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  1. Bolt from the Blue

    It was officially ruled that Stardust/AM and Venominaga cannot SS themself, btw. Their self SS has been deemed only live if properly summoned first.
  2. Dueling Network

    From what I was told about the Org(iirc) Skype Convo, Earl's already done cards 1-50 and they are expected to be up by Wednesday, but hopefully tomorrow.
  3. El Shaddoll Wendigo

    Think of it like a game.   According to the world's programmed lore, such is true.   In actuality, Tierra did it, but lets the residents of the world believe that their understand is true, and that they aren't being manipulated into believing it by Tierra possibly retconning the world.
  4. El Shaddoll Wendigo

    I've actually added very little to the story, beyond the hints that have been dropped by art (Kerykeion's staffs, for example).   The Tierra = El-Shaddoll Nephilim/Construct thing was a theory that was going around for a while, and one of the leakers we had for SECE early on said that Tierra = El-Shaddolls, especially Construct was correct. It is possible that he was incorrect, but he was almost completely correct on everything else bar obvious things, so it wouldn't be strange for it to be true, and it holds up with the story thus far.   Infernoids/Qliphort got a tiny bit of lore from Konami that, along with Assembler, ties them together.   Nekroz and Ritual Beasts were at the same time, but the latter is, again, inferred by the art. The Ritual Beasts are successors to Gusto (See: Kamui, Rampenta), but the beasts themselves dwell in the Naturia Forest (The foliage of the Naturia Forest can be seen in almost every monster card the deck has).   Whenever I was going off of speculation instead of info that we have in some fashion, I used some sort of language to imply so, such as here: "Tierra's forms appear to emulate Sombres and possibly Kerykeion, considering she takes the form of Gem-Knight Lady Lapislazuli, names herself Sehkinaga once she binds to her Apoqliphort Killer (From Shekhinah and Naga), essentially calling herself the one true Serpent Goddess."
  5. El Shaddoll Wendigo

    Sophia wasn't a genuine villain. As the main OS, she kept resetting the "game"/world in order to get a perfect cycle. The only creature to live past this reincarnation is Roach/Exciton, who joined in the fight against Sophia. Tierra is basically unfettered by her opposite now. Instead, she would be free to roam and rule... if not for the
  6. El Shaddoll Wendigo

