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  1. DuelingBook Speculation Thread

    Duelingbook also isn't the successor to DN, BLS is working on a separate project. From what I know, Dueling'book' is going to be DN and social media (like facebook, hence the 'book'). It's also going to have a grindr tie-in.
  2. Having read it from start to finish, I do have to agree, reading it felt sort of like a carnival ride. Like those fun house mirrors that just distort your view and hurt your head for a sec, but through words. As a history book for yugioh, it's amazing; and it has sections on game theory as it pertains to MtG, Yugioh, Smash, and most of all Chess, but it's incredibly, incredibly difficult to sit through. The Introduction & preface are over seventy pages long. I'd still recommend a read of the book though, but probably after you've read hobans first. It offers a completely different experience than his. It's not a 'how to get good' so much as its a 'how to think properly'. It's not so much a book as it is a college essay on game theory.
  3. For only 97 dollars

    I feel he fairly credited papa johns but he has this one segment where he talks about stealing $4000 worth of pizza hut to train with at home.
  4. Road of the King by Patrick Hoban

    Not a huge deal, just "the", but it's very frequent with like "The thing that" or "the reason that" etc.   It's mostly just when he has a topic, like talking about checklists, then every paragraph starts with the word checklist. Then he'll start every paragraph with "people" in the following section about biases. He's very verbose.
  5. Road of the King by Patrick Hoban

    Julias post says that an HJ would be justified because she cannot directly assign a concrete answer on policy.    This is always a case of judgment, a head judge IS allowed to say that this isn't cheating, just the same as they are allowed to say anything isn't cheating. Seriously, anything at all. They are the highest authority at the event they are in, even above the Tournament Organizer, or KONAMI employees themselves at the event. This is deliberate as it helps protect the player and the event. Head Judges are chosen very carefully, and we work extraordinarily hard to insure the integrity of the event is maintained.   So it's not entirely for her to say that 'yes this is cheating', as a Head Judge at the very next event is within their right to say it isn't. What she's said was, she would agree with a Head Judge that ruled it as such. That is to say, her interpretation of the policy documents, the ones of which she is the author, is that such an act does constitute the infraction.   Her word is not law at my events, nor is my word law at yours. If you play in one of my events, this is cheating. If you were to play in an event she was Head Judge of (such as say, worlds), this is cheating. If you play at an event Patrick Hoban is the head judge of, this is not cheating.   ---   The other thing I felt worth commenting on, was the notion that 'by being the best you can get away with behaving however you want'.    This just isn't true in any sense of the word. For starters, you can't get a gig being a DN admin without passing an interview, and your interview being reviewed by a team of staff, that would reject you. You may not care about being a DN Administrator, but there are scenarios that exist for a lot of people, including the audience of which you wish to sell your book to, that do care, and would be affected, no matter how good or bad they are at the game. Secondly, it also asserts the notion that you are 'the best', which is also completely arguable. It's possible you aren't even the best in the United States, let alone the world, and using something as arbitrary as total event tops is a pretty weak argument for this. You've yet to top once in Europe, and you've tried multiple times. Europe isn't even the top performing continent on the world scale, either.   Most importantly on this subject of being liked though, especially to you, and the people in your camp who are players first, people second; How you behave can and does directly affect your tournament performance the instant a judge is called.   This is true for reasons perovic both knew and wrote about, and for the not quite so secret truth that judges DO profile you.   If you call a judge, and a he-said she-said scenario breaks out, It's legitimately beneficial to you if the people sitting to your left and right can side with you or not, and how much they like you does in fact come up. Kris has written an entire article about the importance of getting to your table first, and makes a strict point about one of the advantages being talking to the people beside you and building a small rapport just in case their vouch actually matters in an upcoming situation.    All this ignoring the fact that the judges DO hear things, as we are people, we have facebooks, we get PMs, and players talk. It's not out of the question for the very next event you enter to have a player come up and say "I heard patrick endorses cheating in his book!" to the judge staff and have an eye kept on you during siding. We're never going to randomly target you with things, but when it comes to an investigation, your ability to feign ignorance of something is seriously inhibited when you do things publicly that demonstrate the contrary. Writing articles that say 'I knew he couldn't use lance, but instead of saying so, I let him call a judge, knowing the judge would make him commit the card to the board', directly contributes to judges in future, not answering such questions for you without serious suspicion. Suspicion you as a player definitely don't want looming over you.    I want to conclude this by saying, I firmly and truly believe hobans book didn't condone and suggest its readers cheat deliberately. I feel it was an error in the editing process, not in the writing stage. The book has tons of typos and half of the paragraphs in it start with the same word; it genuinely just feels like the editing stage wasn't taken seriously, and that's the biggest flaw in the cheating paragraph and its affect on the book, and it's review.   Pat, you think and feel differently than most people, and in some ways it advantages you. It makes you a champion at heart.    It also works against you in ways you just can't sincerely process for the same reasons, even when those who are trying to help you suggest them.
  6. Dueling Network

    Unless you already had them all :P   edit: I'd even just host a server myself, but the quote I got was $490 USD.
  7. YCS Houston April 9th & 10th

      Kozmo is a free win, Monarch is a free win, BA is nearly free, and draco pal without losing the die roll is pretty good.
  8. UDS Invitational Los Angeles - Winter 2016

    Top 8 of this event all get an ultra dark end dragon too. Not just the mat.
  9. The ruling about clausolas vs shurit allowing you to summon trishula is completely false.
  10. Cracking Down on Signalling

    We had a pretty bad case of this at YCS providence in 2012, but unfortunately it's crazy hard to prove. I won't call anyone out specifically, but there was a pair of german players in the event and one was always standing behind the opponent of the other, and would say things in german, that when translated made less than no sense like 'my car fell in the river'. This was the 2nd event to ever have that judge foreign exchange student program thing they were doing for a while (still do? idk), and the guy we had at the event was named Felix, and was -from Germany-; it really helped us identify what was going on, and as soon as the pair knew that we were onto them, they stopped the rest of the day so we couldn't do anything about it. An eye is still kept on one of them at every american event he attends. 
  11. Dueling Network

      Uh I made the tags and they do exactly what you're talking about? The ones with TCG tags are tcg exclusive, the ones with OCG tags are ocg exclusive, and the ones with the disallowment tag aren't ocg or tcg legal. Every OCG card is coming to TCG eventually.. there's no telling when it'll import, same as there's no way of telling when certain TCG cards import to OCG. We had a TCG exclusive for over 5 years once. 
  12. Dueling Network

    a pendulum proxy card will be made if the experiment continues on successfully enough.    Ultimately it comes down to them not being abused or misused in some way that makes the site owner want them retracted. He's a very cautious and peculiar fellow. i'll continue adding proxys to the site in small waves until we get to a point that there's 3 of each colour (yes I know sometimes you'd still need more than 3 effect monster ones, use normal monsters or something). I've just already had pushback from the site owner over adding them, so as long as people behave and act rationally, we should be okay.
  13. ARG Suspends Articles Indefinitely

    Some of them were contracted writers; they couldn't just leave on their own accord. They could however simply not submit content; but their content was exclusively to be published on ARG only, and if enough time passed without an article they'd be let go.
  14. Dueling Network

    There's actually a pretty strong bias -against- n3sh in the dn staff tbh.