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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oB00v04oVq0&feature=youtu.be Congrats to NICK TESTA from DGZ!
  2. Looking for a good Video camera for my youtube

    Sorry for the late response. I dont browse this site as often as i used to. My channel is for Yugioh. I record Duels, Deck Profiles, Interviews, etc. I want a solid camera for that.
  3. I'm trying to get a better camera for my Youtube channel. I got one last Black Friday (canon powershot sx260 HS) but I don't really like it. It always has a ringing sound in the background. I sold it on ebay just now and I'm looking for a great HD 1080p video camera for around $200-300. I'm trying to get one of the best, so anyone who specializes in this stuff, help me out please! Is a camcorder better than a regular camera?
  4. Kaijudo: Trading Card Game

    Looking to part with some extras.   Haves: Super Rares: 2x Tatsurion the Unchained 2x Dracothane of the Abyss 2x Orion, Radiant Fury 1x Megaria, the Collector 1x Issyl of the Forzen Wasted 4x Radiant, the Lawbringer 1x Diabrost, Shadow Marshal 1x Death Liger, Lion of Chaos 2x Earthstomp Giant 2x Xeno Mantis 4x King Tsunami 10x Dark Scaradorable 10x Wrist-Rockets Tatsurion Very Rares: 2x Razorkinder Puppet 2x Shapeshifter Scaradorable 3x Screeching Scaradorable 1x Starseed Squadron 1x Azuri, the Dawnbreake 1x Magma Dragon Melgars 1x Ironvine Dragon 1x Panopter 2x Galzak of Shadow Pass 19x Dreadclaw, Dark Herald 6x Deathblade Beetle 8x Roaming Bloodmane 7x King Nautilus 4x Kindrix the Psionic 3x Gilaflame the Assaulter 10x Grand Gure, Tower Keeper 10x Midnight Crawler Promo: 14x Aqua Seneschal 3x Razorhide 1x Factory Crimped Razorhide - MISPRINT! 2x Razorhide 4x Blinder Beetle 3x Blaze Belcher 8x Fumes 1x Cybersphere Dragon 1x Draglide the Swiftest Rare: 3x Bottle of Wishes 3x Spellbane Dragon 6x Dragon's Breath 6x Keeper of Dawn 3x Gigahorn Charger 8x Dauntless Tusker 2x Zone Defense 1x Oathsworn Call 1x Hazard Crawler 1x Chief Thorn-Bringer 1x Suncloak Protector 2x Glu-urrgle 2.0 10x Splinterclaw Wasp 7x Dragon of Reflections 2x Hyperspeed Dragon 2x Herald of Infernus 3x Kronax the Brutal 1x Twin-Cannon Maelstrom 1x Grip of Despair 1x Milporo, Council of Logos 5x Bolt-Tail Dragon 4x Ripper Reaper 5x Tornado Flame 1x Gorim the Striker 2x Mark of Tritonus 2x Elevan the Seeker 4x Holy Awe 2x Kaboom! 1x Mark of Infernus 1x Crusader Engine 3x Patchwork Surgeon 6x Black Feather of the Shadow Abyss 4x Root Trap 2x Soul Vortex 2x Featherfin Stalker 1x Humonculon the Blaster 3x Shaw K'naw 4x Skycrusher's Elite 1x Assault Dragon 2x Thought Probe 3x Hokira, Council of Logos 3x Starlight Strategist 3x Keeper of Twilight 3x Baron Burnfigers 1x Scarvos the Assassin Uncommon: 7x Barrage 9x Star Lantern Others: 9x Moss 2-Player Spellground Playmat - $65 value Most other Kaijudo Rare/Uncommon/Common cards Lots of Yugioh cards. Just Ask WANTS: KAIJUDO Big Wants: 3x Infernus the Immolator 2x King Tritonus 2x Piercing Judgment 1x Fight! 3x Herald of Infernus - PROMO Medium Wants: 3x Terradragon Regarion Doom 3x Cobalt the Storm Knight 3x Steamtank Kryon CA$H THROW-INS 3x Bronze-Arm Sabretooth 2x Chasm Entangler 2x Heat Seekers 1x Gigabolver YUGIOH 2x Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack 2x Number 11: Big Eye
  5. YCS New Jersey - May 11th, 2013

    On my way with Joe Giorlando and Joe Bogli. We'll be there soon.
  6. Custom Mats

    I asked my friend to draw me a pokemon playmat with all of the original deckbox pokemon art on it and he gave me this:   Needless to say... I came Looks much better IRL too!   EDIT: anyone interested, def check out his channel: http://www.youtube.com/thecardbungalow
  7. Kaijudo: Trading Card Game

      I'm 50/50 on the MA one. Definitely going to NY and PA. Glad to see you're playing again! =3   Well if you decide to go, I hope to see you there. Also, Anyone have Tatsurion Unchaineds for Trade. I need 2. i've got a lot of yugioh, a few kaijudo cards, and some cash ( dont wanna spend too much)
  8. Kaijudo: Trading Card Game

    I'm back in the game and I'm excited for the KMC in MA. Anyone here going? Also, may as well shout out my Youtube: youtube.com/serioushydrospy
  9. Top 32 YCS Miami

    GJ and GGs, Mark.
  10. I bought a collection with 27 Goyo in it last week. That guy is gonna be super salty if it goes to one. Like extreme salt. I now own 48 so i have a feeling I would become a millionaire.
  11. So my friend thinks tenken is during every mp1. Is this true, or is it only the mp1 you activate it.
  12. Fire Fist - Discussion

      I know rescue rabbit is better in every single way possible, and I'm not saying this card is borken or anything. It is just neat.
  13. Back after a 2 years suspension

    Youtube.com/serioustreebornfrog That's my channel. I try and get the important t32 deck profiles from EVERY ycs.