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  1. Does the special summon of Trifortressops have to happen as a response to the >2 summon of the opponent, or can it be used at any time during the turn as a quick effect as long as the condition of the >2 summons has been met?
  2. E-Dragons questions

    Does it kill it after if it is flip summoned too?
  3. 1.Player A uses Big Eye to take control of player B's Redox. Then player A uses Sacred Sword of Seven Stars to banish that Dragon. Does Redox end up in Player A's banished zone? Does Player A get to search for his effect? What happens if Enemy Controller was used instead of Big Eye?    2.Player A special Summons Blaster through its effect and ends his turn. During Player B's turn, Book of Moon flips Blaster face-down. Next turn, Player A flip summons Blaster. Will his effect that returns him to the hand kick in during the next turn?
  4. Player A controls a face-up Machina Fortress and Player B activates Abyssmegalo, discarding Heavy Infantry and another water.When the chain builds, it goes CL1 Infantry targeting Fortress and CL2 Megalo search.When does Fortress' discarding effect kick in? At the moment it is targeted by Infantry or at the resolution of the chain, so that it will be possible to discard the added Abyss-Sphere?
  5. 1. I have Kerykeion,Thunderbird in hand and Castor and Heliotrope in graveyard.After I summon Kery and use its effect to take Castor and summon it,can I use Castor's effect to summon the Thunderbird from my hand?   2.I control Ophion qith Safe Zone on it and my opp uses MST on Safe Zone. Can I chain Infestation Pandemic to save my Ophion from Safe Zone destroying it?
  6. Mermail/Atlantean - Discussion

    Has anyone else tested Threatening Roar? I am messing with it and it tests surprisingly well (talking about undine build,haven't tested with Mono Mermail).
  7. Can Dweller prevent Judgment Day from activating during the End Phase?
  8. Breakthrough Skill

    I see,thanks.Traps like Breakthrough Skill and Yokai confused me,I wasn't sure if the second effect was ignition-like or if I could treat it as a regular trap card's effect.
  9. My opponent activates Temtempo targeting my Zenmaines while I have Breakthrough Skill in my graveyard.Can I chain with Breakthrough Skill's second effect to negate Temtempo?
  10. Hey guys,is it true that if Abysslinde is destroyed by battle and Abysspike is summoned by her effect,Abysspike's effect is activated during the damage step and therefore the opponent cannot respond with Fiendish chain?Also,if an Atlanean is discarded for Abysspike,when does it activate and resolve (still in damage step?)?
  11. Hey, guys I am 90% sure about it but I would like confirmation.  Does Absolute Zero (or Tengu) activate when sent to the graveyard while the opponent has activated Abyss Dweller's effect?
  12. Abyss-Sphere & Trap Stun

    If player A in player B's Main Phase 2 activates Abyss-Sphere and Player B chains Trap Stun, isn't it possible in the End Phase for Player A to use the self-destruction effect of Sphere after Trap Stun has worn off?
  13. Agents - Discussion

    [quote name='Corroding Shark' timestamp='1354915151' post='3342541'] thats because your taking out the speed of the deck (i.e trooper and call). leave them in. mill off your banisher then call it back after youve established a venus gachi or something. [/quote] I understand the concept of keeping the speed with the banishers,but what is taken out during siding when you put in banishers,prisons,etc if not troopers,calls,heralds?I believe it hasn't been mentioned explicitly till now.
  14. Just making sure guys, Player A is under Deck Deva and player B activates Dealings. Player A draws a card,it is immediately revealed,then discards one card and after that, if the card drawn is fit for destruction by Deck Deva, it is destroyed.Correct?
  15. YCS Barcelona, Spain

    [quote][color=#555555][font=Verdana,]He then Normal Summoned [/font][/color][b]Mermail Abysspike[/b][color=#555555][font=Verdana,], which was met with [/font][/color][b]Torrential Tribute[/b][color=#555555][font=Verdana,], but not after Perez had a chance to discard [/font][/color][b]Atlantean Marksman[/b][color=#555555][font=Verdana,]. He added [/font][/color][b]Atlantean Dragoons[/b][color=#555555][font=Verdana,] to his hand.[/font][/color][/quote] Something wrong here?