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  1. the boy is back
  2. I used trapless kaiju at my regionals. Lost r1 to water then won 4 in a row and went to time every match I won. Decided to drop after round 5 and do something else because I didn't want to spend a few more hours going into time every round for a buster blader mat lmao every time you end up in time you'll prob win but doing it round after round makes me want to kill myself 
  3. what is going to fill this void??
  4. that's a niceeeeeeeee top cut 
  5. no
  6. heh you're silly bod
  7. YCS

    go bodan go gehring go barret boo jye
  8. Any idea what people played?
  9. bodan is the best  :eevee:  :wub:
  10. Quickdraw!!! You're adorable
  11. lmaooo every single random duelist I've never heard of is just scummy now a days it's crazy
  12. Watched the first episode last night and can't wait to watch the rest