    The Satellarknights are the heroes, the Yang Zing were entities of balance made by Lazuli/Sombres/Constellarknight Diamond. The Shaddols, led by Tierra (the opposition of Sophia and creator of the Evilswarm/Constellar) are the villains. The Qliphorts are what she, as the "Operating System" or "God" controls, hence Assembler's lore mentioning a "God is not pleased" or w/e backwards and Scout/Tool's lore mentioning Tierra. Tierra's main body is Nephilim/Construct, but all of the El-Shaddolls are her forms. The Yang Zing were corrupted by the shaddolls, as seen in Sinister Shadow Games, where the not-yet-formed Shaddoll Dragon and Midrash/Winda's mount corrupted their original selves to gain a physical form; Suanni (lv 4, FIRE) and Pulao (lv 1, WIND), respectively. They then were bound together into Taotie, the Lv 5 DARK Yang Zing (4+1=5). In addition, Jiaotu is Shaddoll Squamata being worn by and/or controlling Bixi (lv 2, WATER). Yazi is all three corrupted YZ + Shaddoll Squamata's armor combined (2+[1+4]=7). It appears that Constellar Rasalhague, also known as Evilswarm Kerykeion, fell under Sophia's control due to the fact that she created both him and the power he absorbed (Constellar, Evilswarm). This would be why Rasalhague's staff appears in many artworks recently; Corrupting Satellarknight Unkalhai into Squamata, on Squamata, on Jiaotu/Yazi, and a few of them binding Neph/Construct to Apoqliphort Killer/Towers, as seen in El-Shaddoll Shekhinaga. Then let's go bak to the Qliphorts; As said, these were ruled over by Tierra. But, since Kerykeion and Sombres became the new gods, she seems to have lost some ability to do as she pleases in the world. So she sacrificed Gem-Knight Crystal AKA Master Diamond AKA Cairngorgon AKA El-Shaddoll Grystal and used the cores of each of the Gem-Knights used to make Master Diamond (IE every Gem-Knight except for Lapis and Lazuli's sub-species) to fuel and revive the mechs, hence why Grystal is burning up thanks to Shaddoll Core on its art and in the art of Saqlifice. Qliphorts are also named after the Qliphoth, or the opposite of the Sephirot, which you may know from the Time Lords. Where the Time Lords were based on angels and concepts of becomign closer to God (Sophia in DT terms), the Qliphot is what pulls you away from God and holds you down; vices. They represent, in very oversimplified terms, the wickedness of the world. Moving on, we also have the three new contenders; Necroz, Ritual Beasts, and Infernoids. Infernoids are the "fire flood" mentioned in Qliphort Assembler's lore. Tierra ordered their release from their prisons to further her goals (their prison being the Qliphorts she rules over), and are apparently the main antagonist of the SECE section of the storyline, as some overwhelming monsters that appeared out of the blue. And they make sense as the major antagonists, as they can absolutely RUIN Satellars with their playstyle, as they can steadily pick off their advantage and then just laugh in Altair's face with their secondary effects. And these demons were imprisoned in the Qliphorts, as the sources of all these horrible vices.    All three of the antagonists are, at least partially, based in Jewish mysticism. Infernoids technically bleed over into some Christianity with the demons, but start in Jewish Mysticisim.   Meanwhile, all of the Satellars keep Arabic names for the stars they are named after, the YZ are the 9 Sons of the Dragon from China, Sophia is from Gnosticism, and I'm unsure on the two I'm about to cover.   One last thing on Sophia/Tierra is that they're also Operating System names, which is why Scout/Tool and Assembler refer to them as such. The DT is a virtual world. Next we have the Necloth/Nekroz and Spirit/Ritual Beasts. The Nekroz are the remains of the Gishki, and are essentially strange necromancers. Instead of reviving the dead completely, they bring their spirit and form back as armor to enhance themselves, and alter their age as seen in each of the rituals. Not much else to say at the moment, except for the fact that Nekroz Illusion, the third Ritual Spell, appears to have something to do with Lady Brilliant Diamond/Constellarknight Diamond. It is possible that they summoned Sombres/Diamond back to the world to fight the Infernoids, and she came back as both a Constellar and Satellarknight in the same form as Ptolemy.   The Ritual Beasts are the remains of the Gusto working with the the apparent spirits of the Naturia Forest. This can be seen in Elder (who is an old version of Kamui from Gusto) and Rampenta (a grown version of Pilica's baby penguin). It is likely the latter grew spontaneously due to magic.   Pilica is shown to be and stated to be friends with the Level 10 Leo, who watched over the Naturia Sacred Tree. It is likely that, when the Qliphorts were released/Midrash was attacking the forest, Leo (an Ex-Naturia) and Pilica's bond caused a new combination to be born, and that's why we have the Ritual Beasts appearing immediately after the Qliphort. Unsure why the Nekroz are just joining in, but they were likely focusing on bringing back the Goddess of Light.   Finally, there's Wendigo here, who was Ritual Beast Tamer Wen.   Let's start with this from the Org: "Note: Oddly enough, “Wen” is Ainu for “Evil”" So there was a hint that she would be corrupted in the first place. Then Wend-igo sounds like WIND, which is obvious. Also Wendi-go, as in windy. Then Wendigos are evil spirits that became such by devouring other human beings and only continue to do so to fill their always hungry stomach. Likely there's more to this that we'll be seeing soon, that suggests Wen betrayed her companions and was subsequently twisted. The only pic we've seen so far is this:   This shows the shadows taking Wen and Petolphin as Pilica reaches out to her and Lera/Apelion fight off Yazi in the background, and random Shaddolls all around... But that's really all we know about Wendigo at the moment.
  7. Deskbot 003

    Alternatively, you can go: Setup: Dupe and 003 in hand, 001 in grave 003 -> SS 001 Dupe 003 -> SS 2 more 003, SS the other 001 from the grave Have 3 live +2500s and 2 3K Beaters Total ATK on the board: 15000
  8. Fully Charged

