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  1. Weiss Schwarz

    you can mix d2 with older disgaea stuff   that is, if you can find said older disgaea stuff huehuehue
  2. Weiss Schwarz

    HotC opened up an official nofunallowed forum   http://www.heartofthecards.com/forum/
  3. Weiss Schwarz

    jello   the only store with promos around here is a month behind on promos so we don't get them until next month
  4. Weiss Schwarz

    i keep it updated because it's the only program available at the moment with almost every card   but yeah it's a piece of shit I don't even play on it that much anymore
  5. Weiss Schwarz

    That came off as being posted by someone in his locals/area to me   And nigga if I wanted to bring heat I'd post that shit in Foreign
  6. Weiss Schwarz

    calm yo tits I'm rather skeptical of that claim myself which is why I haven't posted it to any of the communities with more traffic, but the fact that someone made that claim can mean several things ( I'll leave you to decide what those are). That last sentence was uncalled for unless you know who was posting for sure which you don't
  7. Weiss Schwarz

    /vg/, we have a WS/CFV general there
  8. Weiss Schwarz

    I don't know how true this is but yeah.
  9. Weiss Schwarz

    >drop quintet get enough for 2 to pass get double critted   AND THIS IS WHY QUINTETS ARE SHIIIT   and dammit that ilya/shana article missed one of the best cards in the entire set period
  10. Weiss Schwarz

    team i didn't buy any because i didn't watch it here   salt
  11. Weiss Schwarz

    where's muh red burn trigger   give it a minus soul icon as a "demerit" too to balance it ;)
  12. Weiss Schwarz

  13. Weiss Schwarz

    I posted my deck last page you're gonna have to figure out what those foil alt arts are to get my list though hue   Need to add a third MEIKO but those are impossible to find as foil so I'm playing 2 for now     I'll tell you this now. People in the Weiss Community have the most severe case of the cuddles ever in terms of sharing decklists. I feel like the Weiss community is made largely of people who quit Yugioh/MTG/etc because they were tired of "netdecking." The best chance you'll have to find lists is on the Japanese Weiss site. Otherwise, I'm sure the people here will be willing to share lists with you. Weiss is a game where there really aren't that many "correct" card choices though (at least not to the extent of YGO where your deck is DRAGONS DRAGON SUPPORT CARDS RETURN SIXTH SENSE and like 5 personal techs) so I don't really encourage straight-up copying decklists either.  There are weaker builds of every single series but they'll still win because you can play climax turn field upsidedown in any deck
  14.   Don't forget "What do you mean, what's my Stand"