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  1. Ancient player haha who still plays?

    lol hey dudes i remmember all of u guys haha yeah rei we were on the same team a few times, you still run the show here yeah?   shame to hear that you guys feel the forums are less than what they were but hey thats life.   cool to see so many people post a warm welcoming :) thx.
  2. Sup peeps who's still alive since 06/08? Gonna play some DN online anyone around to show me the way that'd be cool. Gonna attend a Sydney YCS tournament and gey destroyed tips appreciated :) Is DGZ still drama heaven or has that changed???? Cheers
  3. FantaZ

    Its a gaming site where you can play games for prize money i believe its similar to what virgin gaming is trying to do. Anyway, here's the link if you want to sign up before launch: (costs $90ish if u sign up after) http://www.fantaz.com/index.html?zbo=FA263D7510BEC1E
  4. i have no idea who u are

  5. Free Agents vs Broken Cycle

    i lost to red 2-1. r3 otk's me turn 2. gg.
  6. Free Agents vs Broken Cycle

    ill be on a bit tomorrow, we can settle things hopefully.
  7. This deck has a picture.

    -kycoo + other.
  8. LADD-Chaos?

    -germ & merchant + other
  9. Bulletproof

    hey guys, i just made this awesome deck if anyone wants to test it with me aim is: hyperbeam blast. ty.
  10. 2-1 my favor vs dantalion ggs. close match. number 45.
  11. well i saw u browsing the site about 5 mins ago looks like you dont want to play its almost 1am im off play later.
  12. dant if your on post ur aim of your on since what i got must be wrong? mine is : hyperbeam blast.
  13. dantalion your not even on aim and u said u'd be on for 4 hours its only 15 minutes since your post.
  14. Help me improve my deck.

    ok i just added 2 alchemist to my side deck, if alot of people are maining rfg cards ill def be maining one.