    I don't use Microcell, but the rest is similar-ish. Battery charger isn't worth it when you can just run CotH and Soul Charge #3 instead. Soul Charge makes nutty combos with the deck that battery charger can't, and CotH is better overall because it gives you more value with Opp turn 9V. You definitely don't need 2 Dire Wolf, 2 Delteros, or 1 Omega before you run 1 Bujintei Tsukuyomi. It has lots of good plays in the deck, especially thanks to 9V and Soul Charge, and I don't understand why people don't acknowledge it more.    If you're not running Supply Squad, there's really no reason for Dire Wolf at 2. It's great spot removal, but it'd be better as another option as opposed to just more spot removal that the deck's superb at anyways.   Phoenix Wing Wind Blast is also a card I really appreciate in the deck, as you have a lot of excess hands at the end of a lot of turns, and in the case of 9V, you can search a AAA, dump it, and just get it back the next turn. Lots of cards in the deck involve +1ing from the grave, so all it does is help further this goal.   What my TCG build currently looks like is: 3 Ma 3 Pa 3 AAA 3 9V 3 Sea Horse (go between 2 and 3 because 3 can brick a little bit, but it also has decent implications with Soul Charge turns due to the fact it's a Level 4 LIGHT Thunder)   3 Recycing Batteries 3 Soul Charge 3 Upstart 3 Supply Squad 2 Pot of Duality 1 Book of Moon   2 Call of the Haunted 2 Fiendish Chain 2 PWWB 1 BTH 1 Compulsory 1 Solemn Warning 1 TT   2 Dweller 1 Masquerade 1 Delteros 1 Omega 1 101 1 Castel 1 Dire Wolf 1 Paladynamo 1 Exciton 1 Tsukuyomi 1 Lavalval Chain 1 Emeral 1 80: Rhapsody   I just don't like the idea of micro-cell. I understand the reasoning, but I just don't care for it. I could test it, for sure, though.   Also want to go in depth with Tsukuyomi a bit: If you open 1 Thunder (let's bar 9V atm) + 1 Ma or Pa + Soul Charge, and then either cards you can chain summon with (ma/pa) and/or S/T, you can summon the Thunders, overlay into chain, dump 9V, then soul charge back 9V and Random thunder. 9V searches AAA.  Overlay 9V and the other Level 4 to make Bujintei Tsukuyomi. Set everything left bar AAA, use Tsuku for AAA Have a good sized backrow if not more setup.   It's not perfect, and shouldn't be done v dolls, but it's fine when you know you're not going to get Shaddoll Fusioned. And it's not like it HAS to be T1, just an example of how simple it is to do.   Tsukuyomi's just a boon to the deck as a whole, as it really does play well with what the deck does.   Of course, this is for Hunder!Batterymen, not pure, so.
  9. DD

    At least we can test Valkyrie AND Leo, for now? No idea why DevPro updated now when we have news in less than a week, though. Seems like it'll just upset people because they'll take another age to update.
  10. DD

    Alexander's WIND. If you mean Leonidas, then sure.   Infernal Armageddon can't be summoned by the good scales. Kepler's constant decrease plus the fact that it's Stratos make it so that you don't really want to set it as a scale, like, ever. Proud Ogre does that better while having a completely beneficial effect.   This means it's going to be a tribute monster. But why would you waste advantage on something that doesn't die to Dark Hole (which isn't even good right now with Qliphorts and Dolls being cards), Bottomless, and TT? It's cute, but it's not good, and there's no reason to run it. It doesn't even have a good Pendulum Scale and it's effect as a Pendulum only lasts until the EP. It's a 0-1 card, nothing more.   After a turn, a Galilei/Kepler setup is nothing but a worse Leonidas/Proud Ogre setup that doesn't have any benefitial effects, so I don't really see the appeal of using the sages beyond their monster effects unless you absolutely MUST, especially with how good OEPD is.
  11. DD

