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  1. An Oceanic Adventure - A Top 8 Oceanics Report.

    Gratz piers :) would of been good to see one of us go tp worlds but ohwell we will smash it next year!! Good job to oli for going to worlds for the second time!! Crazy!!
  2. DG Live 148

    innnnn- commanderkosc
  3. DG Live #33 April 2014 TCG

    in. commanderkosc.
  4. DG Live #30: April 2014 TCG

    ummm try wait for 16 but if too long then just do first 8 that entered
  5. DG Live #30: April 2014 TCG

    in commanderkosc
  6. DG Live #25: April 2014 TCG

    in if possible. Commanderkosc
  7. DG Live 22: April 2014 TCG

    I'm in. commanerkosc.
  8. Oceania WCQ Tournament Report

    I am quite the funny man. Good meeting you zac and look forward to testing with you in the future :)
  9. Australian Nationals/Oceanic WCQ

    progressive have got this ;)