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  1. What song are you listening to now?

    Mute Math - Chaos
  2. Favorite Artists

    -10 Years -30 Seconds to Mars -Acceptance -Across Five Aprils -Alexisonfire -Alkaline Trio -Amber Pacific -Anadivine -Aphasia -April Sixth -Arclight -Armor For Sleep -A Change of Pace -A Static Lullaby -A Heartwell Ending -A Thorn For Every Heart -Autopilot Off -Beloved -Bleed the Dream -Blindside Memory -Brand New -Circa Survive -Coheed and Cambria -Dead Poetic -Death Cab For Cutie -Early November -Element Eighty -Emery -Fall Out Boy -Finch -Hopesfall -Funeral For a Friend -Hawthorne Heights -Hidden in Plain View -Incubus -Lorene Drive -Mad At Gravity -Matchbook Romance -Motion City Soundtrack -Mourning September -My American Heart -My Chemical Romance -No Use For a Name -Open Hand -Papa Roach -Rise Against -Saosin -Saves The Day -Senses Fail -Silverstein -Silent Drive -Smile Empty Soul -Something Corporate -Spitalfield -Staind -Story of the Year -Sugarcult -Taking Back Sunday -The All-American Rejects -The Black Maria -The Postal Service -The Receiving End of Sirens -Thrice -Thursday -Trapt -TRUSTcompany -Underoath -Valencia
  3. Arsons Layout Tester

    Good Luck Arson.
  4. Arsons Layout Tester

    I'll join. You know my shit already.
  5. Bleach vs. Naruto vs. Inuyasha

  6. Favorite Anime

    [1]Naruto [2]Neon Genesis Evangelion [3]InuYasha [4].hack//sign [5]Furi Kuri
  7. HeLL'S WRaTH vs Messengers of War

    Lost to Black Rain. 0-2 I hate nimbles with a passion now.
  8. Favorite Artists

    Trapt Lostprophets Story of the Year Three Days Grace Incubus P.O.D. Evanescence Cold Powerman 5000 Sugarcult Breaking Benjamin Taking Back Sunday Smile Empty Soul Yellowcard Hoobastank Linkin Park ...can't think of any more at the moment.
  9. Chaos Theory Outbreak vs GH3tt0 H3r0z

    I'm not inactive :mwehehe: It's fine if you switch me, no big deal. Just wanted to get that off my chest, cuz I'm on and check this site everyday.
  10. Enigma X v. Chaos Theory Outbreak

    Sorry guyz, I lost my match. He locked me first match and then beat me second. I was stuck with bad hands and draws. GG man.
  11. Enigma X v. Chaos Theory Outbreak

    I've tried contacting my opponent for the match, but he doesn't respond. In my last clan, the same thing happened when I had to go up against him.
  12. Enigma X v. Chaos Theory Outbreak

    As, I told Xanatos on AIM, I can host.
  13. Rare Hunters Versus Engima-X

    I've been wanting to contact Darkduelistjake for some time now. I don't know his AIM. I will duel, but like you all said...this tournament isn't going anywhere.
  14. Rare Hunters Versus Engima-X

    Well, I'm ready for my match. If DarkDuelistJake has AIm plz let me know it. I'll be waiting. PS: I can host.
  15. Rare Hunters Versus Engima-X

    Sweet! Can't wait for this war. It's my first one. Just keep me informed and tell me before so I know when. I'm not able to get on for a long time like I used to.