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  1. Well hello there

                   Well hello there everyone, my name is Chad but on here I'm called PolarOath I suppose. I'm completely new to this whole forum business but I'm eager to try out something new. So with that said, let's get into the introduction where I tell you all a little about myself.                              Other than playing Yu-Gi-Oh! on a semi competitive level, I also have quite the obsession with the Kingdom Hearts franchise as well as other select games. No matter what game I play, whether it involves children's cards or a controller, I'm a big fan for being different in choosing the way I play games. I've always been a fan of choosing the mid-low tier characters in games or even ones that are considered the underdog. For instance, my main in the Smash Bros. series has always been Ness, a character who has been consistently low tier in all of his game appearances. Also while people are fighting over picking Yoshi in Mario Kart or Party games, I'm always choosing Toadette, the innocent pink toad that everyone finds adorable and nonthreatening. Heck I'm always Mrs. White, the chunky maid in the Clue board game. On a more relevant note, my current deck that I have in Yu-Gi-Oh! and have played since it's release in Return of the Duelist is Madolche. Right when I saw the cards for the first time, I knew I wanted to build it because it appealed to me. An inconsistent at times yet extremely fun deck full of adorable spellcasters, warriors, beasts, and fairies all sitting on top of desserts. What's not to like? I think the main reason is why I choose to go this non meta approach to gaming is because I don't want to be just like everyone else and play "meta." I mean if you're attending an event, how much fun is it really playing countless mirror matches one after the other with a deck that whose appearance and play style become bland rapidly. I find it repetitive and not unique in the slightest. Beating a dragon ruler/prophecy deck with something like Madolche is much more rewarding than winning a mirror match between the best deck of the format.                 So in conclusion, I've always been there to prove that the underdog should never be counted out in any situation. Do not think that just because you cannot afford a $500+ deck means there is no chance of you winning in a tournament. You need to be innovative enough to work with what you have as well as fulfill your personal interests. Just because something is different and deemed as "bad" by the community does not mean that its worthless and not competitive. All characters and cards alike were made for the same reason. This reason being that so that someone with an idea and appreciation would come along and bring them to their full potential. So thank you so much for reading and I will be coming at you all shortly with my Madolche deck profile. Here's to the underdogs everywhere.                                                                                                            -PolarOath