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  1. This shit right here is why Yugioh has become so awful. YOU NEED TO LITERALLY DRAW ONE FUCKING CARD TO COMBO OFF and jerk off for 5 minutes. ugh.
  2. Spiral Hand Trap Theory

    With reference to the discussion on Gemini monsters summon from hand not triggering pacifis, would special summoning a Gemini from deck be treated the same? Or would summoning from deck trigger pacifis.
  3. The YGOrganization -[V Jump] New Rules

    Can't believe people are hating in this new rule about extra deck monsters. it's about fucking time. Yeah they killed your shitty synchro deck but really this game was on a one way trip to shitville. Currently the first turn player just basically jacks off on the table. Most games you can clearly see the winner in the opening 3-4 turns because of the stupid boards you can build. It's fucking awful. Limiting extra deck monster usage will hopefully make traps relevant and make games last longer....
  4. Blue-Eyes - Discussion

    Interesting; you went for a more level 4 based approach. To be honest I hated paladin; he does absolutely nothing t1 to get you set up and he's under 1800 attack. Also opening more than one just puts you in a terrible position. Also, for his effect to special summon you need to control another monster to send which is quite a steep (although with the halberds I suppose it is easier) I prefer Knight of creation; his effect if you run something over doesn't happen often; but it can be useful. Also, I find the discard to special summon effect more usable. I tested the Ladd combo and just found them to be not that great as you needed to run paladin. Levyaten is kinda neat; but just floating is not enough; I found that I needed more than a recurring 2,600 beater. This is what I've been messing around with and its been pretty consistent in terms of opening cards to set up the graveyard. I cut the normal summons down as much as possible as I found that drawing more than one normal summon just set you too far back. Also, I found that I needed to have a way to search a level 8 for trade in as even though I am running a large number of them; you still sometimes need to search a level 8 to make it live. Call of the haunted has been amazing; Felgrand, Spirit of whiteand Arkbrave have extremely disruptive effects so using them during opponents turn can be crippling. Call on Arkbrave vs pendulum decks is just brutal >.> PWWB doubles as a way to unbrick your hand and disrupting your opponents plays (same with twin twister).
  5. Blue-Eyes - Discussion

    I'm curious, I've also been messing around with a Felgrand build using minimal blue-eyes stuff. Are you using any of the level 4s (Knight of creation/Paladin of Felgrand)? I've been trying to find space for alternative and melody but I have not been able to find space without cutting cards which support using Felgrand+arkbrave.
  6. Out of curiosity, anybody get anywhere with this? Been messing around with this and Arkbrave eff into Amorphage Goliath locking out the extra deck gives people so much trouble Only issue I have is that the brick are 100% real -_- Ravine is great; but I'm not sure what main deck engine would be best with arkbrave, felgrand and goliath
  7. the search spell is decent. If only for dumping darkness metal and searching spirit or the fusion spell in certain situations. with regards to this new fusion, what level 6 dragon are you playing? the red eyes fusion card sucks dick. It cuts your legs off completely for that turn, you are completely dependent on the power level of the fusion you summon. Even with this new fusion if you foolish a monster you can't fucking use the monster you send for any plays that turn because THE FUSION SPELL CUT YOUR DICK OFF. A three card ftk requiring multiple infernal fire blast...... REALLY?? You going to be building a really solid house with that....
  8. would it kill Konami to print some useful red eyes support?? Currently they may as well be printing vanilla monsters....
  9. Burning Abyss - Discussion

    Why the fuck are you guys playing dark hole and raigeki to but not playing the acid golem to hit for 8k in a turn?? Isn't the whole point of dark hole and raigeki to clear the way so you can do massive damage?
  10. HEROES

    I think you missed may have missed out by not playing utopia beyond in the extra. To a lesser extent I think a level 6 synchro would be nice assuming you add beyond. The level 6 synchro would enable you to make beyond without using up your dark law in the process ( malicious plus instant fusion to Norden on plague). Utopia Beyond helps you get over kozmo and you can otk in Situations you normally wouldn't be able to.
  11. Phantom Pain

