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  1. Fusion Conscription:     Red-Eyes Fusion:   Would I be permitted to activate Red-Eyes Fusion after Fusion Conscription? My logic is that because the summoned monster is not named "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" until it enters the field, Conscription doesn't affect it, but I'd like to be sure about this.
  2. Maps

    You can preload maps so that all you need is a GPS connection: http://appleinsider.com/articles/12/10/05/apples-new-ios-6-maps-support-automatic-offline-use-for-a-wide-area   Alternatively you can use an app: http://maps.me/en/features   The app might be better because it although Maps caches map vector data, I'm not sure that it actually performs routing unless you cache that too before your trip.
  3. Looking for a new Messenger Bag

    I've found Chrome Citizen bags (http://www.chromeindustries.com/) to have a nice, durable design. They're mainly used by bike riders, but they fit pretty well in everyday use as well. The fabric is incredibly durable and rip resistant while the interior is completely waterproofed; a lot of my friends have had theirs for 5+ years.   The only problem from what you're looking for is that the bag fits flush to your back (much like a backpack). I'm not sure how much you're worried about theft outside of tournaments, but opening the bag hastily is a very loud event that you'll definitely notice. 
  4. Defusion

    When a Fusion Monster is summoned from the Graveyard, it is not considered as having been Fusion Summoned (much like how Brionac cannot return a Dante revived by Cir to the hand); therefore, if the materials are in the grave, they cannot be special summoned.  
  5. Latin American WCQ Mat

    Recent post from the Judge group:   For all the people wondering... This is a mat for National Championships. It will not also be a Regional mat. I believe the same mat is being used for Latin American Nationals and European Nationals.
  6. Custom Mats

    Mat printers usually print at 300dpi, whereas that image is most likely 72dpi (web standard).   Ideally you'd print at 300dpi, but that leads to ridiculous image sizes like 7200x4200 (24"x14"). The best I've been able to get away with before noticeable blur is 150dpi (3600x2100).    For something like the MMBN image you have there, some trickery in Photoshop will let you resample it to up about 150% (~110dpi), but after that the image will begin to blur.   A reverse image search tells me that the image was actually published in a Rockman EXE book (Complete Official Works): http://shootingstar-rockman.blogspot.com/2009/12/exe-ocw-gallery.html   My recommendation is that you find a copy or get someone who has one to scan the image for you, but that's all a matter of how badly you want the image done. Otherwise, I don't think it's possible to have your image printed without some sort of blur.
  7. Nailing a Job Interview

    Second this book, it helped all of my EE/CS friends through their second and third rounds. 
  8. Premium Gold: Return of the Bling

    I got 2 Chains in 15 packs, but only 1 Parallel Twister. I also didn't manage to complete a set of secret-gold anything, but I got 2 of most cards (including Dark Matter). It doesn't feel like Dark Matter was short printed from my pulls.
  9.   Wait, people weren't doing this in the first place?   I thought what would occur is that both players put their (supposedly) single Djinn on the table, but one of the players sides in another copy unbeknownst to the other player. 
  10. dBpoweramp handles FLAC to Apple lossless and basically every other file format under the sun.
  11. New Goat Format War League

    Iddeha beat me 2-0.
  12. New Goat Format War League

    Won 2-1 against Naimeo.
  13. BA monsters vs traps

    I don't want to make a new thread for my question, since it's greatly related to this one.   If I summon Graff alongside a Mathmatician, does the opponent have the ability to Karma Cut the Graff or PWWB the Math such that the Graff will not self-destruct, or does the continuous effect apply immediately?
  14. Dragon Ruler - Discussion

    A quick note - you would lose life points from Soul Charge because One Day prevents LP damage, not simply losing LP.
  15. Philly Regionals 2nd place Tournament Report

    At the beginning of the report, you stated that your opinion on Astral Force has changed - could you elaborate? Additionally, was the use of Caius over Raiza because of Super-Polymerization, or for other reasons? Caius is absolutely ridiculous for me in the mirror when both players would sit behind sets and/or have Flying "C" on board.