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  1. The YGOrganization -[VJMP] Subterror Promo Card

    I don't know man, I think the spyral link monster makes the deck pretty viable. Subterrors blow though which hurts me to say
  2. Spiral Hand Trap Theory

    Thanks for that. Nevermind the above then
  3. Spiral Hand Trap Theory

    I don't know, on paper this deck seems like it's meant for Metalfoes. They can make some big ass normal monsters (Adamante and Crimsonite) to take advantage of the equip spells. They can be brought out with all the normal stuff like Unexpected Dai and searched with painful decision but the nice thing is if you don't open the field spell you still have back-up plans (Alkahest). I think the biggest issue with the water route is you don't have anything big enough to swing over master peace. With the Metalfoe route you have multiple ways to out the master peace with your big normal fusions. You also have metalfoe counters to continuously get back normal summon monsters to summon. Monsters: 15 2 Metalfoes Goldriver 2 Metalfoes Volflame 2 Metalfoes Silverd 2 Metalfoes Steelen 3 Phantasm Spiral Dragon 3 Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit 1 Maxx "C" Spell Cards: 17 3 Unexpected Dai 2 Painful Decision 3 Terraforming 3 Pacifis, The Phantasm City 2 Phantasm Spiral Wave 1 Phantasm Spiral Crash 1 Phantasm Spiral Grip 1 Metalfoes Fusion 1 Fulmetalfoes Fusion Trap Cards: 9 2 Metalfoes Counter 3 Phantasm Spiral Battle 2 Phantasm Spiral Power 1 Skill Drain This is just a rough idea.
  4. Zoodiac - Discussion

    I always felt like hitting the chakanine with ogre was best. They still end with a drident but no fusion sub combo. Hitting the rat (on normal summon if they send) is ok but if they have barrage/instant fusion then you are still SOL. Edit: to add on this. If you hit the boarbow they overlay the rat they summoned from deck make a broadbull search a whiptail (instead of blacksheep) and overlay for drident.
  5. Zoodiac - Discussion

    This deck is one of the only decks that can main 4-10 hand traps and not hurt consistency. It is also one of the easier decks to side with as well because you only have a 7-13 card engine which is then filled with supporter cards. I think it can do fine going second. Between 3 ash blossom, 2-3 ghost ogre, maxx c your going to be ok, then on top of that you can literally side in the kaiju engine for every matchup
  6. These guides are cool content, keep it up
  7. Nevermind answered my own question
  8. So if I have Nemesis Warrior and an XYZ monster can I activate Warrior's effect to send a 4 or lower Subterror to the grave and tribute himself and the XYZ monster? The wording is tricky as it says you need to tribute one other monster as long as the combined levels are greater than or equal to the monster sent by the effect. The question is can you consider the XYZ monster as a tribute when it doesn't have a level even if it is irrelevant. I am assuming you cannot but want to be sure. Thanks
  9. Zoodiac - Discussion

    All I found was this guy That you can make off this guy You can also use leviathan, grampulse, nightmare shark, but I chose this guy cause he has an actual effect without having any materials. but grampulse would be the more obvious choice as you can make it with terrortop as well. The lancer guy is cool as it protects itself from destruction and can pop spell and traps. (helps for not being OTK'd by slumber)
  10. Zoodiac - Discussion

    Yep and a deck in Australia also did well at an event running XYZ universe/XYZ reborn with generation force.
  11. Zoodiac - Discussion

    I had also seen a suggestion of 2 resort 2 SPYRAL super agent. Now this is gimmicky but in a format where full backrow is a thing; a free summonable 1900 Beater that can't be targeted seems kind of cool. Also it helps shuffle back your zoo XYZ monsters keeping a constant stream of broadbull searches and 1 card drident overlays.
  12. So nothing really changes other than zoodiac not being as good as Paleo and Infernoid now.
  13. Zoodiac - Discussion

    Yeah valid argument, although I don't really know any other engine or cards you would want to add to make the deck that big. On second thought you could add the artifact and kaiju engine in, this helps alleviate the lawnmowing problem while also decreasing your chances of drawing your bricks such as scythes, taketomborg or kaiju's. Yep, thanks, my comprehension skills are not what they once were.
  14. Zoodiac - Discussion

    So back to back wins for Paleo, time to switch up priorities? Right now we are probably the most consistent of the top decks but what we have in consistency we lack in power in comparison to Infernoid or Paleo. With that being said I think the main focus of the side should be those two decks. Paleo can out grind us and Infernoid can overpower us early, the lunalight combo gives us a chance against these decks but its not a auto win like it is against the rest of the decks in the meta. So lets look into the options. ***The below will assume running a pure zoo build*** -Artifact Lancia - decent against infernoid and decent against invoked although I think the biggest thing hurting this card right now is the fact it can only be used on your opponents turn. I am not so sure this is a auto include in the side, or even warranted at all -D.D Crow - This has obviously been a topic of discussion here recently. This is very good against Paleo and Infernoid (being able to hit the big noids, paleo's and even lost winds can be very crucial) It is also good against Invoked (being able to banish the invocation can halt the momentum), and of course stops the fusion substitute combo. I know other people in this thread have mixed opinions on this card but I think this is a auto include in the side as either a 2 or 3 of. -Royal Decree - I don't know if I am missing something here or not but this card seems like it could be a blowout against Paleo (Am I missing something?) -Flying C - I feel this card has some merits, yes I know barrage and chalice are a thing that doesn't mean your opponent will always have it. It is probably a decent complimentary card to the other hand traps, I wouldn't play it over the other ones but along side it I think its ok. Mirror Forces (Quaking, Storming, Old School) - I think these cards are solid side choices especially in conjunction with the below card. These out anti meta cards like Vanity's Fiend, El Shaddoll Winda, Crystal Wing, Kagutsuchi, Minerva. I think these are a nice general coverage card Now these last two have both been used but in my opinion not enough players are playing them. Fossil Dyna - This card is such a pain in the ass for any fairytailsnow.dek which also includes 60 card infernoid, very good against Paleo. This should also be a instant side considering it is strongest against our two worst matchups Soul Release - I know Max Reynolds sided this in Seattle and I thought this was an awesome pick, another one of those cards that can be a complete blowout against our two worst matchups. Any thoughts?