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  1. Gotta pay the bills. Please consider disabling your AdBlock for duelistgroundz.com. Yes, you will see the kinds of annoying ads that you'd see on a raunchy porn site, but hey, it pays for our server at least, not a raunchy porn site's server.
  2. Despite what some FAKE NEWS sources would have you believe, rei is a very successful hackerman who has his own consulting firm.
  3. TLDR this probably means that Tits or GTFO is coming back.
  4. Ok, so let me explain to you guys something about ad economics. There are 3 ways that a sponsor makes money with ads. 1. By visitations to your website leading to a purchase from a sponsor. 2. By visitations to your website leading to visitations to a sponsor's website. 3. By visitations to your website leading to exposure to a sponsor's website/product. #1 pays more than #2 which pays more than #3. #3 actually pays pretty poorly, particularly because the conversion rate from #3 into #1 is so low. To put in into context, I run a youtube channel which was received hundreds of thousands of views. Do you know how much I've made off of AdSense in my lifetime? $20.30. The minimum payout is $100, so I've actually made nothing so far. On the other hand, by running pop-under ads on DGZ, this is a instance of #2, as you're being forced to actually visit the sponsor's website. How much have I made off that so far? In 15 hours, I've made $0.93. This converts into about $45 a month, nearly half of our server costs! It is expected to actually increase soon, as PropellerAds' algorithm needs a couple of days to crawl the site and figure out which ads are more relevant to our users hopefully leading to more time spent on the sponsor's sites and actual product purchases. The current ads that you're seeing are the "default" ones essentially. That being said, I did remove one of the ads on mobile, as I mistakenly had it set up in such a way that mobile users are seeing twice as many ads as I had anticipated. Hopefully this will make the mobile experience better without totally screwing over our revenue streams. I get that you guys would rather not see ads, but the alternative is not seeing a site called duelistgroundz.com. It's not fair that you guys have to see an ad just to contribute to the site (well, you actually don't, as you can just use adblock if you want), but it's also not fair that someone has to pay for DGZ's server without seeing any return on investment. Frankly, if you guys had bought a shitton of loyalist subscriptions and DGZ shirts, we never would've gotten into this situation. But selling 3 shirts a year doesn't pay for our server, and this is the unfortunate alternative.
  5. You literally just click the word "cancel" on the pop-up and then post whatever you want to post. I don't see the issue, unless you're seeing way different kinds of ads on your phone than I am.
  6. I'd talk to @Logic about it; that's his domain.
  7. Sorry, I'm just easily triggered by mentions of Josh. I'm not going to force you click on anything. There's a reason why I used the phrase "please consider." Any standard AdBlock will prevent you from ever seeing a single ad on DuelistGroundz.com in your life. I'm asking you guys to take one for the team here.
  8. @Faint your comparison to Josh is extremely insulting. I am not trying to scam anyone. I am literally trying to make sure that when you visit www.duelistgroundz.com next month you see a forum instead of a message that says "Sorry, this domain has been shutdown because server costs have not been paid for."
  9. Anything about your experiences playing the software can be posted here (ie along the same lines as the Dueling Network discussion thread that we used to have).
  10. Report issues related to individual cards below. I will try to do by best to fix them as soon as possible. Examples of card problems include: - Missing cards. - Cards that are missing images. - Images that are poor quality and need to be updated. - Cards that have out-of-date text/images (ie cards that have been erratad). Understand that the program does not currently have any OCG cards. We do plan on adding them in the future. Don't report missing OCG cards, because we already know about it.
  11. Some missing sets and promos were added. Please update using the usual URL. Supposedly, someone is going to do the CIBR sets and images soon, but I do not know when.
  12. I will use this thread to keep track of all updates that have been made to LackeyDGZ (either the program itself or the plugin). See the posts below.
  13. digbick

