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  1. Changed Click on your name at the top right of the page -> Account Settings -> Signature
  2. Opt in/Opt Out Thread

    Read this first: If you want to see any of the politics-related forums, you must "opt in" below. If you no longer want to see one of these forums, you can "opt out" as well. A 50 post-count minimum is required to opt in. If you don't have 50 posts, well then start posting. So all posts below should be of one of the following forms: - Opt in: Civil Discourse - Opt in: Unchained - Opt in: Civil Discourse & Unchained - Opt out: Civil Discourse (only if you had previously opted in) - Opt out: Unchained (only if you had previously opted in) - Opt out: Civil Discourse & Unchained (only if you had previously opted in) If you cannot discuss politics without resorting to personal attacks, don't opt in to civil discourse. If you are easily affected by political opinions that you consider offensive, do not opt in to unchained. If you want to avoid discussing politics altogether, don't opt in to either one.
  3. Opt in/Opt Out Thread

    Sorry, took me a little bit to add you, but you're in now. At our necros: You can add people to politics too!
  4. Locking this for all your asses own good. Too many all these posts are crossing lines that should not be crossed, a few people have received warnings, etc. Sorry guys, the pissing contest is over.
  5. Rules The Captains Rule: Our site, our rules. You don't have to like it; you do have to accept it. These rules apply to all of our forums and also to PMs and our discord channel. 1. No porn or shock sites anywhere on the site. This includes fully exposed female nipple, balls, rectum, vagina, or penis. Since there's no way to disable them, avatars must be unambiguously work safe: no girls bouncing on cocks, no you-getting-laid, and no chicks nearly naked. 2. No multiaccounting (this includes letting a banned friend of yours access your account). Also, no proxy IP addresses. We'll just assume that you're trying to evade a ban and ban you. If for some reason you have special circumstances, we may make some limited exceptions on the no proxy rule. PM an admin first though. 3. Do not post personal identifying information of yourself or anyone else. Full name and the city that you live in is fine. Avoid anything more detailed than that. Also, never share your account password with anyone. 4. Post your threads in the right forum, please. This especially goes for Yugioh and Politics. 5. No autoplaying movies, audio, etc. in sigs or posts. There are some limited exceptions for Crazy Spam Kingdom, but even here, don't go overboard. 6. Don't complain about receiving neg rep. Rep is just a number. Also, don't go through someone's post history and neg all of their posts because they pissed you off. 7. No personal threats (or threats toward the site itself), whether it is to physically harm someone, hack them, etc. Also, do not use the personal message feature of DGZ or discord to harass people. If someone tells you to stop PMing them, you must stop. 8. This goes for newer members: We expect you to be your own person, but we also expect you to make an effort to understand DGz's culture and customs on a basic level in order to maintain a healthy community. If you continually fail to do so by instigating fights, bashing the site/mods, or ignoring advice from staff on how to not cause trouble within the community, you can be forced into a mandatory lurking period to observe the correct way to do things. 9. Keep sigs reasonable in size. No more than two images, and no ridiculous image sizes. 10. No advertising your website or fishing for social media follows. It's fine to talk about upcoming tournaments or link to articles. But no, "Hey guys check out my website," or, "Subscribe to me on youtube." You may place one text link to a non-monetized social media account of yours in your signature if you would like, but that is the only exception to this rule. 11. Along the same lines as rule #10, no encouraging people to leave the site or not participate in discussion, even if you are not necessarily advertising another site. Examples (not intended as an exhaustive list) include statements such as: "stop posting and leave", "this site isn't for you, try pojo", "DGZ is dead", "[insert other Yugioh site/group here] is better than DGZ", "DGZ's yugioh forums are terrible, don't post there", "mafia universe is a better place to play mafia", etc. However, constructive criticism is fine. Statements like "DGZ would be better if..." are fine. Punishments Note: In the language below, a "ban" refers to the inability to access the site, whereas a "suspension" refers to the inability to make posts yourself but