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  1. YCS Atlanta, GA

    There still setting up tables looks like over 1400
  2. Hope everyone ready for tomorrow
  3. Well I take you on staff just make sure Keith says it ok
  4. He told me the other day he had to work
  5. I told you in August I was hj
  6. Worlds

    that false cause gruner 4-0 so far http://tcg.konami-europe.net/coverage/5405/world-championship-pairings-round-5/
  7. 3/12 Tallahassee, FL Regional

    and yes we still going i borrowing cards for side deck until i can get them back
  8. 3/12 Tallahassee, FL Regional

    lol yeah they stole my 2 monster binders but didnt touch the entire saber deck
  9. 3/12 Tallahassee, FL Regional

    there email me the deck list so i try to have them up as soon as i get email
  10. YCS Charlotte

    Please do, there will be two big guys up by the stage, the HJ and me, you already know what my chin looks like <smirk> I'm just older, fatter, and more gray now. By big guys, you mean Frank D is going to be the HJ for this YCS? robert wakeland is hj john danker is ahj
  11. good job patrick, and also allison said your a noob
  12. 8/21 Tallahassee, FL Regional

    ino i fixed my post