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  1. Inzektor - Discussion

    which cards would you want to add for zekcaliber? Centepede/dragonfly?
  2. It's an excellent time to come back, if playing online. All you have to do is netdeck Dino-Rabbit.
  3. Fiendish never destroys reaper, just like book of moon.
  4. Rescue Rabbit Hand Scenarios

    Set sangan. set BoM+heavy/ Chain BoM to their shenanigans. Once bom is used, flip heavy for massive advantage
  5. Putting tape over toploaders is extremely stupid. Charge 2.99 usd. Use toploader with sleeves obv and ship in bubble mailer #00. You can include a shipping slip if you want but I think that's just a waste. if you are going to sell a lot of singles buy your bubble mailers in bulk. Save you lots of money.
  6. Wind-Up - Discussion

    Wait, what?
  7. Wind-Up - Discussion

    link to [font=tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]Vanity's Emptiness "discussion"?[/size][/font] [font=tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]Debating between Black horn and Emptiness[/size][/font]
  8. hai

  9. hai

    took forever to recover my password i feel brand new and i play ygo somewhat
  10. mw2

    mw2 is a much faster paced game. Black ops is not, and i like it. mw2 sucks.
  11. Why I love this game

    lol, this kid obv wants a one shot kill assault rifles. If you hold down r1 and go through the whole the clip and dont kill your enemy, you should go back to mw2.
  12. 2bar

    im using at&t as well, my setup is wireless. I get disconnected 80%of the time when trying to play domination
  13. no one play these games anymore

    buy black ops
  14. Post Your Black Ops Clips !

    Nice no scopes.I I put the game down as well, played today with an assault rifle and was progressed a lot. Hopefully I'll try the sniper once again. Almost 2nd prestige too.
  15. I don't know what half of the posts are about but this sounds very promising.