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  1. This list is not what most people wanted to see lol. Also am I the only one that would rather have 3 Maxx C than no Maxx C. It seems to be the only worthwhile method of interacting with your opponents turn 1 plays
  2. Most undeserved win to rank 4
  3. Inb4 metalfoes plants
  4. Great start to the season
  5. Why do people play Dante in extra over Mithrilium or something. Surely 3 searchable Dinomischus is enough to deal with BA.
  6. Problem with Denko and Jinzo are that they're not that good unless you can push because they don't get over the XYZ's. Mind Control seems pretty cool. Mask Change 2 into Acid seems really cute but loses to Dinomischus and I think Canadia depending on MC2's text which I don't know off the top of my head Soul Release seems too niche. Paleozoics seem to struggle to beat boss monsters apparently. Was watching a game at locals and they just couldn't touch a Dark Destroyer
  7. Seems only worth if you can make a push too. I heard about Mask Change 2 and Acid and other cute things too but not sure how effective they are
  8. How does one optimally play the mirror? I feel that matchup has the most nuances and room for skill than other matchups which are laregely determined by s/t removal
  9. Cosmic Blazar Dragon If your APM is high enough can you chain the second effect to negate the summon of a kaiju?
  10. PP19-JP007 連鎖召喚 Rensa Shoukan (Chain Summon) Normal Spell Card (1) If you control 2 or more Xyz Monsters: Target the Xyz Monster you control with the lowest Rank (your choice, if tied); Special Summon from your Extra Deck, 1 Xyz Monster that is 1 Rank lower than that monster you control, but it cannot attack your opponent directly, also return it to the Extra Deck during the End Phase. When you ban ptolemaeus but just reprint it
  11. Seems very dumb to want to not ban a card forever but change its text to make it unplayable which is is basically banning it forever with literally no chance for it to come back. Cards like Tsukuyomi and Magician of Faith came back but Sangan and Brain Control as we know it will never come back. It won't even be Brain Control getting off the list, its just a new card being printed in whatever pack the reprint comes in. I don't think it's nostalgiac in the very least to have an old card back but the said card does nothing like what it used to.
  12. I never understood of errata on cards a lot of the time. You're basically releasing a new card, and deleting an old card from the game. Now the cards I have lose their identity I guess and won't do what I want them to. I guess its like why I don't understand why they rework champions in games like League of Legends. It is essentially deleting an older character and releasing a new one except they didn't really do either. I took a break from League and came back for a fun game and Fiora's ult was no longer an Omni slash and now I have no intention to ever play her again. Although I've owned her for ages, she's still 'no longer working as intended' and I also have a bunch of her skins which I'll never put to use. This is just an example of course, but even in Yugioh some erratas just go too far and take the identity out of cards. If the effect was too powerful, just let it remain banned. If you wanted a new effect, print a new card. Errata's should probably only be limited to text clarifications and other minor stuff