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  1. Artifact - Discussion

    Until you get Super Polyed, then you madd as fukk.     Seriously, fuck that card.   Majesty's Fiend or Super Poly? Super Poly is too powerful. SMH 
  2. Artifact - Discussion

    Scythe is a great idea to take into consideration.  Im not really sure about the fire king approach but I don't see the hurt in testing the match up  against shaddools. I'm just really making sure the build maintains its level of constancy.
  3. Artifact - Discussion

    Until you get Super Polyed, then you madd as fukk.   is artifacts even worth investing time into when Shaddolls come out?
  4. Artifact - Discussion

    My bad about the spam.
  5. Artifact - Discussion

    Why don't we just use Majesty's Fiend in the main deck. Wouldn't that make our match up a little but better against Shaddolls?
  6. Most Wanted vs. Dogshit

    I won 2-1 against Fierce
  7. Most Wanted vs. Dogshit

    Let me get the last hearts.
  8. Games~of~Throne

  9. theory in practice vs dogshit

    I won 2-1 against Spooderman - Dgz-Dominican
  10. theory in practice vs dogshit

    is there anyone on dn?
  11. theory in practice vs dogshit

    Ill play u
  12. theory in practice vs dogshit

    Who am I playing?
  13. Don't Hold The Wall

    You have a point though. Everyone has to listen to 20/20 Experience. Great Album
  14. YCS Austin Wind-Up

    Some people have convinced themselves that Invoker=Zenmaity.   That just sounds retarded =| but people have  Well what I mean by important is that it is a great option to have. I know Invoker is not the new Zenmaity trust me. I was already playing 2 Cardcar D but I took 1 out because 2 is not needed.  3rd Fiendish Chain is overkill I have already tried it. 2 Tenki's maybe but I'm not sure. I am having trouble with the extra deck though.
  15. YCS Austin Wind-Up

    You have a point about Soul of Silvermountain. Well I tried running 1 warrior and when I drew the only warrior I felt I killed my potential chance of Invoker. That play may not be the only important play but I assure you having that window open sure does grant you a large potential for game or strong field presence . Plus I never had a problem of drawing 1 in game play, I understand it's not the best of cards to draw but I have managed.