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  1. War League Winter 2018 Report

    cool read its been fun
  2. Watch out for fuzi
  3. War League Autumn 2017 Report

    Congratulations on the season win!
  4. Seven Days: ToC+DSP (Season 2)

    There is a new #1 in town, which duelist will HyperBeam pick ? How will this affect the game ?
  5. Goat Duel Review Thread

    I knew there was something fishy about that goat...
  6. Ancient player haha who still plays?

    yo EDIT: lets play some!!
  7. Ancient player haha who still plays?

    cheers mark
  8. Ancient player haha who still plays?

    Hi, back with a bit more activity. Lets have a few games sometime. Also looking to join a team or sorts. My ID on discord is HyperBeam#8462
  9. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    DGZ NAME: HyperBeamDiscord Account Name: HyperBeamFormats (Goat/Current/Both): Goat, and learning the current format.Expected level of activity: 5-10 hours of dueling/chat a week.(Optional) Blurb: Can play Goats to a strong level, but will take time with current.