the ability to read posts of others. Rule 1: IP ban for actual porn/shock sites. For avatars that aren't porn but are possibly not safe for work, we'll give you a warning and tell you to change it. Rule 2: For multiaccounting to evade a ban or to cheat in mafia/warring/tournaments, we'll ban your new account and IP ban you. For multiaccounting not to evade a ban, we'll ban your new account, and ban the old account for a week (unless you're an old member who made a new account because you forgot your password). For proxy, we'll give you a warning and remind you not to use a proxy. If you refuse, we'll IP ban you. Rule 3: If it's of yourself, we'll just give you a warning and remind you of the rule. If it's of someone else, it'll be a 1-week ban for the first offense, with length possibly increasing for additional offenses. Rule 4: Warning on first offense, 1-day suspension for second offense, suspension length doubles for each additional offense. Rule 5: Warning on first offense, 1-day suspension for second offense, suspension length doubles for each additional offense. Rule 6: Warning on first offense, 1-day suspension for second offense, suspension length doubles for each additional offense. Rule 7: 1-week ban all the way up to IP ban, depending on the severity and credibility of the threat/harassment. Rule 8: Warning on first offense, and you will be directed to http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/topic/168861-i-dont-understand-dgz-and-no-one-likes-me/ to learn from your mistakes. After that, it will be a week-long suspension for any additional offenses. Rule 9: We'll give you a warning and tell you to change it. Rule 10: We'll remove your advertisement + warning on first offense, 1-day suspension for second offense, suspension length doubles for each additional offense. Rule 11: Warning on first offense, 1-day suspension for second offense, suspension length doubles for each additional offense. Other: If at any point, you accumulate 3 warnings through some combination of rule violations within 2 months, we may suspend you for a short period (1-7 days).
  6. Well like I said, if you wanted to you could've easily started the thread yourself or PMed one of the ancient mods about it as worlds was going on. But rather than doing it, you're just here complaining about it after the fact, which serves to make it look you're just trying to talk shit about the Yugioh boards instead of legitimately trying to help. It sounds like you want me to make people magically give a shit about worlds. No one wanted to discuss worlds, so it didn't get discussed. At the end of the day, there is not a lot that I personally can do about that. If there are people who believe that they can better simulate activity in the Yugioh sections, they are welcome to apply for staff. People who take initiative and lead discussion in the Yugioh boards are highly likely to be considered for these types of roles. I do not play Yugioh in serious capacity and simply do not have time to create/participate in all of Yugioh discussions. If I did, I would be way to busy to do the things that I actually do for DGZ (ie, technical stuff). And with rei gone from the site at this point, if I don't do the technical stuff, it just never gets done. In the future, if you have a criticism or suggestion, this thread is not the best place to do that. Either PM me or start a thread in the loyalist forum. I'd prefer to keep this thread relatively clean, where new users can simply see a list of rule updates and questions about said rules (rather than some petty argument about a worlds thread).
  7. Perhaps you were previously unaware, by the privilege of being able to start a new thread is not just limited to administrators; it is available to all members. If you really thought that not having a worlds thread was such a sin, why didn't you just start one yourself? Do you think that the most efficient use of an admin's time is to figure out what threads need to be discussed and just add create them all myself? Anyone can start a new thread, but not anyone can hire new staff, install board updates, add new skins, code discord bots, maintain lackey, and do other backend updates which are all things that I spend a minimum of 10 hours a week doing. It makes a lot more sense for me to spending time by doing things that only myself (and perhaps a few other other admins) can do. If I tried to do all of that shit and make sure that all forum discussion was in tip-top shape, it would literally be close to a full-time job. So if for some reason you feel like DGZ is missing a desperately needed thread can you for some reason would prefer not to start yourself, just nicely PM one of the Yugioh-oriented mods instead of being a smartass.
