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  1. Well the manga is literally in its final chapters I have no idea of the anime but I reckon there'll be like 1-2 seasons left
  2. The original was a 1940s cartoon called pigs is pigs
  3. Wait till it becomes a holo in some turbo pack
  4. And a shaddoll fusion that instantly sets up the melodious lock. Not a fan of zuzus deck but damn
  5. I never even heard of it this shit is low key as fuck
  6. "Since 2012" damn
  7. Hai...kyuu?
  8. It's more carefully crafted than burning abyss or kozmos that's for sure. Subterror feels like UA
  9. Alohan dug trio is pretty much the 3 stooges albeit curly having more hair than normal
  10. Pretty sure it's a vocal minority if anything but I agree for the sake of the "tournament" it should cater to tcg play whats the eta on salvation being rolled out?
  11. Not nearly as awesome but sweet. Toadally sweet
  12. you know...if they really wanted to pun it up while staying true with the jpn punplay, they should've called it Toadally Sweet
  13. Toadjam (& Earl)