        I agree that the Super Quantum's don't add much to this deck, but I feel like because of the small monsters, lack of pendulum summoning this deck will always be quite weak to Maxx "C", similar to BA. Obviously making 1 Xyz and then set 3 and pass is a possibility under Maxx "C", but anything this deck can make T1 just feels underwhelming and feels likely to get run over pretty easily.    Edit:    I was playing around a bit more, and I think playing more traps might be the way to go so that our T1 is a lot better. I've started running triple Ultimate Providence, and quite frankly, it's a good card because we have two very strong discard outlets, monsters & traps, few decks can go plus off discarding a trap and not only that but it sets you up to combo off even harder. I feel like the best thing this deck can do is to go first, set like 2/3 counter traps, have a monster with a big attack/defence, hopefully negate some of their key plays T2, and then go for the OTK on T3 by swinging with like Broken-Sword at 3K (or a 5K Dark Xyz Rebellion) + Leviair + another Rank 3.  [/spoiler]   Tbh, if you are using stuff like Junk forward and Gilasaurus; your opponent has to drop the maxx "C" as a neg and hope your hand is bad enough to force you to continue and special summon. However, As you said, your monsters are pretty weak on their own. You should be able to make a rank 3 and your opponent will just draw one card if you play it right though.   I'm two minded with regards to Ultimate providence. On the one hand it is great vs monster effects; but on the other what traps do you really want to negate besides warning/strike? There is nothing else; which means you may as well be running divine wrath or a multi purpose discard trap like PWWB.     I think the way to go is more special summon level 3 monsters to lift the ceiling but not leave you vulnerable to maxx C. Stuff like: Gilasaurus (searchable with fossil dig; you can control a monster) Junk forward (Rota target) Chronomaly crystal bones (unsearchable)  There's stuff like crane crane and Debris dragon as well to consider.    
  12. Phantom Pain

    I Don't think the super quantums and the e-tele engine are what this deck need.  If you want to raise the ceiling why not run something that doesn't leave you open to maxx "C"? Right off the bat stuff like Junk forward come to mind.   Also, milling really helps you set up for big turns so card trooper may actually be a decent fit in here.
  13. Agent 007

    I wouldn't say kristya is needed at 3, she is a brick half the time. 1-2 seems ideal. I think this deck needs to take an approach like magicians does and focus on setting up am ideal board turns 1-2, and use more hand traps/traps to help do that.    The thing is you are not playing something even remotely as powerful as the pendulum decks. You are playing something doesn't have free resources or stupid combos for insane pluses and your only ways to win are to lock them out or otk. Kristya is IMO the best way to do option 1. The outs that the main decks (currently) run to Kristya are just so limited.   If you are playing this deck with brilliant fusion; I think you have to play 2-3 Kristya simply to up your chances of seeing it early game. This deck (for me) fills the grave so fast with fairies that I can normally engineer a Kristya drop by turn 2/3 easily, if not on turn 1. The issue with drawing Kristya as a brick I believe is worth the payoff.  You should be playing at least 2-4 heralds which make it discard fodder at the worst to be called/soul charged.
  14. Agent 007

    Honestly I think that the psychics are gimmicky. Not necessary and tbh I think you are overlooking the power of Kristya. Card trooper + call is ridiculously powerful in here. If you hit a kristya (which should be run @ 3) you can just smash your opponent right there. Also, sceptre/hyperion aren't bad either.   Also, your extra deck is definitely missing black rose dragon. The field wipe is hugely underrated. Its so easy to summon with brilliant and Earth and you still have you normal summon to drop venus. Also, Brilliant fusion sends a fairy, Seraphinite and earth are fairies; you make Daigusto with shine balls and detach = 4 fairies for kristya and a clear field.