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  1. How you know you were raised on DGz

    Actually what happened was Spectre and Whoo were talking trash and Whoo said they should tell me that they were gonna kidnap me to scare me. Spectre told Whoo he would really send someone and I guess Whoo thought he was jk. Spectre then IMed me and was like I'm gonna pretend like I sent someone to kidnap u and tell Whoo ur in the hospital. Then Whoo felt bad for talking trash. I ended up meeting up w Whoo irl like 5 yrs ago.
  2. heyguys

    whoo is well hey guys n_________________n hey man internet life and real life try not to mix
  3. heyguys

    wats goin on
  4. How old is everyone on this site?

    18, 19 in oct
  5. wat up

    thank you? o;
  6. wat up

    waiting on this bro to get out of the shower and pick me up
  7. wat up

    im good oops wait you dont care
  8. wat up

    sup :3
  9. What was the last film you watched?

    I saw taken and coraline yesterday both were really good