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  1. [TCG] - Ghostrick mill

    I've been testing several builds of Ghostricks. The biggest issue of the deck is the lack of bosses. The only thing almost worth being played for the moment is Downerd Magician.   I've been testing a Nobleman of Crossout-oriented build with 2 Tsukuyomi 3 Scare and 3 Ghostrick-Go-Round. It can be interesting, but unfortunately too weak. It lacks bosses like hell.   I've been testing a Caius-build as well, which can't be coupled with a Nobleman of Crossout build for a simple reason: drop Caius and you have no Ghostrick left, so your traps are useless. It's not bad, but just Caius isn't enough; it needs Majesty and Vanity. Which prevents you from using your other Ghostricks as long as they are on board. And isn't a Ghostrick deck anymore, imo.   The pure build is fun, but that's all. The fields are too weak to win anything. You focus on Parade that probably is the worst field they have. Of course you fetch a card as soon as the opp declares an attack, but it should actually be used as a starter to then replace it by Mansion to win.   ---   Also, you're protecting your Ghostricks with Vanish, why not. But after testing it, I wouldn't run it, not even once: Both players can't target Ghostricks/Set Monsters, and Scare (as well as Go-Round) targets your monsters. You activate it and just lock yourself for the turn.   Edit:   Just a little thought, but if you want to focus on Skeleton to deckout the opponent, you can also try Book of Eclipse.   Oh, and I just found this article to support my point on bosses and just Caius isn't enough: http://articles.alterealitygames.com/ghostrick-or-treat/
  2. Morphtronic

    To be honest, I'm rather shocked you're not playing Machine Duplication.   Triple Celfon on board almost allows you to drop Quasar.   Not to mention triple Remoten to remove Celfon, fetch Smarfon then Leviair the removed Celfon to use it again.   And the whynot Boarden to have a third target for Duplication to stall.
  3. Hey,   First of all, sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong section.   I'm having a few questions about Reasoning VS Ghostricks:       http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Reasoning http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Ghostrick_Jiangshi       Reasoning: "[...] a monster that can be Normal Summoned/Set."   Ghostricks: "Cannot be Normal Summoned, unless you control a "Ghostrick" monster."   _ First case:   I have no face-up Ghostrick monster. I activate Reasoning and my opponent declares 4. Jiangshi is revealed. Since I cannot Normal Summon it (gamestate + card text) but I can set it, will it be Special Summoned?   _ Second case:   I have a face-up Ghostrick monster. I activate Reasoning and my opponent declares 4. Jiangshi is revealed. I could Normal Summon or Set Jiangshi in that case. But will it be Special Summoned or not?   The true "goal" of the questions is: "Does Reasoning care about the Monster Card's text or if the gamestate allows the monster to be Normal Summoned or Set (or both)?"   Thanks a lot!
  4. DesToy.dek

    Sorry for the double post, but I've been testing a bit more:     I tested without Cerburrel and not being able to drop any Synchros weakens the deck like hell.   Scarm adds more discard fodder for PWWB/Vendor while fetching TGU/Scissors and being a TGU target to launch the game. I wouldn't play more than 2, though.   I had to cut 3 Vanity and Dark Hole to add 2 Kristya and 2 Scarm. I don't regret it for the moment. Maybe I'll change my mind after further testings.   I dropped Compulsory for 1 Breakthrough, but I think I'll stick to Compulsory.
  5. DesToy.dek

    To be honest, the main problem of Toy Pot is the discard cost. No matter if you're playing it with Plague or Scissors.   The only cards I am willing to ditch with it are Cerburrel (if played), Toy Pot, Sabres (though it is a huge -1, even when fetched through an eff) and Poly (same as Sabres). Imo, the more I'll be adding engines or toolboxes to the deck, the least it will be working.   I've been testing Fusion Reserve at all possible ratios and the biggest problem is that it "only" fetches Bear and Scissors, while you would rather fetch Dog. Fusion Reserve can be considered if you don't hesitate ditching a Poly for Toy Pot, though. But I think focusing that much on Fusions won't win anything.
  6. DesToy.dek

