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  1. Arg Las Vegas December 12-13

    YCS San Mateo had 1220 players in October of 2013. YCS Jose in October of this year  had 952 players.   It is a 30 min drive between San Mateo and San Jose. San Mateo was dragon ruler format which would  think would also scare off some of the casual players as well. Yugioh is a lot less popular than it once was and probably will continue to slowly decline.
  2. Arg Las Vegas December 12-13

    The last ARG Vegas (2014) was 350ish players and this one was only 140. Pretty much shows where yugioh is heading. 
  3. Mask Heroes

    Rivalry of Warlords is another card to consider over black horn. It wrecks RB and has applications in other rouge matchups. I rather run floodgate type cards over single use cards like blackhorn.
  4. Shaddoll - Discussion

    This card is actually not even that good.  Too many times in testing my opponent just Dante + Giga over his sorry ass.
  5. Shaddoll - Discussion

    I've done something similar with 2 sinister shadow games.
  6. Shaddoll - Discussion

    I mean I will gladly mention then that straight up drawing dad or dumping eclipse in early game can just straight up win you the game a lot of the time.
  7. Shaddoll - Discussion

    DAD just steals so many games its such a powerful card. Probably the main reason Jordan and Parker manage to be ahead of the other LS shaddoll builds and securing top 16 slots last weekend.
  8. Shaddoll - Discussion

    Because clearly running an amazing card that puts monster in grave for the mini dragons is a bad idea. Yeah um, milling those monsters from the deck into your grave is free advantage.  Over-emphasising the long term gas issue in a card game like Yugioh where most duels rarely enter any sort of late game is just one of the most common mistakes novice players make, "I have to run these late game cards so I can have plays on turn 10," easily one of the most frequent mistakes bad players make.     Most games of Yugioh are based around not getting wrecked in the early game and being prevented from setting up.  Like, the biggest reason you run mini dragons is fast advantage that is independent of the normal summon and gives you the ability to apply more pressure in a single turn, as well as being recurring combo pieces, and brigade provides fast setup FOR the mini dragons.     Cutting it seems absurd in Lightsworn and Mathematician w/o artifacts.  Like even in math builds, I feel you HAVE to run 1 brigade 2 lyla because otherwise the light monster count is just too fucking low, and 5-6 dedicated normal summons is the right amount.     It's the fact that Charge is a monster itself just puts it over the top though. It the same reason no one wanted to run 3 Armageddon Knight 2 Rota. 2 Lyla and 3 Raiden with a charge just feels so shitty in the amount of normal summons.
  9. Shaddoll - Discussion

    Twilight and Chaos Dragons seemed to manage just fine if you look at past history. You even have cards like Daigusto emerald and soul charge in 2014 to help control it.         Soul charge, flaco, maybe emeral if you have room.    Completely ignoring the fact that people also run Chaos Sorc, BLS, 2-3 white dragons.
  10. Shaddoll - Discussion

    Have you seen a vintage twilight deck? They had far less ways to adjust graveyard than LS shaddolls. 
  11. Shaddoll - Discussion

    Twilight and Chaos Dragons seemed to manage just fine if you look at past history. You even have cards like Daigusto emerald and soul charge in 2014 to help control it.
  12. Shaddoll - Discussion

    I've cut charge of the light brigade. It adds to the monster clog problems and when it mills Shaddolls it makes your deck burn out way too fast without even getting their effects. Foolish is much better card to get out of the early game. Eclipse DAD is pretty insane. often times I make emerald to control my dark count aswell as the added benifit of makeing shadow games and fusion have targets late game. I run a ratio of 3-2 white and black dragons, the constant advantage it allows with Raiden is too good while controlling DAD count. I opted to cut sorc, tbh the card is really not that great and adds too much inconsistency. You never get a chance to banish dante due to downerd and hell you will be lucky to banish a contruct if your opponent played incorrectly. Core has been amazing against the BA matchup. For many reasons people have explained.
  13. Shaddoll - Discussion

    Do you mostly skip over battle and only get aggressive once you've cleared all backrow?   Yes, for the most part. You will know when to be aggressive with attacking with Leo and when not to.
  14. Shaddoll - Discussion

    Basically against BA, I just try to rush the safest possible Leo drop and win the game from there. 
  15. Shaddoll - Discussion

    With Super poly going to one, it makes it much harder to recur shaddoll fusion vs Burning Abyss due to their traps. A lot of the times when they would karma cut or pwwb you could chain super poly to rid their monster while getting fusion back. To help remedy this problem I think shaddoll core needs another look. When shaddoll fusion for construct dumping core from the deck with construct effect allows you to immediately retrieve fusion back. Let's face it when fusioning against BA them shits are not gona make it to grave.