    You're a fucking legend
  14. YCS San Diego - Nov 18/19

    By and large, the reason that YCSs do not have much in the way of accommodations for physically handicapped players is because their resources are already very constrained by needing to accommodate the massive number of mentally handicapped players. Hope this helps.
  15. There have been significant problems with people not reporting ranked losses. Most of the time it's just people being new and not understanding how the system works, but there have also been cases of people actively refusing to report a loss due to salt etc. Instances of this will be punished. Additionally, repeated instances of not reporting (even with no malicious intent) will be punished as well if it becomes a problem with certain particular users. Steinman has been banned for ranked and warring for a week (starting now) for refusing to report a loss. If you beat someone in a ranked duel and they aren't reporting the loss, please let someone on staff know.
  16. For all card rulings-related disputes with your opponent, we recommend using the internet first to find an answer. Although not all card rulings are well-documented, most are. We always follow TCG-US rulings unless otherwise stated. In the event that you are your opponent cannot find or agree on the correct card ruling, then contact War Council. The best way to do this is through discord using the @War Council tag. In the event of a disconnection where it not possible for the player to reconnect (such as for matches played on DuelingBook.com), the disconnected player will receive a game loss. The only exception is for disconnecting during sidedecking or before the match has started. If both players disconnect at the same time (ie due to a server-side outage) the game in progress will instead be replayed. In addition, for any player management issues such as slow play, angle shooting, your opponent being exceptionally bad-mannered, etc., please also contact War Council. We typically follow the Konami guidelines in regards to how to deal with these things. It is worth noting that any attempt to gain an unfair advantage (as determined by War Council) in either an individual match, an individual war, or the season as a whole is considered cheating and bears the punishment of disqualification. Any questions as far as what constitutes an unfair advantage can be directed at War Council. After a single week of no matches being played in a particular week, either team leader may request that the war be ended by War Council. In this event, the war is considered incomplete and War Council will judge the activity of the war and the record and award either a win, draw, or double loss to the team(s). The metric for determining activity is the number of tags directed at the opposing team in the #findyugiohgames channel of discord. If a player instructs one of the members of his team to “dodge” (intentionally avoid playing matches), that team will be awarded a loss for any affected wars. War Council Members (forums name/discord name): ACP/ACP Satchmo/Satchmo MMF/(frog emoji) Any members with the title "Yugioh Moderoid"
  17. Discord Categories Poll

