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  1. Gladiator Beast

    Pretty solid build great job. I do have to say what is the purpose of Hoplomus? For the def? Or xyz? idk. And with this format and Meta I believe Fiendish Chain should be mained and not sided. Add Soul Drain, Mental Drain, and maybe Imperial iron wall to side?
  2. Karakuri

      Oh yeah xD I just added that cause I thought the same thing I just took out Heavy storm for it instead cause Solar Wind Jammer is perfect @ 3. It helps with the spam and it's not restricted like Cyber Dragon I can just Special Summon it with no field presence and just start spamming Synchro Monsters like crazy.
  3. Karakuri

    Update to Side Deck   Side: 15   x2 Effect Veiler x1 Maxx C x1 Limiter Removal x2 Night beam x1 Mind Control x3 Soul Drain x3 Imperial Iron Wall x2 Gozen Match
  4. Karakuri

    Honestly, I was thinking about siding in a Limiter Removal cause it does help with the OTK. Maybe take out my side MST for it. Like I said earlier the side was just something that I threw together I really didn't give much thought to it as I probably should have. Given the current meta I should probably re look my extra deck, Though Mostly the Stun kinda helps me with the meta. Since getting first turn Landoise is not a problem at all.
  5. Karakuri

              Monsters: 19   x3 Karakuri Komachi mdl 224 " Ninishi " x3 Karakuri Merchant mdl 177 " Inashichi " x2 Karakuri Ninja mdl 919 " Kuick " x2 Karakuri Soldier mdl 236 " Nisamu " x3 Karakuri Strategist mdl 248 " Nishipachi " x3 Psychic Commander x3 Solar Wind Jammer   Sells: 16   x2 De- Synchro x3 Emergency Teleport x2 Karakuri Anatomy x1 Karakuri Cash Cashe x1 Monster Reborn x1 Dark Hole x1 Heavy Storm x2 Mystical Space Typhoon x3 Instant Fusions   Traps: 5   x3 Royal Decree x1 Solemn Judgment x1 Solemn Warning   Extra: 15   x3 Karakuri Steel Shogun mdl 00X" Bureido " x2 karakuri Shogun mdl 00 " Burei " x1 Ally of Justice Catastor x1 Black Rose Dragon x2 Naturia Beast x1 Naturia Landoise x1 Stardust Dragon x1 Scrap Dragon x1 Wind-Up Zenamines   Side: 15   x1 Maxx C x2 Effect Veiler x2 Thunder King Rai-Oh x2 Gozen Match x2 Droll & Lock Bird x1 Mind Control x1 Mystical Space Typhoon x2 Gozen Match x1 Light-Imprisoning Mirror x2 Dark-Imprisoning Mirror x1 Return From a Different Dimension   I have always loved Karakuri's never really had a love for another deck. This specific build can just spam out level 8 synchro monsters like it's being paid for it. I never really had a issue where I encountered a dead draw or, Drawing all 3 Royal Decrees in first hand. This deck can Stun or OTK whichever I deem to be necessary at the time, though, the side deck was just something I threw together out of time consuming factors. Yes I know Spellbooks won't really be a thing until Jugement Day is released though it does not hurt to prepare which is my Droll & Lock Bird is in there. For Return From a Different Dimension I just put that in there in case I ran into Macro Rabbit or something that removes my cards out of annoyance. Other than that I would love to hear what you guys have to say about see what your thoughts are. Thanks!! :)  
  6. You

    This deck is amazing!!! so awesome. I would say maybe take out 1 Fiendish Chain for 1 more Tenki? I mean you want rabbit asap. Other then that 10/10 keep it up ^^
  7. HA07 Evilswarm Deck April 19th 2013

    I ment main them
  8. HA07 Evilswarm Deck April 19th 2013

    I would say take out the compulse since they aren't really good in this format. Maybe add a DDV for mermails that way you can kill those Divas, Undine, Alanteans, and whatever else. Other than that it looks pretty solid. 

    Honestly I don't think this deck really has anything going for it. It's just very little cards and not much really to do with them. I would wait to see more cards and supports come out for War Gods and then see where it takes the deck.