  8. There was no strategic advantage gained by keeping it a secret, so it is not analogous at all to the Djinn scenario. The only advantage gained by keeping it a secret was the fact that they did not want it known that they were doing it because they knew it was illegal. Intentionally breaking the rules to give one team and unfair advantage over another and lying to the War Council about it is well within the realm of a disqualification. After the Sigimuri DQ, I warned all teams numerous times (almost non-stop) about how I was not going to tolerate any scummy behavior in the remainder of the season. Some of you guys act like this came out of nowhere. Instead of learning their lesson after having Kris DQed for the multi incident, the attitude of Detox was "We're going to continue to try to gain every unfair advantage possible and then accuse the War Council of it being a setup if we get caught." Maybe if you were so convinced that War Council was out to get you, you could've just triple-checked that everything that you were doing was within the rules rather than being all like "Fuck War Council; I do what I want." Teams should be trying to comply with the rules not trying to "outsmart" War Council. All talk of "but you're not interpreting this rule specifically how I want you to" aside, Detox handled everything late season so incredibly poorly, and there should be no one defending their actions. Any team, and I don't care who's on it, who takes a similar attitude towards warring is fated to have a similar punishment. It's not War Council's job to make sure that every single member understands every single rule that we've written. Instead of going on a campaign to try to delegitimize War Council and the fact that our free online Yugioh did not write its policy in precisely the way that you would've chosen, you all should be instead of asking questions about "How can we learn from this and make sure that this doesn't happen again?" The way that I plan to prevent this from happening again is by creating a system that is itself fairly unexploitable, even if every team captain decides that they're going to say screw the rules and try to get every scummy strategic edge possible. Like I said in my last thread, I put way too much faith in people for season 1. The fact that Detox had decided that they put so little faith in War Council that they were going to just not ask if what they were doing was legal, lie about it, and then just not trust War Council to deliver a fair result on any issue unless it specifically favored them is the real problem here. What I should really be getting blamed for is not foreseeing this from happening and somehow preventing it, not my fucking use of the word "to."
  9. "We just lied because War Council was gunning for Detox and we couldn't trust you." - It's pathetic that that's the best excuse that you could come up with. You guys should all be ashamed, and if you guys have a problem with not being allowed to force your interpretation of the rules on War Council, please don't war in the future, because that's not the people who we want participating in warring.
  10. Yes it is. The team caught breaking the rules doesn't get to interpret them however they want. Your team knew it wasn't allowed, and went out to their way to break the rules and conceal it from war council. You can't just hide your head in the sand and dismiss everything under the guides of "But the rules weren't clear enough" after being caught. The leader of your team said that he knew that throwing matches wasn't allowed and was 100% sure that you weren't throwing any matches, and that no discussion of throwing the war vs Beer even took place. He was lying.
  11. Rule #10 has been expanded upon a bit with rule #11. It's worth noting that I would like to continue to receive suggestions as far as ways to improve the site, but a few particular members need to find better ways to express themselves. Empty "DGZ sucks" type of statements serve no purpose other than to encourage members to leave.
  12. So when someone tells you "You can't concede matches" you interpret that as "Well that means you're allowed to physically play the matches out and intentionally let your opponent win then. Totally different!" Jesus fucking Christ, I just can't win with you people. So Jazz I guess you're still going to dodge my question on why Detox lied about throwing the war and tried to hide it from War Council if they thought they weren't engaging in anything shady. Instead you're just going to play the game of "You guys are all biased, we don't have to explain our actions to you." Good job.
  13. Throwing matches is against our own rules. Tr!stan acknowledged that he knew this was the case, and Kris specifically asked me about it months earlier. War Council is the entity that interprets the rules, not the team caught breaking them. And thank god, because warring would be pretty shitty if we just let every team apply their own unique interpretation of the rules. And for bonus points, lying to a tournament official is also against Konami's rules. It's a black and white issue. Still want to tell me about why you guys went out of your way to hide supposedly 100% legal activity? Had you just said, "We're going to concede 6-0," I would've just told you that it wasn't allowed, and no one would've gotten in trouble! I mean why waste the time going to the trouble to construct a ruse that "We're really playing legit matches and trying our hardest" when there's no need to? Seriously, can all of the devil's advocates here answer that question for me? Does anyone seriously think that Detox thought that what they were doing was within the rules? If so, then how do you explain the hiding and the lying?
