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  1. Actual Literal Nuts: 6 hearts dinobones12 / dinobones12 / current only !christianmeyer / cmeyer109 / current only itswhatever / thugger thugger / current and goats John Snow Knows All / StayFrosty310 / current and goats ACP / ACP / prefer goats brandis72 / brandis72 / prefer goats Human Tetherball / Human Tetherball / goats only Francis J Underwood / scumwood / goats only Mostly Harmless: 6 hearts Let me know what your lineup is War Story: N/A
  2. Started playing HEX again at @Gojira's recommendation. Supposedly he's ranked very high in constructed now. I haven't played since 2014, so I've started with the PvE campaign. Anyone else still play?
  3. Below is an official record of each team's lineup and number of DuelistGroundz Recruitment Points (DRP), a currency that is used for acquiring players mid-season and trading. If anyone makes a trade, acquires a new player, or otherwise their lineup changes, please post below so that I can update the record. Actual Literal Nuts: 4-0 (60 DRP) ACP (Team Leader) itswhatever dinobones12 !christianmeyer Human Tetherball Francis J Underwood John Snow Knows All Brandis72 ALL THE OUTS: 4-1 (19 DRP) mark (Team Leader) Me. Mustang SageRhapsody Malcolm A Loli ArisNPhoenix rei KXVIGames Ronsas Da D-Boyz: 0-5 (49 DRP) Digbick (Team Leader) Mr Dragon Berdversary iFocus Art and Hammer wrinklywinkie FVFRYTHFNG Detox: 5-0 (45 DRP) OD Superman (Team Leader) noah1462 Jazz Skully PennyroyalTea Ynusgridorh Squiddy Pryda Oh_The_Irony ESPN: 1-4 (31 DRP) MMF (Team Leader) Soul Haruki Turceal Laza Tr!stan TheGoldenTyranno thugalicious Sqirmywurmy Andesmountain Mostly Harmless: 3-2 (34 DRP) Gojira (Team Leader) Evolution` biki xbambiraptorx 2k17! Kiritosinon The_Be(a)sT DGz9000 Mickey Maples Pacific State: 0-5 (41 DRP) Satchmo (Team Leader) Sharpman Kyou Gosick rjose2002 highoncards SunnySSBM Goins Team Beer: 2-2 (34 DRP) Silver (Team Leader) SQUIDS~ Carter Wix !CCK Vitamin-C Friendly hardtospellwrong stupid name N3sh BuildTheWalia The Gentleman's Club: 5-0 (38 DRP) Mascis (Team Leader) LukeRandi Wiz Khalifta Looped JC. Santy Klaus Dick van Dyke Lucas. The Sigurimi: 1-2 (30 DRP) DISQUALIFIED muh 100 godzillion (Team Leader) FVFRYTHFNG wrinklywinkie Shining Blue Eyes mrsnozberry turbonerdo Braydenite Ant_88_tnA Markus
  4. The D-Boyz have acquired @FVFRYTHFNG and paid 2 DRP.
  5. The Gentleman's Club has acquired @Lucas. and paid 1 DRP.
  6. Could you be more specific than "chaos" here? What kind of chaos exactly? Thunder Dragons? Recruiters? Dimension Fusions? etc.
