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  1. http://youtu.be/Gn1ObQWKm80 Ps. Haven't posted here in ages....feel proud allen c.
  2. ARGCS Des Moines, IA

    should be fun
  3. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Any streams?
  4. Yu-Gi-Oh! Players I would fuck

    I dont even know what to think right now.....
  5. Dueling Network

    Why would the server be unable to connect lol?
  6. whoever posted the xbox live thing ur a dirty man...... So I'm oldskool DGZ heres chicks fb https://www.facebook.com/aksantillan?fref=ts   Thirst away
  7. NAWCQ Report

    Great to see ya again bud, don't forget about our bet either!! btw goodjob bumkins
  8. Dueling Network

    disregard im retarded
  9. Dueling Network

    So since I'm mad tired of playing trashy players, please if you're playing now message me ColtonT I need real testing.
  10. April 6&7 Ycs San Diego

    Dan is a nice guy so if you're to his approval I'd take him up on it! ( I was Adams friend who stayed with you on Thursday of Nats in MN)
  11. People don't forget, I guess.
  12. actually it's my dead sister but neat
  13. if anybody cares

    Yes tears are flowing, and they're salty. Nah go eat a dick.
  14. if anybody cares

    What the actual fuck....no way in fucking hell