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  1. Update: lol this is obv fake now according to their fb that they're in talks with Konami right holders.
  2. They made a Fuckton of updates between 12/10 & Today! This kooks promising
  3. You took the bait hard too....
  4. Thought this was funny and sad as hell! Was reading through nfl site and stumbled upon this gem: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000737305/article/marsh-has-20k-of-magic-the-gathering-cards-stolen Dude is vulnerable offering tickets to the game etc, I know the feeling of being a fan of a card game, give that man his collection back, smh dam thieves!
  5. EST Bro, but I'm a vampire so you can catch me literally anytime I'm not working
  6. If anyone wants to playtest with what we have. Please pm me, I'm down
  7. Thanks for the actual content! Hopefully this works out for the future success'!
  8. Hey Man, cut it with this mystery bullshit. NO ONE is going to give you any rep, other than negative if you keep posting this shirlock mystery shit. We dont know what the fuck your implying, either we've seen said image before or it still gives us shit to ZERO information about whether we're getting a YGO Sim sooner than later.. Man the f up and post some credible information shit that gives us some realistic information & details, or dont post at all man. This shit is annoying. So you post a picture of scapegoat... FUCKING AND?
  9. So, DGz, I am officially starting this youtube series. Basically, I got laid off my best job i'd ever obtained in Sams Club Wholesale, and I feel like i was blindsided by it all. I was smart, invested into certain things, I have a Script written for this series I plan to bring to fruition. It's going to be a Youtube series and the goal is for me to make some money doing what I love, and a plan to pursue in the future. (I will be using this too as a platform I start my college apps in mid 2017.) Now what I took advantage of with my job, was the business members, and most of them were very friendly, and offered myself to feel free to film in their venues/locations as publicity is something we all want and enhances business relationships with the consumer(s) even further. Now my question for you guys is, what equipment can I use to enhance effects for displays such as CGI, Face Alterations outside of the costume wear I plan to have made. Certain cameras or props to invest in? It's going to be a supernatural genre if this helps with answers. I plan on doing this mostly from iPhone, and would appreciate if any DG users would recommend their thoughts on certain equipments, endeavors, and the latter to me as I would appreciate it.
  10. with that, whats to say hes not trolling u too?? now i might just edit topic
  11. I edited the title, because a headmin on DNF/DN commented implying its' real but has nothing to do with DN or BLS. I could be a dumbfuck and be the only one falling for it, I could change it back., and I kind of wouldnt think azrael or antitcb would even comment if it werent a percent of being real
  12. yo lmao, I just googl'd grinder too. holy shit duels are going to be filled with fucking crystal beasts and rainbow dragons
  13. Sweet thanks guys for the info! Duelists we reign on!