      It has a Stratos-esque card and a continuous ROTA (that can search the Stratos-esque card and be searched by the Stratos-esque card). Consistency is likely of little concern.   Power seems to go to incredible heights too (partially thanks some Pendulum Effects).   Although I think he was a bit hasty in putting this up because we still don't know all the Demons from the VJump pack yet.   We know all of them, just not their release date.   http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/V_Jump_Edition_Pendulum_Victory_Pack   What I've been testing is: 3 Leonidas 3 Kepler 2-3 Proud Ogre (No confirmed release date for sure so rip, but you are including Kaiser so Proud Ogre would also count) 2 Cerberus 2 Lilith 2 Night Howling 1 Galilei   2-3 Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon   3 RotA Covenant 2 Fusion Covenant   3 Upstart 1 Book of Moon 1 One for One (Kepler is absurdly important to hit) 0-1 Allure of Darknes   0-1 Lease Laundering (Full House is pretty much better, but it's really cute when it resolves)   2 Breakthrough Skill 2 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast (it's funny cause it sets itself up to be replaced by Valkyrie) 2 Vanity's Emptiness 4 Limited Backrow   3 DDD Temujin 1 DDD Alexander 1 Chaos King Archfiend 1 Leo 1 MRD/BRD 1 Dracossack 1 Big Eye 1 Gaia Dragon 1 Gauntlet Launcher 1 Ptolemy 1 DDD Caesar 1 Castel 1 Exciton (i don't think i've ever actually made this)   Infernal Armageddon is just plain bad atm. The best pendulum monsters you have are Leonidas <3> and Proud Ogre <8> for summoning anything between levels 4 to 7. This does cut out Night Howling as well, but it's a searchable Level 3 tuner that can help with power plays.   Leonidas being a 3 is a given, but I prefer 3 Proud Ogre to 2 to make it more consistent in setting up the optimal scales. Its pendulum effect is also pretty good, because it pumps your guys up by 500 permanently. This means a lot in the case of any of the bosses or Cerberus. Cerberus becomes 2300, Temujin becomes 2500, Caesar becomes 2900, Alexander becomes 3000, and Leonidas becomes 3100. All of these are great numbers.   2 Cerb 2 Lil 2 Howling Cerb is a nice alternate scale to Leonidas, but it only sets you up for spamming 7s out the ass. This can easily be enough to cinch game for you, but it's not optimal. It does have a really good pendulum effect, though, meaning anything you res with Howling becomes a Level 7 and/or Howling can R4. It also helps buff up Temujin and prep him to become Castel if he needs to.   Lilith's probably the best combo piece in the deck, but it's really dead before you hit a covenant. She's great fodder, but she's not a great card to just play. So 2 so that I can have enough to make power plays without having too little to hit instead of searching her.   Howling's awkward. It makes some really good p;ays, but its restriction can hit HARD. It's still really good as a Level 3 tuner, though, and I definitely wouldn't run less than 2, and can see why you'd run 3.   1 Galilei It's a really dead draw T1/in the topdecking game. However, once you roll even a little, it becomes a recyclable pseudo-Wind-up Rabbit hand trap. Protecting your Covenants AND your Keplers/Leonidas (BTH) is really nice, and it can be a reset for Kepler that you NS'd T1. It's also an Odd-Eyes target. I could see running 1-2. It's not really a good scale to set, though.   Temujin is easily spammable and there are a lot of games where you can summon it 3 times in a game, if not more thanks to Lilith.   Meanwhile, you only need 1 Alexander. Losing its secondary effect from the anime makes me sad, and it really diminishes its use. It's really just good for exploding all over the place in conjunction with Temujin/Normal Summoning something (Even Leonidas gets NS'd occasionally)   Gonna try to run DD Resource Management at 1-2. Like I said in its thread, you need your Grave setup, so it doesn't seem the most optimal, but it seems like a really good late game card, so idk.   I dislike Kaiser on the basis that, while it is a searchable OTK, it's also a really dead draw, and if they Waboku/Electroturtle you (which will happen a fair bit with Qliphorts existing and Shaddolls having turtle), you just got outplayed hard. It's not likely that you'll play into the second except to force the turtle, but that still means you used up your OTK card and it didn't do anything.   R7s are really important because the deck can spit out a lot of level 7s. It's also easy to recycle the ones that hit the bin thanks to Temujin and Lilith.   R6s are more niche, but I do double Temujin into one of them a fair bit, and Proud Ogre can still be pendulum'd out to be used as Fodder.   Valkyrie/Dark Witch covenant makes me happy because it's a Raigeki Break that puts Pendulums and other monsters into the bin while also making it hard for your weenie bosses (Temujin) to die by battle. Yeah, Midrash/Dolls as a whole don't care much, but it is a hard answer to Qliphort Tool bar Apoqliphort.   And I just realized I didn't put MST in... Guess I gotta find space for that, too.   Also, forgot to mention, Alexander and Temujin do not specify YOUR cards/to YOUR board. So the mirror's actually kind of dumb.
  12. DDD Resource Management

