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  1. How to Start a Team

    Hi, I'll try and get a team going for the new year season.
  2. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Taker has officially retired. WWE Won't EVER Be the same.
  3. Duelingbook

    http://imgur.com/a/P97LP logged out immediately, but ye gotta b fixed cause theres always going to be that one idiot who loves trouble, and just so happens to get logged into ur account and go full retard
  4. Duelingbook

    Just tried logging on, and im already logged in as some guy named NoobSauceG7, that gotta be fixed
  5. Duelingbook

    Care to elaborate though? would be nice to know what is the actual block in the road? as the server just goes up and down Also DB Was up for 7hours last night
  6. Salvation

    The Deck editor doesnt work for me inside the web browser, like I can't drag cards into the deck for some reason! @zayelion
  7. Duelingbook

    So This is there to plan to dodge the C/D more than likely, also if it can only hold 300 people, then it might not be worth the hype received. Only time can tell, ill continue support them and give them benefit of the doubt.
  8. Duelingbook

    That last statement seems to be true as of now. Only comes up around 8-11pm and is up for about 30 mins-3hrs. Yesterday was the longest the site was up. if that is true however, what are the differences, Im not so tech savvy when it comes to servers in general
  9. Duelingbook

    Site was up for 3 1/2 hours last night ranging from 8:56-12:40, cap is looking to be at 350 right now.
  10. YCS Atlanta - Mar 4-5

    Anyone going that might be able to rent me a deck for the tournament? First YCS I am going too, and should be fun.
  11. Duelingbook

    All accounts has been deleted via the front page btw, so everyone gotta re-register!
  12. So I am sure by now most of you guys have heard about the new DN, (duelingbook) and we are all (some of us) are wondering if this is real or not? Important information below: after getting the random screen of the guy from donkey kong popping up when you were in the Duelingbook url, it appears, a new homepage was setup around 24 hours ago, which shows the same layout as dn, but different. you can watch this video below for basically all the information we have gathered so far: Screenshots of the new interface for Duelingbook: https://imgur.com/a/np8DT DNF HEAD ADMINISTRATOR ALSO SAYS BLS IS DOING SOMETHING SUPER SECRET: https://imgur.com/a/2pXy5 So let's discuss & get some interesting / more active discussion going for this site!, and if we get fooled, lets get fooled together, and if it turns out to be real, let's turn up and rejoice and duel together.
  13. DuelingBook Speculation Thread

    posted in the tentative thread but heres an update: https://images.discordapp.net/.eJwFwdENhCAMANBdGICe0AB1G4IEjdoSqPHjcrvfe1_zjMusZlftcwXYjllkbHaqjNyqbSLtqrkf0xa5Iavmst-VdYKLMThCCktK0S-ePLiEhBGJKJH34RMQHj5ZXradm_n9AQ1EIws.jg-nUYOhRACEy1J5pMcToRC_lQI?width=734&height=431 db is kinda back, limited amount of users for now, custom mats look real, heres to consistency this go round!
  14. Duelingbook

    https://images.discordapp.net/.eJwFwdENhCAMANBdGICe0AB1G4IEjdoSqPHjcrvfe1_zjMusZlftcwXYjllkbHaqjNyqbSLtqrkf0xa5Iavmst-VdYKLMThCCktK0S-ePLiEhBGJKJH34RMQHj5ZXradm_n9AQ1EIws.jg-nUYOhRACEy1J5pMcToRC_lQI?width=734&height=431 db is back but limited users rn, max is like 100 only as it grows in time via their mod! anyways custom mats look like a thing here.
  15. DuelingBook Speculation Thread

    [TT] Respawn in 3-Today at 5:57 AM Servers will take approx another 2 weeks or so to fix. it sucks, but we just need to be patient Mod from DB Discord spoken. For anyone looking for updates on the situation.
  16. Duelingbook

    Apparently from their discord chat, they have a plan in case it happens but won't go into detail at all via there mod.
  17. DuelingBook Speculation Thread

    DB Frontpage: We've tested the limits of our server, and have decided to upgrade to something much bigger. For the time being, connecting to the server may not be possible. All of the issues with email confirmation will be fixed in time. Stay tuned! I feel like they should discontinue that donate button just until everything is up and running consistently. Would suck if people are actually donating and saving codes and shit, and never really get a chance to use them imo. Just being cautious since its been unstable, that this doesnt just blow up into a scam and people legitimately lose money.
  18. DuelingBook Speculation Thread

    The blog has some nice information like this below: The Downfall of DN 9-14-16 A few years ago, I made a HUGE list of all of Dueling Network's problems, as well as solutions to each one. That list is quite long, so I'm only gonna touch on a few important ones in this blog entry. In the year of 2012, DN would often have around 9,000 users online at any given time. There was a YCS in March of that year where over 4,000 duelists showed up for. Based on these 2 statistics, I would argue that Yugioh was at it's all time peak during this year. In later years, DN slowly reached lower averages, until it ended up with less than 3,000 at its peak in the day. So what happened? Did Yugioh become less popular in general? Or was it just DN? One thing I know for sure is that DN had the potential to reach much higher averages when it wasn't doing so well. Where did those 6,000 other online users go? They were banned. A lot of things happen when a user's IP becomes blacklisted on DN. Being apart of the staff of the site, I would see dozens of users a day filing ban appeals, where it turned out the cause of their ban was simply using a proxy! After so many years of endless IP banning, TONS of innocent users would become wrongfully banned on the site. It slowly caused the numbers to decrease. Often times a users would be given instructions as to how he can reverse the proxy ban. But if he did so incorrectly, the response from the staff was more or less, "You had one chance to do it right. Your ban stays." Now, as a website owner, I want my site to become as successful and popular as it possibly can. In other words, I want to do what I can to bring more and more people to the site. Based on the way DN was ran, however, it was just the opposite. DN's senior staff's sole purpose was to keep certain users off the site. When they found out a user is evading a ban, they would often celebrate because that meant they could ban that user over again. And that process would often lead to more IP bans. They believed that eventually, all toxic members would finally be off the site so that the few who were remaining could have it all to theirselves. I have a better idea. Instead of blacklisting all the users you don't like, why don't we discipline problematic users so that their behavior can improve, and the site can remain successful? I've taken measures to do just this, in fact. When DN banned a user, that user had no choice but to create a new account and either be caught, or not, depending on how relentless the grays were. On Duelingbook, problematic users are frozen instead. When you're frozen, it's impossible for you to cause problems with that account. You still have access to the site though, so creating a new account is less likely to be considered. If a new account was created and caused even more problems, I could easily temporarily freeze an entire IP address. DN never thought of this, which could have prevented so many permanent IP bans. What I want you to understand is that compiling a huge list of blacklisted IPs is not a good idea. It causes more problems than it solves, and it slowly deteriorates the success of a website. If any user is denied access to the site because of someone else's wrongdoings, that to me just isn't fair. Duelingbook won't make the same mistake. So, if our numbers decrease at some point, at least you'll know it's due something else!
  19. DuelingNexus.com discussion

    Update: lol this is obv fake now according to their fb that they're in talks with Konami right holders.
  20. DuelingNexus.com discussion

    They made a Fuckton of updates between 12/10 & Today! This kooks promising
  21. "DN is back"

    You took the bait hard too....
  22. Thought this was funny and sad as hell! Was reading through nfl site and stumbled upon this gem: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000737305/article/marsh-has-20k-of-magic-the-gathering-cards-stolen Dude is vulnerable offering tickets to the game etc, I know the feeling of being a fan of a card game, give that man his collection back, smh dam thieves!