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  1. This is my first time posting a tournament report on here, so bear with me. (lol bear..)   I played Inzektors this weekend, went 8-1, first place. How was I in first place at 8-1? I'll explain in a moment.   I have played Inzektors for over a year for numerous reasons. I think the deck is really fun to play, it can still keep up with the format, if played with precision, and patience. It is NOT the best deck, it WILL draw inconsistently every so often, because it is a deck that was punished the first ban list, then the second ban list it lost Sangan. (I miss that guy) I do not like the current format. There isn't a single deck that I find appealing.   Friday: I was at my local card shop and Hidden Arsenal 7 was legal. I was looking around for Evilswarm stuff and I completely forgot that Lavalvalvlalvallvaalvll Chain was in this based set. Anyway, one of my teammates acquired Chain, then asks me if I'm going to play the Monks. I was reluctant to at first, simply because I have not tested the list that I thought of months ago, but the idea of manipulating your graveyard and top deck in one turn is divine. We make our four hour departure to Orlando, crash at a friend's house, perform rituals, no sleep.   Saturday: I wake up after falling asleep for two hours, we get to the venue, there's a bunch of 12 year old cheerleaders, and a bunch of bearded men playing children's card games..... awkward..... I was pretty salty because I pulled a Quick Booster from my packs, my teammate pulls a Megalo. fml. Decklists, blah, blah, blah.     Round One: Fire Fist (2-0)   Game One: I owe Monk a cold one. I open monk game one, special summon Armageddon Knight, send Hornet to the Graveyard, overlay into Chain, send Dragonfly to the top of my deck. I believe I otk'd him after that.   Game Two: It was a slow paced game, we were pretty much grinding it out. I did not open very well, however, I utilized Threatening Roar, and Messenger of Peace to slow the pace of the game until I drew a Centipede, then I summoned Centipede, equipped Heart of Clear Water, searched Hornet, activated Centipede's effect, destroyed his Burr, searched Dragonfly. The next turn, he summoned a Bear, killed my Centipede with its effect, set one, passed. At his End Phase, I flipped Royal Decree. I summoned Dragonfly, went on to otk him.     Round Two: Geargia (2-0)   Game One: I lost the die roll. I did not really see Hornet this round, but I still put in work with Exa-Stag. I used Dragonfly and Lady Bug, recycled Centipede and Zektkalibur and prevented him from reviving his Machina Fortress. No, no, no, not in my house.   Game Two: I used the same strategy this game as well. He activated Compulsory on Exa-Stag, using Zektkalibur, I returned Dragonfly to my hand, but the very next turn, I equipped his Fortress to my Exa-Stag. Extra-Swag too strong.     Round Three: Gladiator Beasts (2-0) Game One: I was slightly confused about my opponent's play. I opened Centipede/Ladybug, searched Dragonfly, set Book of Moon, passed. He activates Heavy Storm, summons Laquari, attacks over my Centipede, tags out into Retiari, banishes my Centipede instead of Ladybug. I capitalized on his misplay, activated MST on his one set, summoned Centipede, searched Hornet, went into Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja. I kept control of the game with Ninja/Centipede. Game Two: He sets three, summons Laquari. I activate Heavy Storm, wipe out his three, activate Messenger, and camp on that card until I drew Centipede, slowly sniping, until I went in for the kill.   Round Four: Six Samurai (2-1) Game One: I lost the die roll. He opens Kageki, Kagemusha into Shi En, summon Kizan, set three, pass. I set Call of the Haunted, Solemn Judgment, Lance, and Torrential Tribute. I take 1800 + 2500, he then passes. I summon Cenipede, he activates Bottomless, I activate Torrential in response, he flips Magatama, I chain Judgment, he chains Judgment. I scooped immediately.   Game Two: I summon Centipede/Ladybug search Dragonfly, set MST, pass. He opens United, summons Kageki, Kagemusha, specials Kizan, I MST his United, he runs over my Centipede with Kizan, I take 2500, he sets two. My turn, I activate Book of Moon, he negates, I MST (blind MST ftw), I hit his solemn Warning. I summon Dragonfly, he activates Fiendish, I Lance, then I go off into Tiras. He had nothing left, so we went to game three.   Game Three: He opens Enishi/Kizan, set two. I set two, then pass. He attacks, sets one more. I summon Thunder King-Rai-Oh, I attacked Enishi. He draws, activates Gateway, Summons another Kizan, he overlays into Shadow of the Six: Shi En, I warn him without hesitation. He passes. I attack him directly, set one. He flips his set Dark Hole, I chain Safe Zone. I continue to camp on Safe Zone until I summoned a Thunder King, attacked him directly, he attempts to Fienish Chain, but I respond with MST. He was at about 4100, he draws, then passes. I drew Heavy Storm, I clear the entire board, destroy my own Thunder King, Reborn that Thunder King, normal summon Maxx "C", then attack for game.   