  7. List of current format players (DGZ forums username/DGZ discord nickname): !christianmeyer/cmeyer109 A Loli/based loli haha XD ACP/ACP AliusIsMyHero/RangerMacDanger Arima./Arima. Berdversary/3-D Bird Model Carter Wix/CarterWix digbick/dgzdigbick Dinobones12 Evolution`/Evolution` Friendly/Friendly FVFRYTHFNG/Mike| Gojira/Gojira Gosick/Andrew I3lacky123 / I3lacky123 itswhatever/thugger thugger JC/JC.h Jujuuu./[ Jojooo. ] koku/koku LunarDarkGaia Markus/Markus Mascis/Mascis mark/vig=scum mmf/donnie frogman Mr Dragon/A11sopp muh 100 godzillion/Comrade Monahan N3sh/N3sh. NB96/Nick SageMike9/SageMike9 Satchmo/Satchmo Silver/Silver Soul/Soul SQUIDS~/squidboy Synergy_DabKing/Synergy_DabKing The_be(a)sT / beast TheGoldenTyranno/Tyranno thugalicious/thugalicious turceal/turceal Vitamin-C Wiz Khalifta/OVO wrinklywinkie/arvin the thirstest indian alive List of [no Exarion] goat format players (DGZ forums username/DGZ discord nickname): A Loli/based loli haha XD ACP/ACP AliusIsMyHero/RangerMacDanger Arima./Arima. Carter Wix/CarterWix Evolution`/Evolution` G__/G_ Goins/Spare Gojira/Gojira Gosick/Andrew Guerilla Warfare/Morphing Jar Haruki/Haruki itswhatever/thugger thugger Jazz/Jazz JC/JC.h Jujuuu./[ Jojooo. ] Markus/Markus Mascis/Mascis mark/vig=scum mmf/donnie frogman MZAAZM/MZAAZM N3sh/N3sh. SageRhapsody/Sage Satchmo/Satchmo Silver/Silver Soul/Soul Sykotic/Sykotic TheGoldenTyranno/Tyranno thugalicious/thugalicious The purpose of this thread is twofold. Post below if you'd like to be added to the list of current format and/or goat format players. This means that anyone who plays these formats can message you on discord for casual ranked games. Casual ranked games are matches that are not played for a war, can be played at anytime, and count for rating (but not as much as war matches do). Here's an invite to our discord: However, you may not play against the same player in a casual match (for ranking) more than twice every 7 days per format. In other words, if you play against someone for 3 matches in current format over 7 days, only the first two matches will count for rating. However, if you play 2 matches of current format and 1 match of goat format, they will all count for rating. This rule is in place to prevent boosting and get more people to play against a larger variety of opponents. Once you complete a match, report the results here. You'll need the name of the opponent and the names of the decks that you were playing. Example post: "ACP with Paleozoic beat MMF with Metalfoes"
  8. Signups are open from 4/14 to 4/27. On 4/28, drafting will begin. See: Drafting has begun. See: You can still sign up! But you won't get added to a team until drafting is over. So if you missed the deadline, go ahead and sign up as soon as possible so you don't miss any action. To signup, just fill out the following questionnaire (copy, paste, and edit in your own answers) and post it in this thread below. You must already be part of our discord channel to sign up. There are two formats used for warring: current format and goat format. You do not have to play both of them. On the formats line, put either "Current format only", "Goat format only", "Prefer current", "Prefer goats", or "Current and Goats." Prefer means that you plan to play both formats, but you like one more than the other. If you only intend to play one format, then please select one of the "only" options. For expected level of activity, in your own words, state how active that you think you will be. If you expect to play one match a week, say that. If you have 6 hours a day to play online Yugioh, say that. DuelistGroundz username: Discord username: Formats: Expected level of activity: Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: In addition, PM me if you want to be a War Council member (this means that you will lead a team). In order to be considered, for War Council, you must have some history of being on DGZ prior till now, be committed to warring (ie not leave 2 weeks in), and have a reasonable amount of rulings knowledge.
  9. I think this literally might be the only time in history that a ban appeal has ever worked. Congrats to Billy on putting Konami in their fucking place.
  10. Another update, this time with Pendulum Evolution. I still to work on getting the images added, but it should be done soon.
  11. I will use this thread to keep track of all updates that have been made to LackeyDGZ (either the program itself or the plugin). See the posts below.
