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  1. I agree with you, Also, a multi-billion company like konami will never allow this to happen. They can't just take the YuGiOh trademark and make profit out of it. The way players are getting excited in real life about it, is actually very funny.
  2. GenCon 2011 Indianapolis

    Feel much better closing the format with someone decent winning a premier event. Robbie puts in a lot of hard work and it payed off for him. In regards to the 2nd place, well he sucks ass. J/k joe...but not really.
  3. 2011 World Championship Qualifier

    top 4 is three tengu plant and one malefic
  4. 2011 World Championship Qualifier

    japan won = the superior team won am happy with the result
  5. 2011 World Championship Qualifier

    Take it easy Side real, am just going based on all the players that play malefic decks. They are all crap. However, i haven't seen this one yet so am just talking out of my ass.
  6. 2011 World Championship Qualifier

    Tengu plant should take this as it is the best deck and its obv. If the malefic deck wins i will hang quit yugioh for...a week
  7. 2011 World Championship Qualifier

    top 8 is this: tengu/plant mirrror x 2 malefic vs fairy tengu/plant vs tg
  8. 2011 World Championship Qualifier

    There are 5 tengu/plant variants, 1 TG stun, 1 Fairy, and 1malefic crap deck in top 8
  9. 2011 World Championship Qualifier

    This will be all different next format. Am sure KDE will hit some of the broken cards and make this game better. No matter what though, the player base will never be completely satisfied. We complained during teledad format because one deck dominated and we complain now because there are at least 5 top tier decks.
  10. 2011 World Championship Qualifier

    I remember when they were actually skilled players in top 16. How i miss the golden age. I was hoping Anthony Alvarado would win and awake that age again.
  11. Dear Konami,

    if there was ever any hope of konami accepting any future petitions from yugioh players. all chances died with comments like this. you realize your saying "f.. you" to a multi-billion company. am sure they know what they are doing. also, reprints are a good for business. i sell 10 gold plaguespreader zombie cards before i sell 1 original copy. easier/cheaper way of getting main stream cards will aid new players to get into the game. you simply have to adapt to the way konami does their business. i think they are doing a wonderful job.
  12. Analyzing The meta

    the thing with BW MR.PROMETHEUS is that with the addition of breeze and treasure they have now become more of a control build. they can sync a lot easier now and won't rely on drawing dead vayu copies. they can sync bw master easier and he is the hardest synchro monster to get rid of right? plus shura now has one more target with his effect because you never go into gale with shura's effect right, gale is too important to waste like that. you would go into vayu then catastor but now you can go into breeze and then bw master. so more options.
  13. Analyzing The meta

    i would like an example of why deck A beats deck B. not just oh gb loses to bw and this and that. thats not really constructive. cmon guys, you can do better.
  14. Analyzing The meta

    i understand there are more deck doc but as stated on before i will not consider them since they are not tier 0, tier 1 or even tier 2. the decks i mention are simply superior to them in every way so let's move on. however, you did mention synchro cat variants and the reason why i will not consider the deck anymore is because it does not beat infernities, GB, NEW BW, and gets destroyed by DANDY PLANTS.
  15. Analyzing The meta

    So am thinking about a last minute change in plans and strongly considering going to VA. I was looking for some insight on the meta. Let's see if we can work together. List of top decks: DANDY PLANTS INFERNITIES GB BW X-SABERS GADGET/MACHINA VARIANTS Any other deck i don't consider a top deck so i won't even discuss it. so they way i see it is gb can beat dandy plants and infernities based on main deck alone. vs BW i can see them side boarding 3x consecrated light and its GG after that right. x-sabers i don't think too high of but i don't think they can beat any deck that plays infi backfield and removal. GADGET/MACHINA VARIANTS seems to be the only deck GB can have a problem with. lets here it from you guys before i continue with my analysis on the other decks match ups.