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  1. Need book recommendations

    Catch 22 seems to be fucking awesome. Thanks!
  2. Need book recommendations

    I just finished reading "1984" by George Orwell. In all honesty, it is the best book I have read. I usually do not read novels, but this one very much hooked me. I would like to know if any of you could give me some recommendations on what to read next.    Other books I have read and enjoyed: Animal Farm The Outsiders Usmaíl La Charca
  3. Thy Surface (my solo project)

    Thank you!    For the record, what do you feel is off about the vocals? The vocals are actually what's gotten the best feedback, so, I am curious as to what you think should be improved. :)
  4. Thy Surface (my solo project)

    http://soundcloud.com/thysurface   This is a solo Atmospheric/Ambient Black Metal project I've been working on. This is for all you Metal fans.
  5. Death Metal Band Logo

    We actually don't. We still aren't done with writing the last song of the EP (5th). But, soon, we will record.   And we honestly do not care about having an unreadable logo.
  6. Death Metal Band Logo

    Being completely sincere, I think we are actually really awesome. We combine Technical Death Metal with elements of Black Metal and Brutal Death Metal.  Our lyrics are philosophical and existential topics.   An idea of what my band mates and I agreed on for the logo:   something like that should be nice.   The band name is "Maimed".   This is a rehearsal video: https://fbcdn-video-a.akamaihd.net/hvideo-ak-ash2/v/t43.1792-2/1980986_229526973905584_1498935311_n.mp4?oh=9cc282a6adacd946bf49f4f6e6c5006d&oe=53484345&__gda__=1397245527_84dfeacf36579f6493c0f415057e85b6
  7. Death Metal Band Logo

    So, I'm in a Death Metal band that needs a logo. I'm posting here to see if anyone is willing to design one for me. I honestly have nothing to give but credit. We are expecting to become popular in the Metal scene, so I guess that's something else for motivation.   If anyone here believes they can do it, then just send me a PM or let me know in this thread, and I will explain the details.   EDIT: An idea of what my band mates and I agreed on for the logo: something like that should be nice. The band name is "Maimed".
  8. Inzektor - Discussion

      Yeah, this isn't how you should be trying to solve arguments. You took it the wrong way. I'm just saying that seeing it in action is a whole lot better than just arguing with theory.   Decided to give Hobaning another shot:   I'm going to be testing that.
  9. Inzektor - Discussion

    I strongly disagree with your views.   -The Artifact engine is NUTS. Herbie already explained it, so there is no need for me to do the same. I have no idea why you would even consider it a bad addition; the synergy with the deck is just ridiculous. -I actually believe Inzektors are all about OTK'ing. That's what I believe one should focus on; setting up for your OTK. If I need to dig for my key cards, I have CCD and Duality for that which is more than enough. Upstart is definitely not needed at all and it can actually fuck up your game due to not being able to OTK when you want to. Reckless is fine, but it also isn't necessary. -I'm playing Roar just in case I run into a Tiras or GB's. It does the same thing I'd want Waboku to do, so I honestly don't see the problem in using Roar. -Imitation? Inconsistency? That doesn't make any sense.  SIX level 2 targets five level 3 targets You just don't make any sense to me. Imitation has been standard in most people's inzektor decks for a long while before anyone even put Reckless. It's barely ever dead.     Allow me to clarify that these are only my opinions, which, have been built by more than a year of experience with this deck. I'm not saying you're wrong, you just don't make any sense to me with what you're saying.   Anyway, I'd be happy to play against you on DN with my list. That way, you can REALLY see what I'm talking about.
  10. Inzektor - Discussion

      i love the inclusion of the artifact engine.  i have no idea why some people aren't using insect imitation. it's just perfect here.  i don't like upstart goblin in inzektors. never have. i like making completely sure i'm going to otk. besides, 3 cardcar and 3 duality is enough for me to grab my stuff.
  11. I wanna see you be brave

    I made something like this a while back   star drawing is too good in decks like these
  12. My First DMT Experience

    @JJ Snatch: That is fucked up.
  13. My First DMT Experience

    trip lasted about 15 minutes.   and i've never done acid, so idk.
  14. My First DMT Experience

    I don't even know where my friend (retired 65 year old psychiatrist haha) got it. Apparently, it's expensive as fuck.    And if you believe you are strong-minded enough, you should definitely try it if you ever get some.
  15. My First DMT Experience

    You would know almost immediately if your trip was bad. The sense of being overwhelmed is normal, but it fades if you just kind of take it in stride. I've actually heard that its better not to smoke while taking psych drugs cause it can hinder the experience and give you more a feeling of just being high than actually immersing you into another world. Good to know it all worked out though. I've tripped quite a few times on shrooms and acid, but never got a chance to actually try dmt. I've only heard amazing things about it though. it is the best experience i've ever had. no doubt about it.