  14. No it doesn't. The team that got caught cheating doesn't get to determine what our rules mean. It's not a negotiation. Maybe if your team wanted to know what the rules meant they should have asked instead of breaking the rules, lying about breaking rules, and then after being caught conveniently changing your stance to "Well ok, we did throw, but that's not really a big deal!" I stand by the fact that if you guys really thought that conceding a war was legal, you would've just fucking come out and said at the beginning of the war "Ok, we're just going to concede 6-0" instead of trying to hide it from War Council, which is the real elephant in the room here. No on who believes what they are doing it ethical tries to hide their supposedly ethical actions from the authorities. Also, Kris asked me on May 20th if his team was allowed to just concede matches and I told him no, so he was well aware that what he was doing was wrong. (Context: He wanted to just concede his current format matches in a particular war to fill the 2 per format quota).
  15. That's like arguing that if I pay a woman $100 for sex, but I give her a fake $100 bill, it's not prostitution. Me deciding that the DRP system would not carry over to the next season, hence making their DRP useless for all practical purposes, doesn't make their actions ok. Also note that Kris offered to collude with Silver before I decided that DRP would not be carrying over to the next season. Then of course there's the fact that lying to a tournament official is still UC-Cheating either way, which is also what Detox engaged in (and was why Sigimuri was DQed earlier in the season).
  16. That's a pretty illogical interpretation of that rule, as it would leave any team room to throw matches and say, "Ok, we gained DRP, but that wasn't the reason that we did it." It would just make that rule entirely worthless. The reason that that rule was included in the DRP section was the fact that (while creating the system for season 1) I realized that once a team had a certain number of wins, there would be a strong strategic incentive for them to concede/throw wars to gain extra DRP. Discovering additional incentives does not mean that it suddenly becomes ok to falsify match results.
  17. Also worth noting that the logs show that Kris did offer Silver tangible incentives to cooperate with him. Just because it was players/DRP/votes instead of cash/cards doesn't mean that's its allowed. Also worth noting that our rules specifically said that throwing wars to gain DRP is not allowed. They did throw, they did gain DRP, and they did lie about throwing. Here's something that hasn't been mentioned yet, but lying to a tournament official is also a DQable offense (classified as UC-Cheating)! If you're at a YCS, and you lie to a judge about the details of your match, and they catch you, that's the end of your tournament.
  18. Sure, check out these links: https://www.ipsfocus.com/themes/ http://ipsmake.com/products/?order=updated https://invisioncommunity.com/files/category/162-themes/
  19. As some of you may have noticed, DGZ kinda needs new skins for the post-IPS-upgrade world. They all cost about $30 each. If anyone wants to pay $30 for a trial period as mod, this will probably be your only opportunity to do so. Basically, for $30, I'll guarantee that you can be a mod for at least 2 months, and if you do a decent job you'll get to stay there longer. Alternatively, $30 can also buy you an hour of help in any of the following (from me), if you prefer that instead: - Math - SAT/ACT/GRE standardized tests - Java - Poker - TCGs (better value than Card Sharp Pro) If anyone is potentially interested or has any questions, post below or PM me.
