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  1. I'll look into it. I was planning on pursuing a masters in either Education or Mathematics after I completed my undergraduate degree anyway. I'm definitely leaning more towards Mathematics since I know there are a lot more options open to me afterwards.
  2. Yeah, that was the class. That's really interesting. I had planned on pursuing a pure mathematics degree, but switched over to mathematics education since that was what I had planned on using my degree for anyway. Anyway, good luck in your job hunt!
  3. Are you getting your Masters in Mathematics? If so, what type of career are you planning on getting into? We had a class together last year, but I honestly don't know what you'd ever use that for unless you were going into the education field (and even then, that's quite a stretch).
  4. WCQ Mats

    Has it been confirmed that the Dracoslayer mat is the top cut mat? I would think that it's the entry mat since it says "Promotional Item" on the bottom right hand corner. nvm, apparently the PK one also has "Promotional Item" as well. I don't like that they started putting that phrase on the mats.
  5. ARG Orlando January 2-3 2016

    To be fair to ARG it's not that fair at all to compare how long their rounds take to regional rounds. Regionals people play a lot more casually and a lot more friendly, they have different things going on, even with 300 people you'd expect there to be fewer situations and for everything to go a bit more smoothly.     90 minute round turnarounds are generally part for the course in many events.  11-9 for 8 rounds is not that far off par, regardless of the number of people.  Esp in the coming format, if you have guys making 20 plus plays per turn, as in cards from hand, overlays, pendulum summons, activations, and if they take 30 seconds thinking time for each one, of course you will go over time.     As we hit a super complicated combo format I'd expect every round to have a slow player.       The event ended closer to 10, 9 being a very conservative estimate. That's nearly 11 hours for 8 rounds. That's an average of about 80 mins per round.  I've never been to YCS or Nationals before, so I'll just take your word that a majority of the rounds last 70+ mins, but if it takes you 30 seconds to think of each move you can take (even in a combo oriented format), you obviously don't know your deck well enough to be playing it at a high caliber event. The format isn't as interactive where your opponent has a response to each of your moves. It's more about figuring out how to either set up a board or break a board and then establish your own field to either lock your opponent out of the game or kill them that turn. Most of the matches that went into time just looked to be cases of slow playing.
  6. ARG Orlando January 2-3 2016

    This event was awful. I don't know what was going on, but 8 rounds, start late at like 10:45 am and end at around 9 pm? The previous regionals was 9 rounds and ended at like 7 or 8. There were multiple rounds (a majority) that went over 30 minutes into time, with the most being over 50 minutes. Plus they charged $35 just to get into the venue, even if you weren't playing. I ended up attending, even though I didn't want to, and all of this reminded me why I didn't want to go in the first place.
  7. Arg Las Vegas December 12-13

    The last ARG Vegas (2014) was 350ish players and this one was only 140. Pretty much shows where yugioh is heading.    You're failing to mention that the last ARG Vegas was in March, and this one was in December, a holiday month, as well as some universities still having finals going on.   Hoban said on fb he caught an overnight flight so he can make a final in the morning.   Not everyone can be a master.
  8. Arg Las Vegas December 12-13

    The last ARG Vegas (2014) was 350ish players and this one was only 140. Pretty much shows where yugioh is heading.    You're failing to mention that the last ARG Vegas was in March, and this one was in December, a holiday month, as well as some universities still having finals going on.
  9.   A monster remembers how it was summoned, but not where it was summoned from. So all that book does is make the monster "forget" where it was summoned from. So in the case of Book vs Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon, it would forget that it was summoned from the extra deck, but not that it was xyz summoned.
  10. This isn't an answer, but a related question to yours, if you use Xiangke Magician's pendulum effect on an Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon that was xyz summoned and then use that same Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon as an overlay material for another rank 7, would Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon get its effect to special summon an Odd-Eyes from the extra deck if it was detached as an xyz material? I'm assuming it would work the same way as it would work in your scenario, as the original summon of Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon was initially an xyz summon.
  11. The above standings aren't correct. Those are the ones for after round 10. The site has the wrong ones posted under Standings for Round 11.
  12. Yeah, I'm definitely not looking for a buyer, but I am still interested in knowing the value of the card.
  13. So, my friend picked this up the other day from his locals and he was wondering how rare it is, and also the value on it. For those that don't know, apparently, for MFC, there were two different artworks for Dark Paladin based on the edition. This one is labeled as 1st edition, but the artwork is the one for the unlimited edition. 
  14. YCS Chicago Apr 10-12 2015

    27th was RITUAL BEASTS.   Also, 20th was Burning Abyss.
  15. I agree that 6 rounds isn't enough to decide whether a card is good or not. It sucks that you didn't play more Qlips considering most of the new ideas you bring are geared toward helping with that matchup. I like the Hidden Armory to search out United We Stand, as you mention it is an out to Killer.   However, the point that I wanted to bring up with Lightpulsar is that you seemed to use it as a replacement for Eclipse Wyvern and Dark Armed Dragon, which I'm not completely sold on. It's a cool interaction that Lightpulsar is basically a searchable boss monster (Which wyvern/DAD is) that has the ability to trigger Shaddoll effects, but having an available light/dark in hand for Lightpular in grave doesn't always come up. You can argue that 3 darks in grave aren't always available for DAD, but you can always mod your grave with BLS/White Dragon/Daigusto Emeral. The only way that you can add a light monster to hand is by triggering the Black Dragon search, which you were only running one of.  Another point is that Dark Armed Dragon is a tempo card that just about wins you the mirror. A single special summon on a 2800 body that allows you to destroy at least 3 cards is nuts. DAD lets you clear through big boards if your opp hasn't killed you. Destroying f/d monsters in the mirror is also ridiculous since it doesn't allow them to gain their flip effects (no draw 2, Bounce, ss Construct from grave, search fusion). You also miss out on the play of making Dweller+DAD vs Burning Abyss, which is also game winning. Lightpulsar being only 2500 doesn't even allow you to attack over a defense position Dante. You are losing a lot of the utility that DAD offers by his destruction eff and even attack stats.