Messengelato and Cat + Hootcake are your power plays, I don't know why you would want to limit them. The fact that its searchable through a 1-of card that is searched 8 times out of 10 with a Cat play doesn't warrant a drop to 1. If anything I'd boost it to 3.
  15. Because nothing stops you from drawing two more monsters.