  12. Also worth noting that the set "Pendulum Evolution" is legal for wars tomorrow.
  13. Remember, each team will war each other exactly once each season. Here is the schedule for the first week: Pacific State plays Detox ESPN plays Mostly Harmless Actual Literal Nuts plays ALL THE OUTS Team Beer plays The D-Boyz The Sigurimi plays The Gentleman's Club Whenever you're ready, team leaders can post a war thread in this forum. In the OP, make sure that you post each team's lineup (usernames, discords, and format preference). You will report all matches in that thread. State who won, who lost, and also the decks that each player was using. Remember, the war format is 6 hearts double elimination. Post here if there are any questions! The deadline to finish your war is May 10th, 11:59 PM EST. Remember, the set Maximum Crisis (MACR) is not legal in the current format until May 4th! ---------------- Satch edit: the remainder of the war schedule will be in the spoiler below
  14. Guys, remember the "no talking about politics outside of the politics forum" rule.
  15. Here are some sets for you guys to watch:
  16. @Silver and I have been doing netplay recently. Does anyone else play? I might try to record some of our sets and let you guys analyze our play.
  17. Slashtap was banned too?
  18. In case it wasn't clear, we played 8 matches, so we got the 3-day extension.
  19. Tbh I feel the opposite. If it was a random Joe, I think that he wouldn't have gotten banned at all. Realize that most people who get disqualified from sanctioned events do not end up getting banned. At YCS Atlanta 2012, I had an opponent who was DQed for illegally activating an Inzektor effect to bait out my Fiendish Chain. He wasn't banned. At a regional that I head judged in 2011, I DQed a player for palming sidedeck cards to the top of his deck when his opponent wasn't looking. He wasn't banned. At locals, there have been numerous instances where we have DQed people from sanctioned tournaments for cheating, submit the paperwork to Konami and they are never banned. Given that the actual offense here wasn't that bad (had they just not played a match before hand, it would've been entirely legal to concede) I think a ban here is over the top, and Konami is just taking an opportunity to make an example out of a well-known player.
  20. My bad, you can login and post now.
  21. Ratings are done with a Elo setup, see: All rankings start at 0 and will move up or down as players win or lose matches. This means that about half of players will have a negative rating. Ratings are kept accurate to 4 decimal places. There are two separate ratings tables for goat format and current format, and these two ratings are completely unrelated to each other. The code used for calculating ratings will be available to the public so that anyone can run the program themselves and verify that the rankings are not being unfairly manipulated. All war matches, including playoffs, are played at a K-value of 20. Casual ranked games (matches that are not for wars) may be played at any time at a K-value of 5. This means that a casual match will have about ¼ of the impact on your rating that a war match does. However, you may not play against the same player in a casual match (for ranking) more than twice every 7 days per format. In other words, if you play against someone for 3 matches in current format over 7 days, only the first two matches will count for rating. However, if you play 2 matches of current format and 1 match of goat format, they will all count for rating. This rule is in place to prevent boosting and get more people to play against each other. Ratings are time decayed to insure that those