      I didn't even think about RUM 7. I might test it. I thought about Guide, but I feared having too much monsters and draw unplayable hands. I can give it another shot, though. For the fusions, I actually think Wolf is awesome. Bear clearly sucks though. The ability to launch an otk out of the blue seems awesome to me. I can definitely cut 1 Wolf, on another hand.   I remember having seen a Shaddoll/Furnimal list, but I can't find it again. It was OCG with Noden, Avarice, Storm etc. I wanted to have a rough build to then make my own testing, but I actually stuck to pure Furnimals. I might try those hybrids as well.       The problem of Bear is that it sets Vendor from the deck, so Monk isn't relevant at that point. Moreover, Dog triggers ONLY when normal or special summoned from the hand, which prevents cards like Call of the Haunted to be considered.       You just showed me I'm a retard for no having perfectly read Toy Pot.   "then if it is a "Fluffal" monster, you can Special Summon 1 monster from your hand."   Throughout all my tests, I thought the card you could summon was the revealed Furnimal; but in the end, it is way BETTER than I thought. I'll definitely make a Kristya build.   Thanks a lot!
  7. DesToy.dek

    First of all, sorry if this isn't the good section to post this. I don't really know where I should put it. (If this is the wrong one, can an admin move it please? Thanks.)   I've been testing them for a couple of days and this is what I've got:     3 Furnimal Dog 3 Furnimal Owl 3 Furnimal Bear 2 Furnimal Rabbit 2 Edge Imp Scissors 3 Fabled Cerburrel   3 Mystical Space Typhoon 3 Toy Pot 2 Polymerization 2 Pot of Duality 1 Raigeki 1 Dark Hole   3 Vanity's Emptiness 3 Trap Stun 3 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Compulsory Evacuation Device 1 Solemn Warning   To explain shortly:   3 MST AND 3 Stun because it's a combo/OTK deck (and Qliphorts). It hasn't clogged my hands so far, but I should probably test a bit more.   Toy Pot is fucking awesome. Its effect to fetch a Furnimal/Scissors will trigger even when sent to grave by PWWB or another Pot. The interaction between this and Scissors is real (and obvious) and can drop some fancy loops.   Cerburrel gives the power the deck clearly lacks, as the boss monsters only reach 2200 at max, which is pretty weak if your opponent drops a 2300+ ATK monster. Unfortunately, this happens too ofthen; this also is a reason why I'm running Raigeki and Dark Hole.   I've been feeling comfortable with only 2 Polymerizations. Especialy since Owl can make a fusion for 500 LPs. Moreover, Bear can recycle a Poly from grave as well, though you almost never use it.   Rabbit is awesome for the ability to get back Dog and keep on fetching what you want. The Cat isn't needed though.   Phoenix Wing Wind Blast definitely is the perfect card for this deck: Triggers Cerburrel and Toy Pot as well as putting Scissors in grave to begin looping.   To show quickly the loops you can do with the same cards:   Toy Pot on board with Scissors in grave & Cerburrel and Dog in hand: (The conditions may seem hard to gather, but it actually is pretty easy to get.)   Makes a 3000 Wolf that can attack 2 or 3 times. Note that if you haven't anymore Poly in the deck, Owl can fuse with the other eff.   ---------------------   Pretty cool to get rid of huge bosses like Construct, Virgil or whatever.   ---------------------   ---------------------   If you play Furnimal Leo   ---------------------   ---------------------   As told, the deck has lots of options.   However, the biggest problem of this deck is consistency: Your first turn depends on Dog's presence in hand. The only fetch card the deck has therefore is Toy Pot. Not having Dog in hand T0 can be "replaced" by Bear and Pot or 2 Pots. The random eff of drawing can be very dangerous without Scissors though.   Here it is.   Thoughts?
  8. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    I've been searching for a few cards that could give the deck some other options:     I've been thinking about this for several reasons: With TGU, Math, Dante and the BA that fetch/special each other, he can be played pretty quickly by tributing a BA that you'd have specialed. Moreover, you'll be able to trigger its effect off a BA discard. It'll be destroyed during the EP, but it's not a problem if you run Supply Unit.     It would become a 1 for 1 card, since sending a BA monster would trigger its effect. I don't really know if this card is worth considering, though the idea seems cool.     Since you usually receive 1000+ damages, you can discard a BA, special and does not lose any CA. Theoretically, you would gather 2 BA to Xyz whatever you want the next turn. Or just to defend. Just another "cute" idea.     In case the opponent wouldn't want to trigger your Burning Abyss... It theoretically allows you to gather 2 BA with Cir reborning whatever, Graff, specialing whatever and Scarm fetching whatever.
  9. Don't judge me but...

      Is that ex the one you dumped by email?
  10. Don't judge me but...

  11. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Sorry for that. Can someone delete it please? 
  12. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

      I tried 3 Phoenix Wing and 3 Raigeki Break + 1 Karma Cut and it worked pretty well. I went down to 2 Break now.   I haven't had the opportunity to test it though.
  13. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Creature Swap doesn't target, FYI. And neither does TMSF.   What is a TMSF?     The Monarchs Storm Forth.   I've been spending a few minutes searching as well.