    I just made the poll public. You can now see who voted for each choice. It's definitely not rigged.
  18. Most, when reading the title of this thread, likely immedately thought of the classic "Play to Win" series by David Sirlin. Although the term scrub has been used since virtually the dawn of gaming, Sirlin was one of the first to explicitly describe the nature of the scrub. "In Street Fighter, the scrub labels a wide variety of tactics and situations “cheap.” This “cheapness” is truly the mantra of the scrub. Performing a throw on someone is often called cheap. A throw is a special kind of move that grabs an opponent and damages him, even when the opponent is defending against all other kinds of attacks. The entire purpose of the throw is to be able to damage an opponent who sits and blocks and doesn’t attack. As far as the game is concerned, throwing is an integral part of the design—it’s meant to be there—yet the scrub has constructed his own set of principles in his mind that state he should be totally impervious to all attacks while blocking. The scrub thinks of blocking as a kind of magic shield that will protect him indefinitely. Why? Exploring the reasoning is futile since the notion is ridiculous from the start." So what is a scrub? Stating simply, it's someone who lets their own subjective interpretation of "fun" get in the way of winning, pretty simple. So what do I have to say that David Sirlin didn't? Am I just trying to reinvent the wheel? Not exactly. Yugioh is a very unique game, and it has one of the most unique competitive communities in particular. I am not writing today to talk about the people who unironically say phrases like "meta noob" and criticize people for not being original enough. There are new scrubs in Yugioh that people are not talking about. Some of them are very good. A few even have YCS tops. Some can talk about the game at great length while sounding somewhat intelligent. They likely conduct a lot of playtesting, travel to far away events, and check out winning decklists regularly. Doesn't sound like a scrub? I don't blame you for thinking that. Unfortunately, being a scrub has nothing to do with the amount of effort put into winning. It has to do with putting artificial barriers on your growth as a player due to refusing to adopt certain strategies or tactics that increase your ability to win. In Signal and the Noise, world-renowned statistician Nate Silver says, "We focus on those signals that tell a story about the world as we would like it to be, not how it really is." I believe that this mentality is the #1 thing holding back the competitive Yugioh player of the modern era. I've seen it happen time and time again. What do all of these decks have in common? - Stein in 2006 - Explosion in 2008 - Lightsworn in 2009 - Frog FTK in 2010 - Gravekeeper's in 2010 - Dark World in 2011 - Dino Rabbit in 2012 - Gishkill in 2013 - Domain Monarch in 2016 - Most recently, Drazo Zoodiac in 2017 These were all viable decks that were largely written off by the "Fun Police", people who masquerade as competitive players but are largely focused on convincing people to not play decks that are unfun to play against. This is the modern-day scrub. They try their hardest to convince the rest of the community that these decks aren't viable solely because they would hate to live in a universe where these decks are viable. The more unfun the deck is, the more vehement they are in their in their insistence that it's totally unplayable. Wouldn't the game be boring if the optimal strategy for 2016 nats was to activate Domain and lock up the game? Yes. Wouldn't it be boring if the optimal strategy for 2017 nats was to use the Zoodiac engine to pump out a bunch of Draco nonsense on t1 and lock up the game? Yes. But that doesn't affect the truth of whether those strategies are in fact optimal. Not only will The Fun Police try to convince you that these strategies aren't optimal, they'll tell you that they are completely unviable and that you're a bad player for even considering them. One of the players that I was talking to before 2017 nats explained to me how I could be right, that Draco Zoo was in fact a good meta call for that event, but that winning all of his matches by jamming a bunch of Draco cards would not "showcase his skill as well as winning Pure Zoo mirrors would." He of course scrubbed the tournament. This the consequence of a world populated by Fun Police. People are more interested in winning the approval of their peers than winning actual Yugioh tournaments. Thoughts on how to prevent this herd mentality from perpetuating in the future? Or do you guys just think I'm just full of shit? Discuss. I was thinking of fleshing this out into a full article, but I'd rather just let you guys contribute your opinions and continue to develop my cynical perspective on Yugioh history.
  19. Opt in/Opt Out Thread

    Read this first: If you want to see any of the politics-related forums, you must "opt in" below. If you no longer want to see one of these forums, you can "opt out" as well. A 50 post-count minimum is required to opt in. If you don't have 50 posts, well then start posting. So all posts below should be of one of the following forms: - Opt in: Civil Discourse - Opt in: Unchained - Opt in: Civil Discourse & Unchained - Opt out: Civil Discourse (only if you had previously opted in) - Opt out: Unchained (only if you had previously opted in) - Opt out: Civil Discourse & Unchained (only if you had previously opted in) If you cannot discuss politics without resorting to personal attacks, don't opt in to civil discourse. If you are easily affected by political opinions that you consider offensive, do not opt in to unchained. If you want to avoid discussing politics altogether, don't opt in to either one.
  20. Max Suffridge has died

    One of the most notable and accomplished DGZ players of all time. RIP.
  21. Wumbo

    https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/talkingtech/2017/10/06/rip-aim-aol-instant-messenger-dies-december/739076001/ Get fucked
  22. Yugioh attracts kids and fucked up adults. It's the perfect storm really.
  23. DGz Hangover Mafia Signups

    Nah, playing mafia is not good for my mental stability.
  24. Discord Categories Poll

    I voted stay. After moving all of the voice channels to the bottom, space shouldn't really be an issue. I think the categories make it look cleaner and more organized. Going back to no categories would be fine too though.
  25. Lightsworn

    Tbh if I came back to ygo I'd probably try to build LS too. Deck seems cool. Not sure if cards like Necro Gardna really cut it anymore though.