  20. This is going to be a long post, so get ready. The first season of warring since the reboot (which is still not over) definitely had a lot of surprises for me. The first is that I lost faith in a few people that I didn't expect to. I specifically told our captains "Please prioritize the success of warring as a whole over the success of your team" and this was largely ignored. People take warring incredibly seriously, so seriously that some are willing to compromise the integrity of warring as a whole. This is obviously disappointing, but at the same time, it's my own fault of creating such a system that fails to work properly if the captains are not committed to making warring fun and fair. Additionally, what surprised me even more is the fact that the overwhelming response from people participating in warring is that they do not care about prize support whatsoever and are just playing for the pride. I think this largely has to do with the Yugioh community as a whole, and the fact that the real life tournaments have virtually no prize support, and thus it makes sense that the community just doesn't care about prize support very much, or they wouldn't be playing. As much as I want to be generous, The Game Academy has a bottom line to worry about, and thus I have decided that it is in our best interests to reduce prize support for future season, as I do not think that it will affect the number of people who participate in warring for future seasons (unless we made it something insane like $1000+ prize pool). Note that the prize support for the current season will still be paid out as promised. Originally, when I proposed this whole idea of warring to The Game Academy, they thought that it would just be an individual ladder rather a team-based league. Yugioh is not inherently a team sport, and thus the idea of teams seems weird to people who have not warred before. However, I was very much on the team-train and was not really willing to consider other options. Given that the vast majority of the prize support would be going to those solely on the winning team, I then decided that I needed to avoid superteams and thus created the system that we used in season 1. However, I think I now have a better solution. I'm still going to allow teams, but all of the prize support will simply go to the top-rated individuals. On paper, whichever team wins the most wars won't count for anything (other than pride), and only individual match results will matter. Therefore, it doesn't matter if there are super teams who win every single war, because the war results themselves just don't matter. This is great for three main reasons. The first is that it lets people form their own teams. I think that there were several people who specifically did not want to join season 1 of warring because of the convoluted draft system. Now, I think warring will be much more straightforward to join. The second advantage to doing things this way is that teams can schedule their own wars and set their own rules for wars. Again, much more flexibility here. Thirdly, dodging and targeting no longer matters, since war results don't matter. If people want to join a team and just dodge, they're accomplishing nothing by doing so. It's also worth noting that there will no longer be any difference between war matches and casual rated matches. They will both count equally for rating. This means that, if one wanted to, he could just not join a team at all and grind out the ladder. As far as the more technical details, those who have been active on our discord server might notice that I have been working on coding a "WarBot." This bot has several commands that will effectively handle all of the record keeping and spare me a huge headache. This what our bot does so far for warring: !currentlossvs: Whenever you lose a ranked game of current, you report the match using this command and tag your opponent. The bot then adjusts all ratings. The loser is always the one who reports. !goatlossvs: Same as above but for goat format. !mycurrentstats: Gets your lifetime stats in current format. !mygoatstats: Same as above but for goat format. !head2headcurrent: By tagging a user, you can see your lifetime record vs them in current format. !head2headgoat: Same as above but for goat format. !legalcurrent: To try to prevent ratings boosting and to encourage people to play a variety of players, you can only defeat any one particular user twice in a week in each format. After that, your matches won't count for rating. This function allows you to tag a user and see if you're legally allowed to play against them for rating. !legalgoat: Same as above but for goat format. Note that there will be modest decay applied to ratings so that people can't just climb to the top of the ladder and stop playing matches. This will happen in the background. I will add more discord functions later and will happily take suggestions for new ones. The only thing that I don't like about this new system is that it encourages people to use discord more so than the forums, but this seemed like the easiest way to automatically do all of this shit for me. We will however still have a warring forum for people to challenge other teams, start their own team thread, talk trash, record war results, etc. Let me know if there are any questions.
  21. Whether or not you cared about the DRP that you gained from that isn't an issue. The fact that is that your team did throw, did gain DRP, and even if you didn't, those who are knowledgeable on the subject of cheating/collusion agree that it would fall into that category anyways. Even if there was nothing at all in the rules about throwing wars, it still would've been considered cheating. If your team was 100% convinced that it was legal, they wouldn't have gone to great lengths to hide the fact that they did throw said war, because there would be no reason to hide legal activity.
  22. Oh, so you didn't gain any DRP from throwing the war? Gaining other benefits from throwing besides just the DRP doesn't make it ok to throw, not a difficult concept. The rule doesn't say "Throwing wars to gain DRP is collusion, unless you're also doing it to fix the brackets in your favor."
  23. Ok, so a total of 0 judges so far have said that it's not cheating. Why even bother asking if you're just going to tell them that they're wrong. Konami Policy Documents are not intended to be exhaustive of every example of cheating. Luckily here, we made it easier in you guys by explicitly stating that throwing wars is cheating.