    But you shouldn't be setting the sages unless you absolutely must anyways. Galilei's only good as a handtrap and Kepler's not one you want to set. Optimal scales are DD Proud Ogre and Leonidas. They make Odd-Eyes dead, and Odd-Eyes is absolutely amazing in the deck for searching your 1-2 Galilei and 3 Kepler. Especially the latter because you need to get the ball rolling.   On one hand, this card is versatile and powerful.   On the other hand, it'll rarely be Avarice because it does take a bit of effort to get your Grave set up for all of your power plays. Not too much, but a decent bit.   Granted, the Fusion and Trap covenants help to ease the setup process while furthering you. Swamp King is rarely used as Miracle Fusion, except to banish extra copies of Temujin that died, because of similar reasons.   Xyz help too, but that's usually after your initial power plays.   1-2 is what I'll probably test it at. It seems like it could be really good, but it also seems like it could end up really dead because of how invaluable the grave setup is. Being able to return from hand/board definitely helps it, though.
  13. Let's Talk About Shadolls

    Re:Falcon It's also a searchable level 2 tuner. This means Armades with math/hog, BRD and Arcanite with Beast/rash, Goyo with Lizard/Falcon/Hound when SE/Star Eater with Roots/Leo with Neph. That isn't a bad list of what a searchable tuner can do. I actually normal summon falcon a fair bit to help me push forward into a winning position. Also, milling roots with Lizard/Neph absolutely wins me a lot of games. It's not awful to draw, and it's wonderful to get fusion back without fear of them removing your Fusion outside of sending it to the bin. It's also been surprisingly decent for the value of simply being a trap monster that can sneak in and get the win, but I always think it's 1000/1950, not /1450/1950...
  14. Let's Talk About Shadolls

    Both of which are actual fusion fodder (well, not TCG Math yet, but) that are guaranteed to hit exactly what you want when you want it instead of accidentally hitting multiples/not hitting the Falcon for Facing plays, or whatever. Especially in a format without avarice. Like, without Avarice, bandit just burns you out.
  15. Let's Talk About Shadolls

