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  1. List of every premier event and their winners

    Honestly prefer this to the draw pass nature of Goat.
  2. List of every premier event and their winners

    Wow that guy's won 3 nationals. Do Polish players often travel to European YCS'? Record is at 5 by Ido Marcus Israel and Alexander Trivedi Finland.
  3. List of every premier event and their winners

    What about this year? Surely you guys ran one this year
  4. List of every premier event and their winners

    I have 2009 here listed as Sebastian Velasquez. Would that be the same person? Did you know who was 2010 winner ? Would you have any source for this or just a long term player ? @IzoristV
  5. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1W0s7prAPFLXCsSRE1q0c4pLxDxPLiarFJPzSkT-HoYo/edit#gid=1971898744 Going by what some people have done bit by bit, I have tried to assemble a comprehensive list of 'premier' events and the winners of them whether it be by yugioh wikia, a lot of googling, forum searching and even youtubing obscure things and some help from facebook this is where I'm at. I was wondering if anyone could help or link me facebook groups or places I can reach out to miss in blanks. Thanks in advance
  6. Korey McDuffie has died

    What was the cause? Surely not drugs
  7. SPYRAL - Deck Discussion

    Well then
  8. Pendulum & Magician - Deck Discussion

    I don't think it's just this topic that's quiet
  9. Paleozoic - Deck Discussion

    Ok so this didn't get touched and now has Mistar Boy which solves its problems and also allow it to push for damage (Toad + Boy is 4600) One problem I had with the deck is obviously Master Peace. Now the easiest out is a Kaiju but these are my issues Gameciel + Can pitch for Swap Frog + Can add back with Toad / Star Boy - 2200 bumps into Toad, also gains Star Boy bonus and is thus hard to out Kumongous - Can't be used with Frog / Toad /Boy -Can be attacked over with Star + Toad
  10. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    Anytime I see ferret I just assume they go into ZOo + Maxx and boucne maxx with Firewall and have a zoo combo
  11. YCS Melbourne

    http://www.yugioh-card.com/oc/events/detail.php?id=3480 Does anybody still use this site ? Shit venue, was no reason to move from Sydney as that venue was great, central and had the biggest both casual and competitive playerbase. Melbourne's venue is garbage, not near anything and on during same time as the Australian Open which will drive up accommodation prices. Sure hope its a clean slate meta
  12. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    This deck is playing vanillas while Zoodiac is making 1 card turn into 5. Sure this deck might have been good but it came out at the wrong time (i.e DDD and Yang ZIng)
  13. Roy St Clair is banned

  14. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Most undeserved win to rank 4