at the top of the rankings cannot just avoid playing matches to keep their ranking. At the end of every month, all ratings will be multiplied by .92 (or decayed by 8%). This translates into a 39% decay over 6 months and a 63% decay over a year. The longer that players avoid playing, the closer that their rating will converge to 0. All posts below will be reserved to update the ratings. Please only post below if you think that the ratings are inaccurate. This is, that the number of recorded wins and losses is incorrect for you or another player. Table of all match results: Source code for the ratings program: package dgzelo; import*; import java.util.Scanner; /* imports pre-written packages that the program will need */ /** * An implementation of the ELO Ratings System * For all DGz warring * @author ACP */ public class DgzElo { public static void main(String[] args) throws FileNotFoundException { Scanner rankingsScanner = new Scanner(new FileReader("rankings.txt")); /* rankings.txt contains current rankings data and is located in the DgzElo folder. This creates a "scanner" that reads the file and gets information from it. * each line of the file comes in the form [rating] [wins] [losses] [name] */ Scanner resultsScanner = new Scanner(new FileReader("results.txt")); /* results.txt has match results along with a K-value and is used to update the rankings. This creates a "scanner" that reads the file and gets information from it.*/ PlayerList players = new PlayerList(); /* Creates a PlayerList object. As you may have already guessed, it is a list of players and functions for manipulating that list.*/ while (rankingsScanner.hasNextLine()) { players.addPlayer(rankingsScanner.nextDouble(), rankingsScanner.nextInt(), rankingsScanner.nextInt(), rankingsScanner.nextLine()); } /* This while statement loops through all of the rankings data and adds the ranking data to our list of players */ int kvalue = resultsScanner.nextInt(); /* Gets the k-value from the first line of the results. This k-value is applied to all of the results from that file */ while (resultsScanner.hasNextLine()) { double p1wins = resultsScanner.nextDouble(); String p1name = resultsScanner.nextLine(); double p2wins = resultsScanner.nextDouble(); String p2name = resultsScanner.nextLine(); players.enterResult(p1name, p1wins, p2name, p2wins, kvalue); } /* This while statement loops through all of the results data and then sends it to the "enterResults" function so the rankings can be updated */ players.printAllRatings(); /* The new ratings are printed in the same formatting as the rankings.txt file. If you'd like to save the data for future use, simply copy/paste the information over to the rankings.txt file (deleting the old information) and save the file */ } } package dgzelo; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.Collections; public class PlayerList { private ArrayList<Player> aList = new ArrayList<Player>(); public PlayerList() { } public void addPlayer(String name) { aList.add(new Player(name)); } public void addPlayer(double rating, int wins, int losses, String name) { aList.add(new Player(rating, wins, losses, name)); } public int findPlayer(String name) { for (int i = 0; i < aList.size(); i++) { if (aList.get(i).name.equalsIgnoreCase(name)) return i; } System.out.println(name + " was not found in the rankings and will be automatically added with a rating of 0."); addPlayer(name); return aList.size()-1; } public void enterResult(String name1, double wins1, String name2, double wins2, int kvalue) { int player1index = findPlayer(name1); int player2index = findPlayer(name2); double e1 = 1/(1 + Math.pow(10., ((double)(aList.get(player2index).rating-aList.get(player1index).rating))/400)); double p1pointgain = kvalue * Math.abs(wins1 - wins2) * ((wins1 > wins2 ? 