    What game are you playing where dolls rarely tribute summon? Aside from the mirror where that's the main name of the game, Falcon and Fusions are the main fodder, and a Hedgehog that lived isn't rare either. And while suboptimal, there's also Roots. The deck tribute sets Beast a fair amount of the time, and Majesty's is just as live. If you draw it, it's fodder for Neph or a tribute summon waiting to win the matchup. At absolute worst it's a 2400 you can summon off of your free advantage. You aren't "constantly" normal summoning any of those. You barely summon them past the early game, because after then your resources are starting to burn and they lose their utility. They're not dead until late game, but they aren't really power cards past the first 5-6 turns or so. So they Soul Charge 2 beaters, do nothing to your board because they have no effects, and give you a turn to respond? How is this a problem? That gives you all the time in the world to respond, and you likely have a falcon and/or Fusion on backup to use with. They can R8 there, but Felgrand crashes with Nephilim, and if you have Majesty's + Midrash, you probably have access to a Fusion. And for all the flaws you're pointing out with Majesty's, they don't defend subpar choices like Veiler any more than Majesty's. Veiler is just as mediocre in that situation as Majesty's. Rainbow Kuriboh's marginally better, but it's still a weak attack negator/blocker that does nothing else. Sylvans aren't even going to be a deck, imo. Yeah, they do nutty things, but Veiler's good for one turn against one deck that's not going to be good post-DUEA, whereas Breakthrough's good against a more relevant deck. It's not good in the mirror because it only hits 3 cards, at most, and doesn't take care of the problems. They can still fuse with Bandit or ArmaKnight, and Math still floats in battle. If anything, that's playing into them by burning your advantage on them in a way they don't actually care about unless you have the upper hand already, even if it's only in terms of opening hand. And even then, if they combo out with Soul Charge turn 1, they're likely allowing you to get into a real power position if you opened Fusion. Especially when they're starting with 5 cards to your 6. I don't know the math (If someone can do it/has done it, I'd appreciate it if you would post it), but the chances of them opening 1+ Lonefire + 1+ Charge in 5 cards as opposed to your 6 cards where you have 3 Fusions to hit, your chances of coming out on top are gonna be much better in the end. If they opened Lonefire + Vanity + Soul Charge, the chances are even lower, and this is going into the realm of nuthanding. Shit happens. If they Soul Charge and make a board with even 1 Xyz or Synchro, they've already played into you. Playing against Shaddoll isn't "how do I outplay Midrash", most times. It's "how do I not let them resolve Fusion from the deck". At the point they resolve Fusion using materials in the deck, you're going to get wrecked if you're not in a really, really good situation in terms of backrow + powerful monsters. Felgrand doesn't beat Nephilim, Spark doesn't beat Nephilim, and Nephilim + Backrow is killer. Given that you made Nephilim off of 1 card, and likely thinned your deck of 5-6 monsters for her single summon (Lizard, LIGHT, Beast, <Shaddoll Card>, Beast's draw, potential Hedgehog search), there's a decent chance you managed to draw into a backrow card off of Beast if you didn't already have it. Not to mention there's Allure. It's limited, but it's still another card in the pile that can help increase your chance to dig into backrow. I'd honestly be more scared of an early tree drop with or without Vanity's than Soul Charge + Lonefire with the deck, because that tree doesn't let you double Foolish. Without Vanity's, Lizard/Hedgehog + any Doll + Fusion is an answer. Doll + LIGHT + Fusion is an answers. Falcon + any 2 Dolls + Fusion is an answer. The third is getting into being a bit situational, but the first two only rely on you getting the Fusion and one of 2 sets of monsters that are rather open in what all can do it, beyond fusion. This is just an example of the issue with the deck as a whole, though. And Veiler has no real value against the trees over Breakthrough Skill. Yeah, you can stop the tree T1 to hopefully cut them down a bit. Alternately, you can conserve the Veiler/BTS for a valuable play later on that will give you more of an advantage in the long run. Veiler isn't even a good tuner Level for the deck. 5+1=6. Goyo. Psyhemuth isn't bad either, but 6 slot is easily the weakest in Shaddoll, and I wouldn't want to main more than 1. 1+4=5 for Armades, but that requires prior setup in some form. 1+8=9 for... Giganticastle? Floatress? Neither of these matter. 1+3=4 for Balmung or Armory Arm, which you don't run. Post-NECH, when it comes TCG side, is 1+7=8, which is fine... except Egrystal is a really mediocre card that isn't worth devoting any FIRE to beyond Roots. It can help v Qliphs, but there are no really good FIRE cards to main. Volcanic Shell? at least one copy will always be dead, because you won't main 3 Egrystal. Horus doesn't sound too bad, especially when the deck can just lose to Qliphs without Shock Master, but then you would rather resolve Horus Level 8 than make Egrystal, and we don't have Avarice/have no signs of it on the horizon. Dichotomy doesn't seem worth it. Horus also means they would have to devote without hitting Tool already, which means it's only good in games where they're lagging behind a bit. 1+10=11 for Star Eater, but I'd rather keep the Sheki and make Star Eater with Falcon + Roots, if I need to make it, because that's a much more ready/renewable way to do so. I can't do that every hand, but at least the pieces are searchable/renewable, unlike Veiler. BTS' second use is too useful to pass up just because it's easier to read than a card with minimal reason to be mained in the deck. Not to mention, BTS can help you to outplay that Felgrand with either use, whereas Veiler likely will not with its single use. Feel like I wanted to say more, but my brain just stopped, so idk.