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  1. what

    In the bwat
  2. dude fuck the beatles

    He's a troll or a moron. Likely both I really can't get angry at this idiot anymore
  3. Post an insane lie about the person above you

    Despite the thread title I feel you all are being genuine Poster above me is dumb as a mule and twice as ugly and is most likely to accept rides from complete strangers
  4. Happy holidays

    And wish her the best of Kwanzaa (People still do celebrate that...right?)
  5. Happy holidays

    Merry Christmas Eve sounds so weird imo Fun fact:. I have trouble saying merry Christmas cuz I don't celebrate it but do it anyways in good gesture. I'm being PC right now
  6. Happy holidays

    It's 8 am and I got nothing better to do. Time to put on a tea and play destiny 2 (it's shit I know)
  7. Golden Kamuy

    I also love how they constantly refer to Ainu culture and terminology but I'm not sure if the info is authentic its super mature but also wacky and off the top. You can't fit this series on a genre
  8. Golden Kamuy

  9. Uratarou

    I liked part 1 when uratarou decided to give a shit about chiyo and all those shock images that made you go wtf existed there. I hate happy go lucky uratarou that acts like a makeshift luffy and that reprehensible bitch that follows him
  10. Uratarou

    Part 2 sucks imo. Part 1 was where it's at
  11. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    Sorry I got hit with prior engagements which forced me to bow out
  12. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    greasy thug pc thug goat for now (need to learn link) mostly on weekends
  13. Some Organizational Changes

    Keep the manga forum tho
  14. Almost got jumped; buying a gun.

    That was quite a frightening experience. I got jumped once by 3 people for my ygo cards and ended up bloody and bruised. Stay protected bro
  15. The Plural of Cactus