1 : 0) - e1); aList.get(player1index).rating += p1pointgain; aList.get(player2index).rating -= p1pointgain; if (wins1 > wins2) { aList.get(player1index).wins += 1; aList.get(player2index).losses += 1; } else if (wins2 > wins1) { aList.get(player2index).wins += 1; aList.get(player1index).losses += 1; } } public void printAllRatings() { Collections.sort(aList); for (Player aList1 : aList) System.out.println(aList1); } } package dgzelo; public class Player implements Comparable<Player> { double rating; int wins; int losses; String name; public Player(String name) { = name; rating = 0; wins = 0; losses = 0; } public Player(double rating, int wins, int losses, String name) { this.rating = rating; this.wins = wins; this.losses = losses; = name; } @Override public String toString() { return (Math.round(rating*10000.0)/10000.0 + " " + wins + " " + losses + name); } @Override public int compareTo(Player otherPlayer) { if (otherPlayer.rating > this.rating) return 1; else return -1; } }
  22. New ratigs! As usual, please let me know if anyone looks wrong. Current rating, wins, losses, player name 47.1394 7 2 A Loli 45.041 5 0 Oh_The_Irony 28.7999 5 1 Mascis 26.3285 9 6 The_Be(a)sT 19.7862 2 0 iFocus 18.1986 2 0 Digbick 16.7151 5 3 itswhatever 14.5484 5 4 dinobones12 14.1306 6 4 Friendly 13.6354 3 0 SQUIDS~ 11.2577 3 2 Looped 10.8203 3 2 Wiz Khalifta 10.2927 1 0 John Snow Knows All 10.0802 3 2 hardtospellwrong 9.785 1 0 LukeRandi 9.475 7 8 mark 9.2899 3 1 Turceal 9.2 1 0 noah1462 8.7856 1 0 Braydenite 8.7254 1 0 Pryda 8.5811 2 2 Vitamin-C 5.7045 6 3 Tr!stan 1.1609 5 3 wrinklywinkie -0.1209 1 1 N3sh -0.6049 2 2 Satchmo -0.7813 1 1 PennyRoyalTea -2.2834 0 1 Soul -2.3 0 1 Synergy_DabKing -3.5584 7 6 MMF -4.2289 7 6 ACP -4.6303 0 2 TheGoldenTyranno -6.6295 1 1 koku -6.9975 1 1 Silver -8.5587 0 1 !christianmeyer -8.9282 0 1 Mr Dragon -9.2 0 1 rjose2002 -9.4647 0 1 Squiddy -9.5985 2 3 Kyou -10.2904 0 1 biki -10.606 2 3 Carter Wix -11.0164 0 1 Me. -11.1508 2 4 JC. -16.5484 1 3 Sharpman -17.8886 0 2 Jujuuu. -18.6438 0 2 Kiritosinon -23.5828 2 5 Laza -29.6628 4 5 SageRhapsody -31.4925 1 9 LunarDarkGaia -31.7579 2 5 Gojira -33.4221 3 7 Berdversary -33.5335 4 10 muh 100 godzillion Goats rating, wins, losses, player name 54.8039 8 2 OD Superman 46.2361 18 5 ACP 39.1891 8 4 Shining Blue Eyes 36.3827 12 8 Mustang 34.2551 7 2 Gojira 30.9378 7 4 N3sh 30.6932 11 3 A Loli 29.0097 4 1 Francis J Underwood 26.1535 3 0 Ynusgridorh 26.0421 3 0 Skully 23.685 6 4 Mascis 18.0033 2 0 Jazz 10.9154 3 2 Sqirmywurmy 8.9353 1 0 Malcolm 8.6329 3 2 !CCK 7.6794 9 7 Soul 2.3753 1 0 Santy Klaus 2.2286 1 0 Tr!stan 1.4978 2 3 DGZ9000 1.3635 2 2 Digbick 1.3433 2 2 Haruki 0.3833 2 2 JC. 0.318 5 4 Dick Van Dyke 0.2478 1 1 petersylie -0.6112 1 1 Looped -2.2671 0 1 SageRhapsody -2.3132 1 2 thugalicious -2.4685 0 1 Me. -2.5391 3 4 mark -2.8461 0 1 Mickey Maples -2.8631 0 1 andesmountain -2.9642 2 3 Human Tetherball -5.873 1 1 wrinklywinkie -8.4691 0 1 stupid name -8.6329 0 1 Kiritosinon -8.768 6 7 Goins -9.2 0 1 G__ -9.2 0 1 KXVIGames -9.2132 0 1 hardtospellwrong -9.4576 0 1 Berdversary -10.2562 0 1 BuildTheWalia -10.2964 1 2 rjose2002 -11.2578 7 7 2k17! -16.2889 0 2 Ant_88_tnA -16.8307 2 4 itswhatever -17.8428 0 2 LunarDarkGaia -17.871 0 2 Kingtango823 -18.4573 0 2 Gosick -18.7597 0 2 Art and Hammer -19.5306 0 2 SunnySSBM -29.0067 24 29 MMF -31.5243 0 6 Markus -38.6131 8 17 Silver -38.8646 0 6 Satchmo -40.0904 0 5 TheGoldenTyranno
  23. All 3 have been dropped, 30 DRP have been added.
  24. Please post the DGZ username of your opponent. I have no idea who "aegisouls" is. Edit: Nvm, I see that it's Kyou