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  1. Photography

    Some photos from last week:
  2. Dexter season 5

    I guess Deb will find out about Dexter and Lumen being killers in the season finale
  3. Dexter season 5

    Best episode so far imo, and Astor's friend was rly hot
  4. Dexter season 5

    oh shit, getting tight lol
  5. Dexter season 5

    E7 was insane, especially the club scene
  6. Dexter season 5

    6 was great
  7. Dexter season 5

    Quinn is getting rly annoying lol
  8. best season finale?

    My favorite was Dexter S1 so far
  9. Dexter season 5

    5th Episode sounds very promising
  10. Dexter season 5

    I don't really like the way they ended first episodes
  11. Dexter season 5

    So the first episode was pretty interesting but expecting more from the next ones..maybe I shouldn't have read spoilers lol
  12. Age of Empires Series

    Patel, who were you in AoM ESO? The only really good Canadian guys I know were Ro and Magic (that I can think of right now) BTW, the new 'Age of' game was announced today: Age of Empires Online, it's an RTS/MMO hybrid I think, but looks too cartoonish :/..still I hope they will change the models for the units
  13. Dexter

    agree +S5 will be awesome
  14. BlueSolution is my favorite Invisionfree skin :-,
  15. Battle of the Legendarys

    Sater's sister
  16. Aion Online Discussion

    Well I'm not really sure if it's a server or a clan or whatever, but he said ''Eternal Sorrow''
  17. Aion Online Discussion

    A good friend of mine plays this and got lv 17 yesterday hehe, you could add him: Champ
  18. if you're black

    Wasn't it supposed to be a luxury ship? What rich white guy wants his shit stolen while on a vacation? Also, there weren't rappers then, none of "ya'll" could afford it. Sorry we can't all use sticks to push around our canoes. Noone trusts a slave enough to give them a gun to fight "alongside" them in a war. And our TVs. The white "women" you guys "steal," we don't want back anyways. gg
  19. yugiohs