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  1. So that's a no, I'm guessing. Do you know anyone on the staff team who could verify that you are you?
  2. The email that you have associated with that account is: mzaazm@msn.com If you still have access to that email, I can have the instructions for resetting your password sent there.
  3. Why is there not a thread on this yet? Discuss what is essentially the next Vanity's Emptiness/Kaiser Colosseum.
  4. Note that Ojama King did not get errata'd, so you can try to t1 him for gg. Ground Collapse is pretty garbage though.
  5. Yeah my priorities have changed. I'm conceding the fact that you are whatever gender you want to be. Now I'm just try to stop you from becoming a weird anime loving ancap.
  6. If I was mmf's mom, Markus is the kind of kid that I'd try to stop him/her from hanging out with. Drinks, likes anime, is ancap, crazy family, likes weird memes and stuff. Not a good influence on an impressionable young man/woman/[insert gender here] like mmf.
  7. I'm very sorry @mmf. I thought you couldn't possibly get more fucked up after spending hundreds of hours on tumblr, but it seems like markus is determined to prove me wrong on that.
  8. I'm not a lawyer, and I'm not from australia, but if it was literally free, it should be allowed, since no one is wagering any money. There are lots of bars down here that do free $100 poker tournaments to attract customers to buy drinks and such.
  9. Frankly, That Grass Looks Greener is one of the cards that people will cite 5 years later when asked the question, "What are the best Yugioh cards ever printed?" Can't believe that there were no hits to this card or really any of the decks that play it.
  10. http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/limited/index.html Edit: Nevermind, just post here instead:
  11. Going to be hard to do that when you're banned for multi'ing.
  12. You're thinking about this too logically. Here's how it works: "If it's poker, it's gambling, because everyone knows that poker is gambling." "Yugioh is a game made for kids and is not poker, so it is not gambling." There's no logic behind it. Society just perceives games differently. Note that when they are talking about groups of private individuals playing poker being legal, they are talking about home games. A poker tournament held at a card shop would be in clear violation of the law, as it is now a public event.
  13. Hey markus we made a special thread for you that we'd like you to read: http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/topic/168861-i-dont-understand-dgz-and-no-one-likes-me/ Hopefully, one day you'll learn how to DGZ properly.
  14. And here I was thinking that your entire account was an attempt to win a shitpost duel.
  15. Yeah you need to be at least a loyalist to change your display name.
  16. Because if you have your heart set on playing 3 Chaos Sorcerer, Thunder Dragon is almost mandatory as well. A lot of people prefer to play Chaos control over Goat control because, like I said on the previous couple of pages, it's a much easier deck for newer players to learn.
  17. We haven't done any goat format tournaments in awhile. DN being down certainly didn't help matters there. All of the past goat format tournaments that we did were with Exarion goats, and it's not until recently that people have been more in favor of Exarionless (and even then, it's still highly debated). I'm sure there are some people here who would be willing to explain the skeleton of a goat deck and explain why certain variants are more popular than others. Frankly, I don't have the time to make such an exhaustive list right now.
  18. Currently the top two decks are goat control variants (featuring 2-3 metamorphosis and 2 tsukuyomi) and Chaos (typically 2-3 chaos sorcerer, flip effects, and often Thunder Dragon). Now these types of Chaos decks were not at all played in 2005, and I would argue that they are overrated even today, but there is no denying how popular they are. See the last page for example, where Jazz even claimed that they are currently more popular than Goat control. It would be hard to say what the 3rd best deck is; that would be purely opinion. There is actually a lot of variation among Goat control lists, and I wouldn't classify one of them as being the standard cookie cutter list. So it would definitely be good to list a lot of the possible variants. Some play Blade Knight, others play Asura Priest. Some play Dekoicki, others play Mystic Tomato or occasionally the Spy/Guard package. Magical Merchant sees a lot of play in general, but some people will refrain from playing it, or only play 1 copy. Some lists play Morphing Jar, some don't. Some play Sakuretsu Armor, other people play Dust Tornado. Some lists even play Creature Swap.
  19. I'll use your own definition of goat format: "Yugioh’s Goat Format gets it’s name from the deck usually agreed upon to be the format’s best: Goat Control. This deck used most of the format’s strongest cards, including Black Luster Soldier, the Holy Trinity (see below), and the titular Scapegoat. Scapegoat was a powerful stall card on it’s own that could hold back many monsters, even Jinzo. However, its true strength was seen when combined with the powerful Metamorphosis card, which allowed the pilot to special summon Thousand-Eyes Restrict and take control of the game in a single move. Combined with Tsukuyomi, the player had an infinite monster removal engine that could single handedly win the game. These interactions made Goat Control the deck to beat, and are the reason the format has the name that it does." By your own definition, pre-ruling change was not goat format. It's fine if you want to include those decklists there for reference, with an asterisk, but listing these as "decks to beat" (for the goat control format) is misleading. If someone is getting into goat format and looking for what decks were good, they should not be looking at these pre-ruling change lists as a reference, because it was a completely different game. Stop focusing so much "what most sources cite" or "if others disagree with you." The actual facts of the format care about neither of these things. If you're making a guide, getting the facts right and not misleading people should be your priority first and foremost.
  20. Then explain yourself. They weren't considered staples then. They aren't considered staples now. They're not widely used in most good decks. And yet they are on your staples list anyways? Why? You don't just get to make up a list of cards, call them staples, and then cite unknown "sources", "research", and "opinions" to justify it. I asked you before, and I'll ask you again, under what definition do you consider these cards staples? I know you think it's irrelevant, but you can't expect anyone good to give your guide any respect when you have factually incorrect information in it.
  21. Kris Perovic (widely considered one of the best goat control players ever) on the "staples" that you listed: so based on your memory, did the competitive goat community of 2005widely consider these cards to be staples: cyber jar, morphing jar, exiled force, magic cylinder Kristopher Definitely not cyber jar. Morphing Jar wasn't a staple, but good players knew it was good. Exiled and cylinder saw some play mid format, probably cylinder more, but not staple at all.
  22. Many of the decklists that you posted were from an era that cannot accurately be described as "goat control." Although there were no ban list changes from April 1 2005 to October 1 2005, there was a major ruling change that greatly shifted the meta, and that was the manual battle change ruling that made cards like Tsukuyomi and TER a lot better. I don't remember the precise date when the rulings change was made, but I know that it was not in effect for UK Nationals and beforehand, which is why that you'll see 0 copies of Tsukuyomi among their top8, which would have ludicrious in the actual goat format. Citing these decklists as being part of the "goat format" is misleading, because they were playing in a completely different metagame.
  23. Suggestion, read: If you think that we're going to be nice when you make mistakes, then you've gotten the wrong impression about how things operate here. I'm not sure by what definition that you are considering cards to be staples, as they were not present in most of the decklists at the time.
  24. The reason that we're "aggressive" as you put it is because of the fact that you're literally some random with 13 posts coming in here posting some "guide" that contains tons of misinformation (believe me, your list of staples is just the tip of the iceberg) and acting like we should somehow give a shit, and then blowing off legitimate criticisms because you've "done your research", whatever that means (frankly, it reminds me of anti-vax people the way that you say that). If we wanted to view a bunch of decklists from the format, we'd just go to kperovic.com/metagame. Organizing them based on groups with arbitrary ratings provides a very minimal amount of help.
  25. Oh, you played competitively at the time. Well damn, I guess you got me. It's not like DGZ literally innovated the entire goat format and won nationals in 2005 or anything.