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  1. Don't judge me but...

    Don't judge me but I've wasted a bunch of class time looking for things I forgot in a previous class.
  2. League of Legends

      I imagine it'll be a bit difficult to make all the searches on time before they make calls (because apparently honor is a thing, or maybe it's because I'm Silver). Bigger problem is where you are in draft and you're 4th/5th pick - sometimes you can't really do anything about it. If you feel that way, the best option is to dodge.
  3. League of Legends

      It happens. Keep trying.
  4.   Pls Mega Amphy LEARN LE DRACO METEOR ;~;
  5. League of Legends

      Kayle doesn't clear that fast though. E's area of effect but it requires some items to be effective. Also Q drains mana early game making it hard to jungle creeps early game after blue buff's gone.
  6. League of Legends

      RITO HAS ANSWERED US   #manlysupport2k14
  7. League of Legends

      D: Isn't she perfectly fine as is? :/
  8.   You forgot to say "Make sure you all subscribe, b*tches"
  9. League of Legends

      omg I love this   Manly and a defender of poros. Do want.
  10. XYZ Gadget 2.0

    Well, if you're planning to use Soul Charge, 9 Gadgets is probably the way to go - it's like an ultimate offering of sorts all by itself, you can't pass up getting all the gadget searches for fortress fodder. Rank 4s are also decent at controlling the board as well *cough* Exciton *cough*
  11. League of Legends

      "The disciple has surpassed the master"   Is ok, reminds me of the time I went mid against a plat zed. Oh god that was awful.
  12. League of Legends

      ...Well, it happens. And I'm sure I'm not the first to tell you that. Keep trying :(
  13. League of Legends

      The adc's job is to do as much damage as he can without getting himself mauled by everyone else. Everyone else's job should be trying to mauling the enemy adc/AP carry.   ...At least that's what I've gathered up from reading stuff online.
  14. Blackwings (the right way)

      RIP in peace. Yes, "in peace" for emphasis.
  15. League of Legends

      If you ever want some help I'm always willing. As long as you are WILLING to learn and not justify things. Add me in game. I love helping out =]    Fizzted Thanks mate, I'm in euw though. Think you're on na from your lolking? One more question, how do you guys deal with people calling for ganks when they've pushed their lane too far, don't understand that you're ganking other lanes, or they're too low health to actually force a gank through? Had that problem a lot on a couple of games recently, so much so that when I ignored them since there wasn't a gank on, they left lane (both bot) and farmed jungle, let their towers get destroyed, didn't buy sights time etc. I'm having a hard time seeing how to deal with ragers/trolls, if you give them what they want it's a sub optimal use of your time, if you don't give them what they want then the game could go from your team completely. I played Evelyn for a couple of game recently and can see how you can carry on her relatively easily, but it wasn't enough to pull that game I mentioned above through.   snowball a different lane. those kind of people typically will either rage/feed/troll if behind or if they are ahead will throw harder than an NFL quarterback   would you really trust them with buffs/extra gold? if you go to their lane to gank, be selfish and take the kills and carry.      now if they were competent teammates and didnt bitch and moan then by all means be a team player and give them what that want. but spoonfeeding peoplel like that doesn't make them better; it just gives them an opportunity to throw   Again, if you can't trust others, trust yourself. League is the kind of game where you can possibly win all by yourself just by taking objectives and shoving lanes.