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  1. I remember seeing like one update on your day before I took off to the football game/tailgating. When I got home at 12:30 and heard you went 9-1 and played for first I was beyond hyped. Good work dude, really proud of how well you did  =)
  2. Live news shooting

    I found a video the killer took while he shot them on reddit, but it looks like they're suppressing those posts so I can't find it again.    Also, the shooter seemed to shoot and kill himself, but it seems like he's still alive. 
  3. YGO World Championship 2015

    Wtf, i'm looking at that same youtube channel already and they don't have half of that stuff posted 
  4. YGO World Championship 2015

    Are they only doing coverage of the first three rounds? The live feed said the coverage is done for the day 
  5. YGO TCG Forbidden List July 2015

    They didn't ban royal magical library :/   Ninja'ed, but really, Chicken Race is about to get a little annoying 
  6. NAWCQ 2015 Nashville, TN

    Well next time i'll make sure to repeat myself from earlier and completely rewrite my post instead of trusting you guys to read the entire conversation and figure out what i'm trying to talk about. Sorry for that, how silly of me. 
  7. NAWCQ 2015 Nashville, TN

    How could I have worded it better?
  8. NAWCQ 2015 Nashville, TN

    I was agreeing with Urthor that mental fatigue is no excuse. I cited an example of how I avoided it by listing a few things I picked up at the store that kept me going strong through a 10 round regional. I received a nutrition lesson from everything and their grandmother because my example foods weren't "healthy" to them. I attempted to return the subject to the original thought that mental fatigue is no excuse. Finally I was called stupid for thinking that mental fatigue doesn't exist.   I love this place. 
  9. NAWCQ 2015 Nashville, TN

    I'm saying that mental fatigue is perfectly avoidable. Are you guys even reading my posts? 
  10. NAWCQ 2015 Nashville, TN

    But the focus of a major event is to be successful. I'd obviously like to eat as healthy as possible but I'm not going to do meal prep and have some smoked tilapia with some brown rice and steamed veggies brought to me by a friend in between rounds. That's just not practicle. Simplicity is key because your focus should be on 9 or 10 grueling rounds of ygo. Obviously bringing healthy snacks isn't impossible, I just grabbed what I saw at the grocery store on my way out of town.
  11. NAWCQ 2015 Nashville, TN

    Can we please stop avoiding the point I was trying to make? Mental fatigue and hunger should not be a factor at a major event.
  12. NAWCQ 2015 Nashville, TN

    Well each bar has ~28g of sugar which is ~40% of my daily need for sugar. I bought four to last me throughout that 10 hour day (one of each flavor available). The combined sugar for all four is 102 grams, which is 33g over my daily intake goal. That was one day though, I think I'll be perfectly fine if I go over my daily intake of sugar once. If I would've only bought four of the Cookies and Cream flavor, that would be 5g of sugar UNDER my daily intake goal. This is all assuming myfitnesspal's database is correct. 
  13. NAWCQ 2015 Nashville, TN

    But since you want to be condescending about it, go ahead and educate me about what I will find on those labels that makes that stuff so unhealthy. 
  14. NAWCQ 2015 Nashville, TN

      My point isn't that Gatorade's protein bars are healthy. My point is that they helped me not become mentally tired during a long day of dueling. That and I wouldn't have to worry about becoming hungry.