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  1. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    I don't get why people aren't playing majesty's fiend. The level at which it disrupts Kozmo and Water seem too good not to play. Plus if you have return/escalation set up it's quite disruptive.
  2. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    When people are playing Quantums, if you tribute blue for red, do you use red effect to add blue to hand? Seems better than putting it back in deck so you don't draw it.
  3. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    Would like to learn a thing or two about this format.   DN - Whooping Fart Balls
  4. I'll be there.    Also, I'm looking for gigavise stuff, can buy.
  5. Should I get rid of my Rainbow Kuriboh's now? I have 3 and I don't think they will get any better any time soon, I mean the only application I could - possibly - see with it is if we don't get Electromagnetic Turtle for Shaddolls (and even then I don't think it would be used). 
  6. YCS Paris April 26-27

    Illegal for main event. Legal for side events.
  7. [spoiler][/spoiler]   The only time I see him on he doesn't respond...
  8. The Official Wrestling Thread

    http://huzlers.com/undertaker-losing-wrestlemania-30-mistake-says-wwe-owner-vince-mcmahon-brock-lesnar-changed-script-will-fired/     I found this and legitimately died. 100% bullshit.
  9. DN: !Minty_Ice_Cream! Time Zone: GMT +0 Contact: DGz PM
  10. DG Live 15: April 2014 TCG

  11. New(ish)-Age Engines

    Isn't there an artifact one? The trap and Moralltach?   EDIT: I'm fucking dumb.