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  1. SCG Richmond Standard Open - Jan 28/29

    I will not be going to this event. Work schedule changed. I will be at regionals the following weekend though. Best of luck to everyone else going.
  2. Constructed Standard Discussion

    What's better than a Gideon on curve? A Gideon on Turn 3.
  3. itt Post your 2017 Grammys Predictions

    I don't know much about the majority of the groups/artists nominated, but I do know that the Best Metal Performance should really go to either Gojira or Periphery (The Way the News Goes is easily in my top 5 songs of the year), and I'm almost thankful David Bowie will win the best rock performance just by virtue of being dead and keep that godawful Disturbed cover of Sound of Silence from just being handed the award. I also think Gojira and Blink-182 put out considerably better albums than Weezer in the Best Rock Album category.
  4. Wonderful

    Does Lysandre not do enough to help deal with Garb? I was drawn more towards this simply because it doesn't require multiple Shaymin. I'm not trying to kill my wallet when there's only two or three local events for this game in my area a month. My other option was Greninja, which also loses hard to Garbodor and the new Giratina that comes out in a few weeks.
  5. Wonderful

    I know this has been up for a while with no discussion, but I'm curious how well this has performed for you with only two of the non-ex Volcanion and no way to tutor for it? Given that Target is selling Volcanion Tins for $10 this weekend, and most of the rest of the deck is cheap, I was looking into making it so I could start playing in local tournaments.
  6. Pokemon Sun and Moon

    It's no shiny, though that was my goal, I was also ally-chaining last night and caught this big ugly bastard.
  7. Pokemon Sun and Moon

    This is the first game I've actually played (remakes aside) since Gen III and I am really enjoying the new structure. I also like that it's challenging without being too punishing. My team is super soft to certain types, but I've never had a battle that felt straight-up unwinnable, except maybe that one time an Alolan Raichu nearly swept me.
  8. Clinton Rally Organizing intern 1: "Which way should we make the press sit at this rally?

    Intern 2: "How about facing the sun? Give em something to stare at whether they want it enough"

    All (except us) Brilliant


    (I may be blind(er) than I was when i got here today)

    1. SSJ Grumpig

      SSJ Grumpig

      they have this amazing new invention called "sun cheaters" some fella named foster is hawking down at the boardwalk

    2. Darthflaw


      I know. I usually bring a hat, which does just fine when I know I'm outside but I was under the impression the rally was going to be inside, so I left it in the newsroom. 



  9. Florida Regional Championship Oct 15-16th

    Since it's sort of exploded in popularity after this regional, has anyone found any kind of tech to deal with the vileplume toolbox deck? I've been playing Megamewtwo and it's basically unwinnable once they stick a regice or a glaceon to the board.
  10. Florida Regional Championship Oct 15-16th

    Can you post your list, or at least what you have to combat garbodor? Outside of going Lysandre, Vs Seeker it back I've had a miserable time beating that card, and that has given people enough time to just power up a beater and start racing ahead of me. I've only been playing a few weeks, and only online, but Greninja v Volc is always a lot closer than I think it should be. I think I have a positive win rate against it so far, but because you have to evolve so many times to start doing anything, I"m never as far ahead as the type advantage seems to indicate I should be.
  11. Florida Regional Championship Oct 15-16th

    I can't make this regional, but is there a place online to find other events like it in the future?
  12. Constructed Standard Discussion

    I'm heading to SCG Richmond this weekend, and have access to either the humans deck or the UR Burn deck. I'm honestly not sure which is better positioned at the moment. Has anyone been consistently playing the format that could possibly shed some insight? I've been testing on MODO for the last couple days with both, and keep getting shuffler'd by the program (the mulls to 5 are real) and just playing poorly in general. Sequencing is at the top of my list of things to work on.
  13. sgdq 2016

    I'm admitting a strong bias here because Catherine is one of my favorite games of the last console generation, but the Catherine co-op run by Ghoul02 was actually a lot of fun to watch. I missed most of the runs this year due to work conflicts, so I'm slowly grinding through the archive of stuff I want to see.
  14. Eldritch Moon Spoilers

    I can't wait to use this to flicker Reflector mage
  15. Updated Forbidden & Limited List

    Doesn't instant fusion just now read  "pay 1000 life points, gain control of target creature until end of turn. During your end phase, destroy that creature"   You can only make rank 1s with it, only synchros for 1 level, and it locks your entire team from the battle phase unless you clear the TER before then. It's definitely a card, but nowhere near Brain Control level. Would be pretty sick in Monarch if Monarch could have an extra deck though (and maybe they can now with dracopals theoretically gone?), and being able to recur it is pretty sick.   I'll admit to being way out of date on my yugiohs, so I didn't mean to imply that it was any good, but doesn't IF destroy whatever you summon in the EP and don't the rules say if a card is sent to the grave so is it's equipment?   Yeah, I'm just saying it's closer to a Smashing Ground that eats your battle phase than Brain Control, since there is so little you can do with a TER sitting on your side of the board.   Ah. I see your point.