Round Five: Frog (2-0) Game One: I don't remember much of this game, but I increased the level of my Dark Armed Dragon to level 8, with a Leviair, a Dragonfly, and Centipede on the field, he dropped a huge Trag on me, which I could not get around because the Centipede was already used. He steals my DAD by sending LADD to the grave, uses Trag's effect to reduce his level to two, overlays into Dai Gusto Phoenix, uses DAD's effect to destroy the sword equipped, triggering my Dragonfly, adding Hornet back to hand with Zektkalibur, summon Centipede from the deck. He cleared all but one Centipede. I won the game from there on.   Game Two: The game was kind of slow, I don't remember this match much, but we were going back and forth, I had D-Fissure, he was abusing Caius/Swap Frog, but I won that one.     Round Six: Mermail (2-0) (I was in Table 1) Game One: I open Centipede/Ladybug, grab Dragonfly, set Threatening Roar, pass. He opened poorly, summoned Abysspike, attempted to enter Battle Phase, I flip Threatening Roar. I otk'd him the very next turn. My board ended with Dark Armed, Leviathan, Shock Master, and a Centipede equipped with Giga-Mantis. Game Two: He summons Abysspike, pitches Dragoons, searches Megalo and Marksman, sets two, passes. I summon Centipede, activate his effect, run over his Pike, Main Phase 2, I send Hornet to the grave, destroy his set, search Dragonfly, set Threatening Roar, end of Main Phase two, he attempts to activate Sphere, I MST. He tries going off, I flip Threatening Roar, I otk'd him the very next turn.     Round Seven: Mermail (2-0) Game One: I open Dragonfly/Ladybug, into Centipede, search Centipede, overlay into Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja turn one, set Threatening Roar/Bottomless. He Heavy Storms, I threatening, he doesn't follow up with it, the next turn, I OTK him with a Shock Master. Game Two: We grind it out, he ends up with Gaios destroying my Ninja, I rip into Book of Moon, then I explode with Dragonfly/Sword/Hornet. I destroy his field of Gaios, double Abysslinde, Abysspike, leaving him with Abyssdine only. My board was Gaia Charger, Leviathan Dragon, and a Hopper with one set. He activates Dark Hole, sets one, then passes. I drew nothing, passed. He flips Sphere, into Linde, into Leed, I bottomless his Leed, he didn't follow up the next turn, I played Centipede and defeat him.   Round Eight: Karkuri (Win by DQ) We were the only undefeated players left. It was unfortunate, because he was ejected from the venue. He apparently was banned from the store that was hosting the Regional. I was actually very upset because I wanted to play it out, win or lose. Certain players told me a win is a win. I did not want to win that way, that's for sure.   Round Nine: Fire-Fist (1-2)   Game One: I open Monk/Arma Knight, Chain, place Dragonfly on top of my deck. I don't remember this match very much, because I was drained already, but I won that game one.   Game Two: We had to grind this game out, but he gained advantage because Bear/Banisher is too strong. Game Three: I summoned Thunder King, set Bottomless/Safe Zone. He Heavy Storms me for two, destroys me with Banisher/Bear again.   It was unfortunate that I don't remember the exact detail of these matches, but my last round was definitely my most difficult match, and I lost to a friend, putting him in 5th place. I'm definitely happy we got to play a good match, and he got into top eight.   Top Eight: GB (2-0)   Game One: He received a game one loss because of some error in his deck list.   Game Two: He summons Laquari, sets one. I MST his Mirror Force, summon Centipede, equip Hornet, destroy his Laquari, search Zektkalibur. He summons Laquari, destroys Centipede, summons Darius, revives his Laquari, overlays into Maestroke. He then sets two. I summon Card Car D, set Safe Zone, draw two. He summons another GB, tags out into Bestiari, attempts to destroy Safe Zone, I chain, destroying his Bestiari, next turn I Heavy Storm, summon Dragonfly equip Hornet, Sword, win game.   Monsters: 15 3 Centipede 3 Ladybug 1 Giga-Mantis 1 Hornet 1 Dragonfly 1 Hopper 2 Summoner Monk 1 Armageddon Knight 1 Dark Armed Dragon 1 Card Car D Spells: 15 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Zektkalibur 2 Pot of Duality 1 Heart of Clear Water 1 Forbidden Lance 1 Heavy Storm 1 Dark Hole 1 Monster Reborn 1 Foolish Burial 1 Allure of Darkness 1 Book of Moon Traps: 11 3 Threatening Roar 1 Call of the Haunted 1 Safe Zone 2 Bottomless 2 Torrential 1 Solemn Judgment 1 Solemn Warning Side Deck: 3 Maxx "C" 2 Thunder King Rai-Oh 1 Tragoedia 2 Royal Decree 3 Dimensional Fissure 2 Messenger of Peace 2 Soul Taker Extra Deck: 15 Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger Tiras, Keeper of Genesis Number 61: Volcasaurus Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja Inzektor Exa-Stag Number 39: Utopia Number 16: Shock Master Maestroke the Symphony Djinn Lavalval Chain Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction Number 17: Leviathan Dragon Number 20: Giga Brilliant Leviair the Sea Dragon Temtempo the Percussion Djinn Wind-Up Zenmaines Pros: Hidden Arsenal 7 It was about as consistent as it could be The deck received quite a bit of attention Cons: Round 8 A few people attempting to call this a fluke because Mermail/Evilswarms were not at table 1 I didn't get to play vs. Evilswarms, though they were ALL AROUND me the first three rounds. The format is probably going to get worse. Shout-outs to: Juan "Save_Us" Berenguer Tyler Gallinaro Team EGG: John, Zach, Kevin, Ginger, and Tristen.