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  1. Pepsi, lots of pepsi
  2. Sup [REDACTED] Good to see you're still kicking around bro
  3. Cocktease latino anal yell 1000kg?
  4. Needs more milk
  5. ???

    But seriously tho this is dumb lol
  6. ???

    Pepe's face offends me
  7. No lie tho if you guys skimmed the arc v episodes the new gb cards are actual fire. Those fort cards suck tho
  8. chaining mst to an opponents catapult on geartown is dirty tho
  9. shouldn't affect him too much seeing as catapult and mst/twisters don't make it miss timing
  10. oh yeah to answer your earlier question Duke, them Super Quantum monsters can 1 man xyz summon by using that field spell they got
  11. holy crap i didn't even realize you can use xyz junishis to summon other xyz junishis. damn
  12. i think its special summoning clause is hard OPT so you can't drop 2 bullhorns by using 2 diferent Junishis in the anime, monsters like that exist by treating itself as 2 xyz materials, but of course get changed over here to simply special summon another copy so yeah it's the first