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  1. Zoodiac - Discussion

    Just a few things: For Combo #1 - Ramram only summons from graveyard, so you would need to somehow put a Blade in the graveyard for the additional draw, you can't send it with Rat because you need to send Ramram. So the normal Rat (no Fusion Sub) still ends Drident + Emeral and 1 draw. For Combo #3 - the Lunalight Black Sheep can't search Instant Fusion, only "Polymerisation"(Fusion Sub) so that doesn't work.
  2. YCS Prague 2017

    This is this weekend, hype
  3. If you want, I can give Nadhir (GlasgowYGO - Youtube) a shout to maybe make a video on it to increase publicity. He's done coverage on other simulators (YGONetwork, Advanced Duel Shell etc) - i'm sure he would be happy to something on this.

    I'm cool doing that, shoot me a PM when this international shipping thing gets sorted :D
  5. Supertype Discussion - Highlander

    I'm assuming the win condition is exhaust your opponent's threats and then stabilise late-game, drop Alexstraza and finish them with 15 points of burn. The burn can come from your natural in-deck spells or from Antonidas, or whatever board you have at the time. This is all assumption though, I haven't ran into the deck on ladder yet somehow, nor watched it in a tournament, are any streamers playing it at the moment?
  6. Supertype Discussion - Highlander

    Reno Mage seems really cool, it is better at dealing with the aggressive pirate openings of most aggro decks, but sacrifices consistent mid-late game value without Life Tap. I haven't got the dust to craft the Reno Mage legendaries (only been playing 3-4months) - but I did have enough to craft Renolock for this format. Renolock just seems really good across the board, it has a favourable matchup against control decks if you play the Leerroy + Faceless + PO combo, including things like Dragon Priest, and if playing it on ladder I would tech it especially for Aggro, as most of the Ranks 1-5 play seems to be made up of Aggro Pirate Shaman, Pirate Warrior, Dragon Warrior, and Miracle Rogue. Cutting some of the typical late-game bombs for some more proactive cards early game such as Soulfire (which isn't played in some lists), Sunfury Protector, Ooze, and Mistress of Mixtures will strengthen the win-rate against aggro decks, aslong as you survive past T6 (even in cases where you don't have Reno) - you can usually stabilise and win the game from there. The only deck that's currently meta-relevant which destroys Renolock is Jade Druid, its not an unwinnable matchup, you have to try to beat the Jade Druid down, either that or do some sort of silly Brann + Kazakus stuff to make a massive board of health + taunt they can't realistically deal with. I've also heard that Reno-Mage is a bad matchup for Renolock but I have no experience playing against it. I switched to Renolock this season as Pirate Shaman carried me to R3, but at the higher ranks especially you run into either Aggro or decks with anti-Aggro tech and it was affecting winrate.
  7. WATER - Discussion

    I think it's always worth exploring blind 2nd in a format where everyone wants to go first, that being said I had a look at a going 2nd build and it just doesn't beat the standard openings of other decks consistently enough. Like, even when playing the going first variant, and siding 12 cards into a going 2nd variant going 2nd vs ABC/Metalfoes you can't consistently win those games. That's with 3 System Down, 3 Reaper, Twins and Kaijus in against ABC, and too often your openings just don't beat their openings. Same goes for Metalfoes, your removal doesn't always line up well with their openings, i.e. they have Kirin when you have Twins, or they have double Alkahest when you have board clears. The issue with a going 2nd variant is that this deck doesn't grind well, you have one turn to kill them and too many of the boards made going 1st are just really resilient to you dealing 8k through them (Fullmetalfoes/Alkahest, and Buster floating into 4 guys + Traps) - you also open yourself up to Hero boards which are a nightmare to deal with, and you can't realistically OTK paleozoics going 2nd either. Getting to go 1st is just super important this format, even with people maining/siding Maxx C, there are ways to sorta play around it. Your standardish T1 openings should very rarely be worse than double Bahamut double Toad, more frequently there's a Moulinglacia involved and you have so many auto-wins. The reason to play this deck would be that it has as many auto-wins as the other top decks when going 1st, and is able to steal a few G1 wins due to the higher ceiling when compared to something like ABC, in practice I don't believe this deck can be played as a "go 2nd" deck, the Atlantean "kill you"cards were really good a few years ago, but are just super weak this format to almost everything. For what its worth, I'm talking a break till YCS Prague to focus on other stuff, but here was my most recent list if anyone wants to play about, I played it at Bochum and scrubbed, but there was a lot of theory behind the choices and a lot of practice etc. 3 Neptabyss/2 Infantry/2 Dragoons/1 Diva 3 Teus/2 Megalo/2 Pike/2 Gunde/1 Ocea/1 Mander 3 Swap/1 Ronin 3 Aqua Spirit/1 Moulinglacia 2 Gameciel 3 Moray/2 Desires/1 Upstart 3 Instant/1 One for One 1 Abyss-Sphere - 3 Toad/2 Bahamut Dweller/Castel Gaios/Big Eye/Draco Tatsunoko/Quandax/Coral/Gungnir Norden - 3 Reaper/1 Buster/1 Dark Law 3 System Down 3 Typhoon 2 Twin Twisters 1 Megalo/1 Gameciel
  8. "DN is back"

    He got his iPhone stolen by a hooker in Lille last year, shit was so funny.
  9. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    Yeah this is really good, I think it's probably a better MST since it can be used going 2nd to pop both backrow and monsters with Panzer. Not sure if there's space for Thousand-Eyes but that's a neat option too.
  10. YCS Bochum 2016

    This is next weekend, holla at me who's going
  11. The Org article has been edited since, the effect is now a watered down from before: MACR-JP068(?) 常闇の契約書 Tokoyami no Keikakusho (Dark Contract with the Eternal Darkness) Continuous Trap Card (1) While 2 “D/D” cards are in your Pendulum Zone, your opponent cannot target monsters on the field with Spell/Trap effects, nor Tribute monsters on the field for Tribute Summons, nor use monsters on the field as Material for Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz Summons. (2) Once per turn, during your Standby Phase: Take 1000 damage.
  12. Second that, what set is MACR, please let this just be a weird Anime effect.
  13. Would love to make this, but being sandwiched between YCS Bochum and Xmas is just too difficult to make. CCG events are usually a blast as well, I would recommend them to anyone who's on the fence about going.
  14. WATER - Discussion

    Okay I'm dumb ignore my previous post. I like the combo, does Accel ever come up aside from opening Diva?
  15. WATER - Discussion

    That makes more sense, I blanked that Moulin was an 8. The standard Diva + Water combo being Diva > Nepta, send Goons add Goons add Megalo, summon Megalo, search Moulin and sync for Tatsunoko to set-up the 5 in grave. You would then need to have hard-drawn Infantry to be able to make the Accel to send Steam to boost Accel to L8. This seems super situation since you need to hard-draw Diva and Infantry. Are there any other realistic ways where you can make Accel during your combo and it be an optimal play if you do play the Accel + Steam engine? I'm seeing Diva + Marksman makes Accel but you almost always get Nepta/Infantry off your Diva, not sure what else really makes it, Crystron Quandax + Neptabyss? Or is there something I'm missing.