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  1. Also if it means anything galan is the oldest commandment and graylord is the youngest
  2. Fraudrin funny that his power level is exactly 10 times gowthers
  3. Ban is the 2nd weakest of the sins according to a databook I'm unable to post due to being on mobile and heading to work in terms of power level: 1. Escanor 2. Meliodas 3. Merlin 4. King 5. Diane 6. Ban 7. Gowther as for the commandments 1. Zeldris 2. Estarossa 3. Dolor 4. Monspiet 5. Derriere 6. Gloxinia 7. Graylord 8. Merascylla 9. Fraudrin 10. Galan (this surprises me lol)

    It's very clear people are still sleeping on this like I don't believe any of you guys
  5. Haven't done this in a while but the latest chapter deserved a response http://kissmanga.com/Manga/Imawa-no-Kuni-no-Alice In short, it's a typical survival horror/action series but it's honestly really good. The series starts out quite fast by showcasing a million ways to die depending on the type of game being played but slowly lets the characters develop revealing their goals, ideals and disposition, sad part is that like Akame Ga Kill, you shouldn't get attached to characters too much. The difficulty of the games are organized by playing cards ranging from the lowest card A, to the highest card K with 4 different suits specializing in a certain trait that's required to pass the game. Spades for Physical, Diamond for Intelligence, Clubs for a combination of Spade and Diamond that also encourages teamwork and Hearts for Psychological. on top of the regular chapters, we're introduced to side chapters where side characters get the limelight instead of the MC and some of them are quite good
  6. So big mom takes 2 months lifespan from citizens them infuses those souls in inanimate objects/animals, does that mean those souls die off after 2 months? What's her purpose in doing this?
  7. also it's their game, it would be humorous if someone tried to sue the pokemon company for "jacking" their idea
  8. this chapter was typical bleach
  9. this chapter was typical bleach
  10. usable if u wanna grab the darklord reborn card, especially when discarding superbia with it seems like a one of at best
  11. There's been worse, much worse. This series covered most loose ends that it becomes passable also this series was at least given ample time to close out the manga and managed to not fuck up as much as toriko
  12. It's ending next week WE DID IT BOYZ
  13. mister bui