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  1. i assume u use android, I hope you got backup
  2. Factory reset phone? did you use the official App Store when dling it or outside of that?
  3. happy...valentines?
  4. just picked up Jagaaaaaaan! I MAKE 180000 YEN PER YEAR!
  5. This would depend on your upbringing. Usually if you value your family it's because you went through a combination of positive and negative experiences that ultimately proved to be beneficial to you. By definition family entails a stronger bond between people much more than your best friend so if you don't feel that way, move on. Also answering your question, family is not an illusion. It's actually real
  6. Prez aka Victor Nolan U N D I S P U T E D
  7. P-E-N-I-S B-L-A-C-K A-N-A-L D-I-C-K I honestly can't get enough of her, I started losing my shit when those disciples showed up
  8. http://kissmanga.com/Manga/Fire-Punch this Is probably the most fucked up and ridiculous manga I've ever read and I can't even help but love it despite containing multiple plot directions, pop culture references and a chapter dedicated to eating ass. It originally starts out as a dark tragedy built on revenge but everything hits a 180 when the secondary protagonist appears
  9. You got it
  10. Toronto and Vancouver are ridiculously expensive to live and the amount of taxes you have to pay will eat your wallet I live in Calgary right now and while the nightlife isn't exciting, it's a peaceful city with a great view of the Rocky Mountains. Also the stampede occurs every summer and it attracts lots of people also I've lived in Edmonton for like 5 months and bailed hard so take that as you will
  11. D-Bros985 opt in
  12. Aside from the homosex thing, this reminds me of Nafe (may he rest in piece) its a good time to tell Markus to straighten the fuck up before it's too late