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  1. Relationships & Cheating

    Commitment. Sleeping around may seem tempting at times, but you have to think of the long haul-unless that's not the kind of relationship you're in. Know the rules before you break them. 
  2. Game of Thrones TV Show

    The Lannisters are dealing with almost soap-opera drama.  "Hey! You! Queenie! You're gonna marry the gay guy!" "But Daddy, NOO!" "You! The little one! You're gonna marry the 14-year-old!" "But Daddy, NOO!" and then Tywin eats them both for disobeying. 
  3. Ideas for pets

    Pet skunk. de-skunkified. they'll eat dog food and you can walk them on a leash. surprisingly friendly. raccoon. Edgar Allen Poe had one. fish, wish an epic name. my beta's Beowulf. 
  4. The Front Bottoms

    these guys are awesome. i'm a dj and i play their stuff on my radio show all the time. 
  5. 20/20 vision, problem seeing

    i had the same problem for a long time without really thinking about it too much; i also have 20/20. but i got a job in an office and realized that staring at the computer would give me migraines and i'd have a bit of blurriness when i looked away. i went to the optometrist and found out that (on average) people blink 20 times per minute, but when they're on the computer they only blink 7 times per minute. It sounds too simple to be a solution, but try blinking more. and glance away just for a second or two from the comp screen every minute or two and it'll really help your eyes. 
  6. list your weird obsessive compulsions

    if people fidget i want to smack them.  finger picking, biting (i'm a biter too but i don't do it in public), foot tapping, etc.  ljkghljkgh;fgjkh
  7. goals for 2013

    learn how to whistle; this was last year's goal and i ALMOST got it down. then lost it again.  new goal: learn how to longboard.
  8. Questions for cool college kids

    haha. protips: -pick house parties over frat parties: no ratio, although sometimes you might have to throw fives. and you won't have to worry about not being able to bring a fellow guy friend or two. (plus, the girls are less threatened by dudes that aren't dry-humping them. trust me. i know.) -don't smoke in your dorm room. i've seen kids get kicked out the day after move-in from that dumb shit. either get a vaporizer or do it outside. it's better than losing ten grand for housing.  -i'm a big class-skipper, but i'd avoid regularly skipping unless you 1) know the prof won't murder you (ratemyprofessors.com), and 2) have a friend or two in the class that is willing to help you out with missed assignments and/or excuses and/or signing you in when you're not there.  the best life-lesson i've learned in college is how to be lazy without making it seem like you are. fake it, fake it.  be strategic in your mischief, young padawan. you will learn. 
  9. Say something to someone that will never hear it

    To the guy always mysteriously at Dunkin Donuts the EXACT same time as me every single day before work: I get it. Your 'biz-caz' attire is almost ironic. But just because we both get coffee at the same time every day doesn't mean we're going to be friends.  Try smiling without showing ALL of your teeth. 
  10. Favorite Artists

    The Strokes The Shins The Flaming Lips Big Fat Marker The Beards The Phenomenal Handclap Band (highly recommend if you're more into instrumental) A Day to Remember Cobra Starship
  11. Top 10 Movies

    1- Stand By Me 2- Just Friends 3- The Nightmare Before Christmas 4- Pulp Fiction 5- Anchorman 6- Sin City 7- Inglorious Basterds 8- Harold and Maude 9- Idiocracy   that's right. top nine. suck it. 
  12. Game of Thrones TV Show

    Tbh I expected him to get raped instead her. Poor Jaime. his behanding was a classic move, since he's still valuable as a Lannister, but his entire life is shit now- he was one of the best swordsmen in the world, but now what is he?   I guess he'll just have to fight Leftie. :/
  13. Game of Thrones TV Show

    Fave show, total HBO addict. Predictions on who's going to die next?  Five bucks on Shae, as much as I hate to say it. :(
  14. What was the last film you watched?

    Seven Psychopaths. can't go wrong with Christopher Walken, and surprisingly Colin Ferrell is awesome too.  Highly recommend. 
  15. Favorite Anime

    in no particular order:  - yu-gi-oh! -cowboy bebop -full metal alchemist -darker than black (just saw recently for the first time, dear lord why have i not seen it sooner?!) -old-school pokemon will always have a place in my heart. shoutout to the 90s kids.